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Neptune in Pisces

It’s been a long time. Neptune was discovered on September 23, 1846 and as it takes 165 years to go around the Sun, it is only recently that it has returned to its discovery position, which was 26 degrees Aquarius. One year after its discovery Neptune entered the sign it was later to have rulership over… Pisces. We have just experienced a Neptune birthday, and on April 4, 2011 this enormous planet will enter Pisces once again. This is going to be quite an event.The discovery of Neptune coincided with worldwide social upheaval, which was mostly peaceful. In 1848 the Communist Manifesto was published, which was a response to the inhuman conditions in expanding cities where new factories were sprouting as a result of steam power and industrialization. This was the period when Charles Dickens wrote his novels of social realism, and social democratic demonstrations shook the capitals of Europe. This was also a time when painters like Renoir, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Cezanne and Monet made their impressionist paintings, expanding the world of fantasy and imagination. On the scientific front Darwin’s theory of evolution completely undermined Christian tradition. The first photographs were taken, ultimately leading to the coming world of the movies. Anesthetics were used for the first time in hospitals. Opium became a socially acceptable drug. The accepted reality of the day was undermined and new spiritual, emotional and political realities took form.

Here in 2010 we can now document the movement of Neptune through each of the twelve signs, and await a new spiral of Neptunian evolution. The function of Neptune is to expand our experience of so-called reality by introducing new dimensions of consciousness. It is a unifying force, making us aware that we are all in the same evolutionary boat. Neptune reveals the illusion of generally accepted truths. What we think of as truth is in the last analysis a relative concept. Whatever personal truth you hang on to as a buffer against reality, Neptune is happy to dissolve it. Awareness of the human condition, which for a large part is suffering, and an identification with fellow sufferers, gives the potential for the awakening of compassion, which is the spiritual enrichment that Neptune offers.

The collective influence of Neptune can especially be traced in the dominant media and myths of the time. Neptune in Libra showed the idealization of Hollywood romance, and the reality of the dissolution of the iconic relationships of celebrities. Neptune in Scorpio was free love (meaning free sex) and the drug scene of the 1960’s. Neptune in Sagittarius was the Star Wars period culminating in film star President Ronald Reagan’s dream of a space-based missile system. Neptune in Capricorn was Wall Street and the idealization of greed. And the recent transit of Neptune through Aquarius from January 1998 to April 2011 has coincided rather nicely with the ban on smoking in public buildings (who would have thought that possible?), the surge of the internet, all those Facebook friends, the democratization of the cinema through YouTube, Dot Com crashes and DreamWorks, aided and abetted of course by Uranus in Pisces, which for much of this period has been in reception with Neptune.

But the tone of the world is about to change, and it will change because of social unrest, which is the inevitable result of the draconic restrictions that must be imposed by governments trying to weather the meltdown of capitalism. For that is what the transit of Pluto through Capricorn represents, and when Pluto finally enters Aquarius in 2024, there will be little that remains of the autocratic structures that are currently being put in place to safeguard the banks and corporations whose survival is currently threatened.

There were 180 million unemployed people around the globe at the time the Great Recession started (which was when Pluto came into Capricorn in 2008); this figure has increased by 30 million in the last two years, the largest increase being in the United States. (Note 1) Youth unemployment in Spain has doubled to almost 40%. Workers in Europe are accepting pay freezes and pay cuts. With the replication of the Uranus/Pluto square from the 1930’s – but this time with Pluto in business-Capricorn, rather than nationalistic-Cancer – this recession is just about to bite. Any recovery will be excruciatingly slow, and it will be largely jobless. The loss of jobs in the US means that people are getting evicted from their homes, some to live in their cars, and when they cannot pay for the cars, then in tent cities springing up all over the country.

That is why Neptune is needed in Pisces. Forget the dreams of billionaire fortunes made by internet startups and social networking sites; what is needed now is universal concern for the millions of economically displaced people who have to resort to state handouts and charity. You could become one of them. The awareness of the suffering of the underprivileged has scarcely begun. What we will see over the next few years is the extreme polarization of right-wing solutions, which is part of the Uranus/Pluto effect in Aries/Capricorn, in contrast with left wing solutions, reflected by the Pluto/Neptune sextile from Capricorn to Pisces.

This process will take place in stages, with initial awareness and concern as Neptune dips its toe in the Piscean ocean on April 4, 2011, retreating to Aquarius again from August 5, 2011 to February 3, 2012, after which time there will be 13 straight years with Neptune in Pisces. Early in this period there will be good governance reflected by Saturn in Libra, which can be characterized as the time of President Obama.

It is when Saturn moves into Scorpio, in reception with Pluto in Capricorn and trining Neptune, that things get interesting. This combination is a strong counterpoint to the survivalist dictates of the Uranus/Pluto square, and shows a serious mobilization of state compassion. Generally this will coincide with left-leaning governments worldwide, though there could just as well be right-wing quasi-dictatorships. It is worth remembering that the year Neptune entered Pisces for the first time – 1847 – the Communist Manifesto was published with the memorable words “Workers of the world, unite!”

2013 is the year when the Saturn>Pluto>Neptune pattern really kicks in. Saturn enters Scorpio immediately trining Neptune, goes on to sextile Pluto then retrogrades to make a long trine to Neptune in June, July and August 2013.

The intersections in the above graph show the aspects between Pluto/Neptune/Saturn

The Saturn/Pluto sextile is tough love. The need for a transformation of existing state, business and banking structures will be strong, but nobody is going to use democratic methods to ask anybody for their point of view. This is emergency surgery, performed by powerful rulers through secretive and autocratic methods. Taxes will be ruthlessly imposed with a view to alleviate the social disasters of the time. There will be corruption and the rooting out of corruption. Industry barons will do all within their power to maintain their advantages at this time through strong links to government. But they will also be moved to reach out to the disadvantaged to alleviate their suffering, if only to burnish their image.

It is difficult for us to imagine at this stage the plight that society will find itself in. To give an example: On the exact day when Chiron, which is after all a very minor planetary body, moved into Pisces, the oil rig Deepwater Horizon exploded, leading to the biggest pollution disaster in American history. The oil poured out of an open wound in the ocean floor for many months and – in true Chiron fashion – could not be healed. There is a strong likelihood that the entry of Neptune into Pisces will have even more far-reaching consequences. No doubt this will bring a very strong focus on nature and the environment in the coming decade, but it will be the social conditions of the human family that will take precedence. Neptune’s arrival in Pisces can also bring fears of epidemics (note 2) but in the long run this influence is sure to bring wonderful advances in medicine, just as the last transit through Pisces brought chloroform and the wonders of anesthetics, as well as the first collective health schemes.

The transit of Neptune through Pisces will see the beginning of the ascendancy of Africa. In fact it was when Neptune entered Pisces in 1847 that the first African colony gained independence, when slaves freed in America returned to Africa and declared Liberia an independent country. Slaves liberated an enslaved land. It is likely that the growing worldwide food shortages can be alleviated by more effective farming in Africa, which currently is very inefficiently cultivated, and the riches found in agricultural, mineral and oil reserves will finally bring prosperity.

The sensitivity of nations to food shortages will probable be one of the major sources of unrest in the developing world in the coming period. Here in 2010 drought and fires in Russia have led to a ban on wheat exports and prices worldwide have risen over 60% leading in turn to the danger of food riots in countries that traditionally import a lot of wheat, like Egypt. Back in 1847 there was famine in Europe, and over the next 13 years two million immigrants arrived in New York… over a million being Irish. (Note 3)

In response to shortages, harvesting the sea will also be undertaken on a vast scale in this period, and with mass production of factory fish, a much greater awareness of the ecological downsides of the process will dawn, leading to more humane standards for fish. Extraction of oil from the ocean will play an even greater role, and as a shortage of oil begins to threaten the smooth functioning of industry, vast undersea reserves will be exploited in previously pristine environments around Greenland and in the Arctic.

Neptune in Pisces will bring a global focus on the suffering of humanity and a corresponding urge to alleviate this suffering through social change. The social upheaval that shook Europe from 1848 – 1850, as the Communist Manifesto was translated into every European language, resulted in a revolution in Czechoslovakia (successfully suppressed), in Austria (suppressed but serfdom abolished and emperor abdicates), Budapest, Berlin, Milan and Rome, Ireland and Britain (the Chartist movement). In France students and workers seized Paris, and a new French Republic was proclaimed. Thousands of workers died as the French military put down the revolt. France was the European country most marked by the entry of Neptune into Pisces, and the 1848 revolution led to the abandonment of the monarchy and the establishment of the Second Republic, founded with a Sun/Neptune conjunction in Pisces. (It did not last long).

Neptune’s influence in a sign is not necessarily as drastic as that of Uranus or Pluto, but it reaches deep and subtly alters everything. For example it was after Neptune entered Capricorn that the Iron Curtain was torn down and the Berlin Wall fell. This was the beginning of a new political order in Russia (and the world) which initially caused immense hardship for the people. But there was euphoria too for those who felt liberated from decades of repression. When Neptune entered Aquarius in January 1998 (which it did simultaneously with Bill Clinton saying those famous words: “I never had sexual relations with that woman” – the biggest and funniest media lie ever) it was the time when the world was bewitched by the virtual world, and dot com millionaires made their fortune. We all relocated to cyberspace and people dematerialized to reappear as ghostly presences on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and the rest. A global unification was created, but digital revolution also created the web of financial structures that brought financial chaos and dissolution.

Neptune in Pisces will bring a need for spiritual content. Not the digital psychics and clairvoyants who have thrived with Uranus in Pisces, but for compassion-centered altruism. People will withdraw from the small comfort of a Facebook universe – sell your shares now (it’s a bubble) – and seek privacy and seclusion. Suffering will be too real for dabblers in spirituality, and true solidarity will be found in helping people who are in situations where – but for the grace of God – you could find yourself.

Adrian Ross Duncan September 17, 2010.

1. The Guardian Weekly September 10th, 2010. (Larry Elliot – “When austerity is not enough”)

2. When Neptune entered Pisces in 1847 15,000 people died in a flu epidemic in London. There was also a serious economic depression in England at the time.

3. “The People’s Chronology” pp 446. James Trager 1979.

Realizing the Self

When people discuss the question of fate and free will, they tend to forget just how deep in the past the root causes of our existence lie. As we deal with life day by day, and moment by moment, we are actually dealing with the consequences of actions that we took earlier, sometimes many years earlier, and sometimes, if you believe in reincarnation, many lifetimes earlier. Our actions in the current moment are completely conditioned by our view, and this view was in turn conditioned by individual perceptions and conditioning all the way back to birth. So-called free will is extremely limited under these circumstances. You are going to do what you have always done, because of the unstoppable dynamics of your personal psychology.
But there is a way.

No amount of rational analysis, decision-making or resolve is going to get you out of the prison bars created within your own mind. But the mind itself has a quality of self-awareness that – if all distracting thoughts and emotions are stilled – enables it to observe its own workings. The farther we go towards stabilizing this self-awareness through mindfulness or meditation practice, the closer we get to seeing the stream of causation in our personal history that robs us of the capacity to make meaningful change.

If, using mind training techniques, you tune in to the constant stream of thoughts, you will discover that in the beginning thoughts will arise all the time. There may be pauses for shorter or longer periods of time, but soon the mind latches on to a thought or idea, and off it goes. You can catch it, stop, continue to focus on your breathing or your body or some other kind of support, but off it will go again. Perhaps this constant electric flurry is what we understand as astrologers as Mercury. It is the trickster, and however you strive for mental peace, it will use your own meditation process to lure you off track.

Mental impulses seem to well up from the ocean of the unconscious without apparent logic or reason. But if you sit long enough you might discover, that as the world revolves on its axis, and the planetary angles activate your own planetary patterns in sequence, then there is a kind of logic to the thoughts and feelings that arise. If Mercury is at 20 degrees Sagittarius and square Mars at 21 degrees in aspect to Neptune at 22 degrees, perhaps when the moving Ascendant axis hits 20 Sagittarius, you start dwelling on an injustice – a situation that is in your opinion not right or fair – which you then get angry about, and then feel helpless and sad about. Every day. Every day you carve deeper valleys in your psychological landscape through the same series of thought processes. Where is free will here? And how much stronger and more intense will this be when a passing transit, Uranus conjoining Mars for example, shakes up the configuration?

Being aware of this process changes everything. From an astrological point of view the awareness itself has nothing to do with Mercury. Thought cannot monitor itself. It has to do with the Sun, which is the one constant in the busy spiral of activity of Mercury, Venus, Mars and all the other planets as they revolve around the sun.

The sun – or self – is in its basic nature untouched by the activity of the mind and Mercury, by attachment and Venus, by aggressions and Mars, and if you are centered there and observe the workings of the trickster and his associates, then a different kind of process starts to happen. Thoughts still unfold, feelings mild or violent still arise, but centered as you are, you observe them coming and going out of the corner of your eye, as it were. The difference now is that you are no longer giving them any energy. They will ultimately wither and die like a planet without water.

If though patterns stem from a powerful history of deceit connected with the Mercury/Mars/Neptune configuration for example, this astrological cactus will not wither overnight and will probably survive for years before receding from consciousness. But the actions you have previously taken based on the unconscious impulses from this planetary pattern will be modified, because you have become a witness to the energy in your consciousness stream. You do not want to water that particular plant. At this point it is possible to talk about free will.

The sun itself has universal qualities shared by all the stars in the universe. The paradox is that if through mindfulness training you can rest in the central core of your self, then there is a powerful awareness of the strength of personal identity. Yet ultimately this self-aware Self sees that the idea of separate identity simply does not reflect the true state of things. It is through a strong self that you can reach the idea of no-self, just as the sun and the stars share the quality of starlight.

Astrology teaches that the sun reflects identity, and with the position of the sun in any one of twelve signs, the personal identity is circumscribed by the sign it is in. What follows is a description of the sun in the 12 signs, with an emphasis on the sense of self and its strengths as reflected in each of the signs.

The sun in Aries gives access to a fiery energy which can be channeled without delay into dynamic action and brave initiatives. There is a core enthusiasm in your nature, and an unquestioning sense of personal identity. You are out there in front, inspiring people by example, with few doubts about where you are going and why. You are guided by the principles of chivalry and honor. When you turn within to meditate on your inner core, and shut out emotional and mental distractions, you find the living power of fire within, which transforms into a dynamo of energy… a fountain of creativity.

The sun in Taurus puts you in touch with the rock solid and fertile power of the earth, evoking in you a sense of being completely grounded and stable. Whilst deep in your inner being there is complete calm and equanimity, you have access to enormous strength that can be channeled into constructive deeds for very long periods of time and without exhaustion. You are a rock others can rely on, and while others bend with the wind, you stand firm. You are strongly associated with Nature and fertility and when you go within, you draw inexhaustible resources from your roots which go down to the very soul of Gaia.

The sun in Gemini gives access to a multiplicity of talents linked to all facets of the mind. The world of thoughts, contact and communication are a playground for you, as you dance from one thought to another without holding on. Restlessly exploring the myriad of connections in the world, you are like a spirit of the air, enchanted by the constantly changing scene. When you still the ceaseless activity of your mind, you discover the very nature of thought itself, and are fascinated by the dark twin of duality which mysteriously emerges from one source, one union, one being.

The sun in Cancer tunes you in to a world of feeling and connectedness, awakening in your soul a desire to give birth to and nurture the people and things you love and are deeply attached to. To live, for you, is like being a part of a rushing river – a process of constant change which you react to with a whole spectrum of constantly changing emotions. You feel a sense of belonging, to the world and to the human family, and you are instinctively motivated to fiercely protect what you love. Going within you discover a world of overwhelming emotions, and in these emotions you discover the energy and power of positively motivated feeling.

The sun in Leo puts you in touch with a burning furnace of power which is the throne of your identity as a human being. You know that being a powerful individual, securely centered in yourself, liberates creativity and enables you to be a shining light for others. Strong in yourself, you radiate the idea of life as celebration, and gather others into your benign orbit. When you turn within, free from disturbing thoughts and emotions, you can sense the inner central mandala of power that lies at the seat of your identity – a stable core that emanates inexhaustible spiritual power.

The sun in Virgo brings an ability to apply analytical thought to solve problems, and motivates you to offer your services to others with an unselfish spirit. You have an instinctive awareness of what works, and know how to arrange the parts to make an efficient whole. When you apply your discrimination to your inner life, you understand the interaction between the smallest components of the body in subtle play with thought processes. You know exactly how the movement of the wings of a butterfly can create a tempest, and you apply this knowledge in rituals, health awareness and ecological consciousness.

The sun in Libra awakens an understanding of balance and motivates you to create harmony in outer relationships and discover inner poise. Your ability to tune in to others and meet them exactly how they are makes you a true peacemaker. You know what is right and just. Beauty and taste reflect for you an expression of the natural harmony of the world. When you turn within you can quickly attune to an inner world of balance and visualize the pure energy of color and sound. Here opposites resolve… the masculine and the feminine, the left side and the right side, the outer world and the inner world, and as your scales settle in equilibrium, you find inner peace.

The sun in Scorpio means that you feel things intensely, but privately, like a pebble being dropped into a deep well. In relations with others you sense all the emotions under the surface and exercise strong control. Once you have mastered your own anxiety you are able to empathize deeply with others and somehow, almost magically, empower them. Turning within you feel the maelstrom of your desires and passions and instinctively realize the transformative and purifying power that lies in immersing yourself in your emotions. In the deepest roots of your being, where fear is transformed into power, you find access to an inexhaustible source of energy.

The sun in Sagittarius evokes a fiery awareness and burning desire to understand the meaning of your life. Restlessly inquiring, you travel to the farthest reaches of the earth – and of your mind – gathering ideas and investigating beliefs. You are motivated to share with others what you learn, and find a mission in spreading enlightenment to the collective. For you, it is the most natural thing in the world to turn within, because you instinctively know that the world outside is an extension of the world within. Applying the wisdom you have gathered from mentors or all shades, you embark on a long journey to discover the inner guru, the mind itself. Only here is your thirst quenched.

The sun in Capricorn brings the opportunity to be master of the world you live in, and to learn mastery of the world that lives within you. You are willing to bear whatever burden is necessary to reach your long term goals, and you do this uncomplainingly. You dutifully offer support to those who follow in your footsteps, and obedience to those in whose footsteps you follow. The discipline for spiritual practice comes as naturally to you as the discipline to make progress in the world. When you turn within, you systematically and patiently develop proficiency, slowly removing the obstacles in your path, overcoming self doubt and become an example to others.

The sun in Aquarius awakens in an appreciation of humanity – the wonderful uniqueness of the men and women who cross your path. You are there for them without judgment… open, tolerant and accepting. You feel united with your fellow human beings, understanding instinctively how they are connected – what happens to one of them happens to them all. The space you give to others, and expect for yourself, is also the space you find when you go within the expanses of your own mind. You discover how the power of consciousness and conscious thought is like a tool that can make changes in the inner world and the outer.

The Sun in Pisces immerses you in an ocean of thoughts and feelings that seem almost to encompass the whole of humanity. Empathy is a natural condition for you, as you sense what people feel even before they do. When you have learned to orientate yourself in this ocean of impressions, you give people unconditional love, acceptance and understanding, sensitively offered with humor and humility. Accessing the riches of the soul through meditation and mindfulness is your natural birthright, but you do not seek personal happiness; satisfaction for you can only come when other people also can experience the rewards. Only then can you enjoy the rewards yourself.

If you do dwell in contact with the power of the sun in your horoscope, resting in your self and observing thoughts arising like waves and sinking back into the ocean once again, then you will also notice that you bring with you a certain attitude, which is not only characterized by the sign position of the sun, but also by any planets that aspect your sun. If Saturn is there, you will be a hard taskmaster, rounding up and suppressing your thoughts, and treating your Self in an authoritarian manner. If Jupiter is there, you may be seduced by success and fall from the sky through hubris. If Uranus is there, the very clarity you achieve may disguise unconscious rejection of the emotional cradle in which you rest. Neptune could lead to an inability to rest in a strong sense of self, and a tendency to merge all too soon with the cosmic ocean. Pluto could bring total success in whipping thoughts and feelings under control, with a corresponding sense of inner deadness.

In other words the mirror of the self itself needs to be polished and purged. But this is achieved through the alchemical ability of the Self to reflect on itself without thought. There is more than enough energy in the sun to clean itself of impurity. If you ever make it there, you will have all the free will you will ever need.

Adrian Ross Duncan 16.08.2009

Stories as Therapy

You have probably heard the story about the rabbi and the poor farmer who came to him for advice. With a wife and four children to feed, and just a small overcrowded hut to live in, his main problem was the lack of space. On his first visit the rabbi advised him to move his goats into the house and come back after a week. Puzzled but obedient, the poor farmer faithfully followed the advice. A week later the rabbi asked him how things were going. “Terrible” said the farmer, “the house is even more crowded”. So the rabbi suggested he move his chickens into the house, and to come back if things did not get better after a week. The following week the farmer stated that it was almost impossible for the whole family to exist in the house together with the goats and the chickens. “Don’t worry”, said the rabbi, “Next week take your cow into the house, and let me know if things have improved after a week.” After the week had elapsed, the farmer was beside himself with desperation. “Hmm…” said the rabbi, “Let’s try something new. Put the cow, chickens and goats outside the hut and come back to me after a week. The next week the rabbi asked him how things were going. “Life is wonderful”, said the poor farmer, “you won’t believe how much space we have”.
And it’s true, isn’t it… everything is relative. The human mind has an amazing capacity to look at life, and instead of smiling with satisfaction at the 95% of life that is pretty good, it focuses on that 5% that is dreadful. That 5% is like a fly that buzzes around the food when you are enjoying a picnic on a beautiful summer’s day.

Recently I had a client who had built up a brilliant dot com business, which he subsequently sold for so much money, that he could live a life of luxury from the annual interest. He was visiting the country and stayed with a couple who had been married for 25 years and had two gifted children who were soon to attend university. This couple were in a state of constant worry about their finances. My client on the other hand, was spellbound by what he considered to be a well-functioning and happy family. In his new world he never knew the true motivation of the women who sought out his company, and he had not managed to settle with a partner.

When working with clients, a simple intervention technique is to change perspective on the situation. The horoscope tends to show an equal balance of good fortune and bad fortune. Difficult aspects involving Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will reflect life situations which people strive to overcome and thereby develop wonderful character traits like determination, solidarity, empathy and psychological insight. Fortunate aspects and strong planet placements reflect resources that are constantly drawn upon bringing happiness and satisfaction. It is almost always possible to place client experience in a different frame, so that the client appreciates and enjoys the good fortune rather worrying about the problems.

The reality of the situation is that no matter how bad things are, they can actually get worse. There is always something to be grateful for. There is always someone in a far worse position. And if you focus on the 95% of life that is good for 100% of the time, you will be happy all the time. Astrologically the trick is to identify the good aspects, because they unfailingly show talent, success and pleasure. (Note 1) This technique works best with something like Sun trine Jupiter (euphoric vision) or Venus sextile Jupiter (pleasurable talents) rather than with aspects to Saturn, Neptune and Pluto which always bring some challenges, sorrow and upheaval even when the aspect is good. When people fully appreciate the amazing good fortune that good aspects represent they inevitably feel grateful.

There are times when you have a pretty clear idea about what a client needs to do, but for one reason or another, it is difficult to tell them. Recently I had a client who had been married for many years, with two children he loved, but dissatisfaction in the marriage, particularly sexually, led him into one secret love after another. A Gemini, with almost all his planets in mutable signs, he was a multitalented person who danced his way through life. But with Saturn in Pisces on his Descendant, his partner was mysteriously discontented. He wondered aloud: could he just glide through this period with periodic love affairs without disturbing the equilibrium of his marriage?

Consultation chart: July 2nd, 2009 14.30 Copenhagen

One glance at the consultation chart reveals that this client is in deep trouble and that trouble is going to get deeper. He is represented by a dignified Venus in Taurus in the 8th, ethically challenged, as it were, by its square to 5th house ruler Jupiter… those love affairs. The square to Neptune gives a deeper shade of deception, and the fact that Venus is on the fixed star Algol, suggests that his head is on the block. His wife is represented by Mars in detriment in Taurus, which is soon going to hit Algol and square Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter. To stir this sticky pot a little more, the Moon is in fall in Scorpio, soon to make an opposition to both Venus and Mars.

It was time for a metaphor. I had the feeling that no matter what I said, this person was unlikely to change and reluctant to face up to the reality of his position. Do you know that feeling of having left a cheese at the back of the fridge? Months have gone by. One day you see a dark object and you reach in to remove it, whatever it is. As your fingers sink into the soft and furry exterior, you begin to wonder. It is when the stink hits your nostrils that you remember the cheese. Now here is the question. Should you put the cheese back and hope it will go away? Or do you have to take it out – take everything out – and give the fridge a thorough clean to remove all the fungus spores?

This is an effective Moon in Scorpio metaphor, because this placement often suggests putting things on ice, bad tastes and smells, and trouble stored up for the future. Whether the client will work with his wife to resolve their mutual dissatisfaction, I am not sure. But he won’t forget that cheese.

Well-chosen metaphors should mobilize the sensory system that is involved in as vivid a way as possible. Positive Jupiter metaphors would conjure up visual panoramas, negative Jupiter metaphors the intellectual discomfort that arises from that wagging moral finger. Positive Saturn metaphors would conjure up the physical evidence of status, negative Saturn metaphors the crushing weight of setbacks. Positive Uranus metaphors the exhilarating excitement of social interaction and discovery, negative Uranus metaphors the anaesthetized numbness of remoteness and separation. And positive Neptune metaphors should access the sense of oneness with the world and nature, whilst negative metaphors could conjure up the poignancy of being alone.

Sharing your inner feeling

There are consultations that seem to get nowhere. A layer of fog descends. You may feel bored, irritated, insecure, stupid. It is at this point that an amazingly effective technique can be used that completely blows away the fog and electrifies the consultation. It is fair to assume that whatever you, as the astrologer, are feeling in the consultation, other people who are part of the client’s life are sure also to feel. You are the 7th house in the consultation chart, and your experience of the client is valid evidence. This knowledge is dynamite. I had one young client with a Moon/Mars conjunction in Aries in the 6th house, who could only keep her work for a short period at a time. At some point she lost her temper, downed tools, and walked. The odd thing was that I too felt more and more irritated as the consultation progressed. I summoned up the courage and told her how I felt. She lost her temper and got up to leave. I pointed out that she was free to go, but if she wanted to have a satisfying work life, she would be better off staying, which she did, and the consultation proceeded with a new authenticity and honesty.

Presenting your own feelings as evidence requires clarity – you don’t want to mix your own issues up with the client’s – and bravery, because you almost always have to reveal your own insecurity or vulnerability. I recently had a very rewarding experience with a client who had come about 12 times over the last decade. I never felt comfortable with this client; I knew she was good at astrology, a member of Mensa, and basically I did not think I could tell her anything that she did not know already. Finally I said it. The client had a strong Mercury/Pluto/North Node conjunction square Jupiter, which is a characteristic signature for someone who is extremely sensitive to both ignorance and intellectual arrogance. When I told her how I felt intellectually insecure, it opened up a whole area in her horoscope I had never previously grasped. For as a child genius she was exposed both to her teachers and fellow students as a child, and she had carefully concealed her intellectual brilliance to avoid the pain of isolation, which apparently was typical behavior for people with extremely high IQ’s. But this concealment had the unwanted effect of putting other people off balance, which is what had continually happened to me.

This kind of mirroring is extraordinarily effective in circumstances when you feel that something must be done to get the consultation moving. It has to be based honestly on what you feel, and not actually projected onto the client, which will only activate defense mechanisms. Mercury/Pluto clients, who can sometimes drone on, evoking exhaustion, can be disarmed by explaining how you find it difficult to get a word in. Moon/Uranus clients, who can sometimes evoke the sensation that you are a disembodied, can be reached when you share this feeling. Mars/Jupiter people, who can make you feel incompetent or stupid, can suddenly show understanding and empathy when you let them know this. It is a rewarding experience both for you and the client.

Relativity, metaphors and mirroring are three techniques that just require imagination, honesty and sensitivity – useful skills in the astrological consultation that do not require special training. Mirroring/sharing kick starts consultations that risk petering out into irrelevance. Metaphors sneakily slip through the defenses of people who don’t want to confront uncomfortable truths. Understanding the relative nature of reality makes people appreciate what they have got, instead of worrying about what they haven’t got. It is the understanding that it is best to have just enough of something – not too much, and not too little. That to live in a western country with prosperity, family, health and work is a tremendous privilege, no matter what challenges arise.

Adrian Ross Duncan. July 7th 2009

1. Please see section on Resources in my book: “Astrology: Transformation and Empowerment”.

Trends in 2009

The year ahead promises to be more exciting than most as outer planets line up to bring preliminary fireworks, where we can expect and even bigger show in 2010. The big players in 2009 are the Saturn/Uranus opposition, which as Barack Obama intimated, is to bring “change we can believe in”. The first opposition took place exactly on the US election, and two more follow: on February 5th at 20.37 Virgo/Pisces and September 15th, 2009, at 24.43 Virgo/Pisces. Seen from a sun sign viewpoint, this will be a very major influence for Aquarians in regard to their economy, emotional life and security. Capricorns are also likely to experience this opposition as a period of seismic change, especially in connection with their convictions and beliefs and in relation to travel and education. But of course Virgos and Pisces will profoundly feel the pull of this opposition in relationships, as they strive to bridge a gap that seems intercontinental in expanse.Secondly Jupiter conjoins Neptune three times, on May 27th, July 10th and 21st December at 26.28, 26.02 and 24.18 Aquarius respectively, and clearly this conjunction will evoke a wave of popular sentiment, whether euphoria or disappointment is difficult to say. Each time Chiron is also involved, so there might me an element of suffering, or a whole lot of healing. Again Aquarians will be profoundly affected – it is going to be quite a year for this sign – and there will be an enormous expansion of influence for them on a collective level and in relation to dreams and their spiritual life.
As Jupiter and Neptune are considered rulers of Pisces, this sign will also experience deep changes in relation to inner life, dreams and meditative experiences. It can be a time of inner chaos bit amazing spiritual growth. For Sagittarians, ruled by Jupiter, this conjunction falls in their solar third house, which is sure to bring enhanced curiosity and motivation to learn about artistic and spiritual subjects, as well as some pretty exotic travels. By airship or balloon probably.
By the beginning of 2009 Pluto has moved back into Capricorn, where it will remain for the next 14 years. In sun sign and horary astrology this means that every time a planet enters one of the cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn – they will undergo an intense process of crisis and transformation. This is particularly noticeable when Venus moves into Aries, because it repeats an 8 year cycle of retrograde movement, moving retrograde at 15.26 Aries on March 6th and squaring Pluto on February 6th, April 3rd and May 2nd at 2.26, 3.18 and 3.06 Aries respectively. Exciting times for Libra where this takes place in the 7th house of partnerships… not least because Venus is joined by Mars in May. A rather passionate time. Of course Aries will also be profoundly affected by this constellation too.

For the Mercury ruled – Geminis and Virgos – the triple conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter in January and February should bring amazing results intellectually and socially, and this will be a good time for relationships – of a liberated sort – too. The retrograde period in May and June in Taurus squares the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune triple conjunction, which can lead to some dodgy judgments, not least economically. The Mars ruled can await the retrograde movement of this planets in Leo in December. Quite romantic, especially for Aries.

Finally the solar eclipse falls at 6 Aquarius in February and 29 Cancer in July, whilst the lunar eclipses fall at 20 Leo in February and 13 Aquarius in August, which will affect all twelve signs in different ways, though Cancer and Leo tend to be the most sensitive.

The following, then is an analysis of the general influence on the 12 signs in 2009. It is worth remembering that you may be sensitive to any or all of these influences in one way or another, because a particular planet may be strong or activated in the coming year, or because of your Ascending sign, so it could be beneficial to read all signs, and if something strikes a chord then read it closely.

The year starts with your ruler Mars in Capricorn and conjoining Pluto, suggesting both a crisis and a breakthrough in your career. With Pluto in the career area of your solar chart until 2023, you can expect a number of upheavals, but in this early stage these is liable to be an acute confrontation with autocratic leaders. A career transformation brings you much more power and control. April is a time when the old makes way for the new in relation to work and colleagues, but it is also a time when you have a strong desire to experiment with your life and find deeper spiritual meaning. A new intense relationship, or even a love affair, may take place at this time. Certainly, when Venus conjoins Mars in your sign as May begins, squaring Pluto, there will be a crisis and transformation in your personal life… the passion is red hot. Life gets very interesting towards the end of the year when Mars enters Leo, where it will be from October 16th 2009 to June 7th 2010. As this relates to children and love, as well as creative projects where you put your identity on the line, you can expect to have a happy and romantic period at this time, and if you are looking for children, they will surely come along.

With the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction (together with Chiron) taking place in your solar 10th house of the career throughout 2009, you can expect major developments in this area. You have lofty dreams and get involved with large social or artistic movements, the professional expression of spirituality and healing, or visionary international projects. For someone who is normally very grounded, this is in fact a time when you surround yourself with dreamers, which will not always be comfortable or safe economically. You are gripped with idealistic fever in April, but during the course of May you can feel under strong psychological pressure, especially if you happen to get involved with a secret passionate relationship at this time. This is also a time when ideological passions run high and can put you under threat. Socially 2009 is a time of change as you build a bridge from the old to the new. Children can be an extraordinary responsibility during the year, either traveling far, or making changes which are difficult for you to adjust to.
The Saturn/Uranus opposition is turning many things in connection with your family and your career upside down. This is a time when a need for change in your professional life affects the domestic status quo and somehow you have to juggle the needs of the family with professional realities. You may need to move or change job, and there highest stress factors are at the end of April when a whole lot of unpredictable changes happen in the leadership – though it is an exciting opportunity for change. August to October is also a period when there are a variety of demanding issues that need to be addressed and cannot be solved without hard work and organization. This is also a year when international travel in on the cards, preferably to an exotic destination, an island, a ship or somewhere by the sea. This is a magnificent period for expanding your awareness of alternative subjects like astrology, healing etc. and for making contact with international groups with a humanitarian or spiritual agenda.
With Pluto firmly in your 7th house of relationships until 2023 this is a time when you need to address the power balance between you and others. You need to give up control on the one hand, yet maintain your personal power on the other. There will be periods of the year when these issues are acute, particularly around the New Year when you may find yourself under attack from a particularly implacable person. Also the period at the beginning of May shows similar power battles, though this is more likely to be connected with career issues. These are basically times when you need to harden your resolve and overcome anxiety in taking new professional initiatives. There are major developments in connection with abroad through the whole of 2009, and you can build a bridge to strong professional organizations working hard to bring change. The end of April is remarkable in this respect and can bring some exotic journey. Financially you can be very fortunate getting finance, but don’t let your dreams get the better of you, especially at the end of January. All in all this will prove to be an exciting year, when your horizons expand considerably.Leo
This is a year in your life when you continue to build up a solid defense against insecure economic trends that threaten to destabilize your good efforts to consolidate your economy. In a way you are torn between dangerous gambles and the path of safety, and this is especially apparent in the Spring. With eclipses falling in your sign this year, there is also an emphasis on making deep-seated changes both in your personal life and lifestyle, and in relationships. And with the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune falling in your solar 7th house of partnerships, it is in this area that the most extraordinary changes take place. For many years now, relationships have tended to be fluid and a little chaotic, but in 2009 many dreams are activated. You tie your hopes to a hot-air balloon that can take you to magical places, but who knows where it will put you down? At work there is continued restructuring, and this becomes extremely intense in early May. Intense differences of opinion at this time can bring a general clear out in the work environment with new colleagues replacing old.

2009 is a year of extraordinary developments in your working life, perhaps because of a new influx of colleagues, or perhaps because the area you work with is much more creative or idealistic. This is a good year to work with large groups, with advertising and with idealistic projects. However it is also a time of chaos, or you are torn between letting go or keeping your feet firmly on the ground, particularly at the end of May when there is a risk of bad judgment. With Saturn in your first house and in opposition to Uranus in the house of partnership, there are enormous adjustments to be made in relationships. You may as well resign yourself to a year of change and unpredictability, which becomes particularly acute in March and April. If you fall for someone at this time, you can expect quite a roller-coaster ride. The months from August to October are also significant in this respect as you try to create order, instead of allowing things to continue in an unstructured way. This is a good time to organize supporters to get your own agenda through even if other people are dreamy or unreliable.

With the election of Barack Obama in November, Change has come to the world, and it is as if the euphoric effect of the coming triple conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius close to the USA Moon can already be felt. In this second article on sun sign influence for 2009, we will be taking a closer look at the last six signs. In this respect the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is going to be extremely important for Pisces and Sagittarius, whilst the Saturn/Uranus opposition will profoundly affect Capricorn and Aquarius.

Starting with Libra and Scorpio, it is the condition of Venus and Mars that needs to be studied. Libra is particularly marked by the fact that Pluto has moved into cardinal Capricorn and therefore affects Libra’s solar 4th house. And as Pluto is traditionally associated with Scorpio, its move into a new sign is likely to have a deep affect, especially in areas connected with education and communication:

This will prove to be an extraordinary springtime for you in just that area you are most attuned to – relationships. At the beginning of February, Venus leaves Pisces, entering Aries and a kind of time loop that will not be over before the end of May. In these months Venus goes retrograde and direct again squaring Pluto three times, and thereby knitting together the two domains of relationships and family. Acute issues need to be resolved at this time, and as Venus is in “exile” in Aries, you will find yourself in a compromised situation in relationships, and a situation that requires decisive action too. The home is subject to some upheaval that may be connected to a renovation, or because of new relationship developments. You will not be afraid of taking drastic action for the sake of partnership, though whether this is wise is another matter. Amazingly the retrograde movement of Venus allows the much slower moving Mars to catch her up, and this happens at 29 degrees Pisces just after Mars has passed over Uranus. A fizzy brew! Therefore the single Libra will be swept off his or her feet at this time by a person who has just been through some revolutionary change. Everything will be turned on its head as both planets square Pluto around the end of April. Venus spends the rest of May and June “catching up” with Mars, and they conjoin once more at 14 degrees Taurus on June 21st. This time you are in control, but as they both move together to square the momentous Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron conjunction, you are likely to be struggling with a raging torrent of feelings prompted by strong desires. Whew!

The year starts with a Mars/Pluto conjunction, so you are feeling empowered, ambitious and strongly motivated to learn and explore in January, not least around the 24th when Mars trines Saturn, which is an excellent time for commitment to a group. As mentioned in the Libra section, Mars goes on to conjoin both Uranus and Venus in April in Scorpio’s solar 5th house. This is an excellent time for love and romance, and a brilliant time for matters connected with children too. But whatever happens, it is likely to be quite a surprise. When Mars and Venus foxtrot together into Aries to square Pluto, there will be upheavals and power play at work. Scorpios will be implacable and fully in control at this time. Just as Mars and Venus enter Aries together, they also enter Taurus within a few days of each other. Relationships are like glue at this time, and lovers cannot leave each other. But the sojourn in Taurus in June and July is a situation when you are very much dependant on partners, and the simultaneous square to the precise Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron conjunction around July 6th is a chaotic time in relationships – and for the family environment too. It will be quite a year for Scorpios, and it gets more interesting in December as Mars goes retrograde at 19.41 Leo, which means that well into 2010 there will be major career breakthroughs in the field of creativity. A very powerful and successful time.

After a difficult but constructive year in 2008, the coming year promises to be a wild ride on the swings and roundabouts of hopes and dreams. On the very last days of 2008 Mercury conjoins Jupiter – which effectively brings partnership issues to the fore, and in a very positive way. With Jupiter entering Aquarius on January 5th, and Mercury making three conjunctions with Jupiter, the last one on February 24th at 11 degrees Aquarius also involving Mars, then partnership bonds will be cemented at this time… and it is good for children too. What an exciting month this will be! It is almost sure to bring travel, or electrifying developments in regard to personal development and education – a brilliant time for expanding networks. In May, June and July, Jupiter – the ruler of Sagittarius – makes its long-lasting conjunction with Neptune, and this brings a period of euphoria as you get swept up in a movement that is like a mass wave of emotion. It will feel like being on a balloon or a spaceship, and the important thing with this kind of travel is knowing how to come down to earth again. Jupiter goes retrograde and catches up with Neptune again just before Christmas, so the whole year will be flavored with lofty ideals connected with creativity, music, film, humanitarian and ecological ventures. This will later be known as the Obama effect.

You already tasted the entry of Pluto in Capricorn for a few months in 2008, but now it is here to stay, and the year starts with a powerful conjunction of Pluto and Mars in your sign, which means you are here to rule. It is a period when your will is supreme and you can realize your ambitions through sheer force of personality. You also experienced the opposition between your ruler Saturn and revolutionary Uranus in November 2008, so you know what it is like to straddle history, using the past as a springboard to launching a new future. These momentous trends continue in 2009, and probably nothing is settled before the last Saturn/Uranus opposition on September 15th. Mid-September is an extremely significant time for you … a time for cementing partnerships in a period of change and for making contracts too. It is the crowing point of a period of apprenticeship and learning connected with bridging two cultures. You have passed the test, and when Saturn enters Libra on October 29th you gain distinction and recognition. This brings a whole new phase in your life connected with status and career, and a whole new set of power games too. Put on your suit of armor!

Though 2008 was a year of respectable achievements, life has not been so kind over the last seven years, and it is about to make things up to you. Firstly Jupiter enters your sign in January bringing a period of optimism and expansion. Think back to the last time this happened in 1997-98. As Jupiter goes on to conjoin Neptune (and the mini-planet Chiron) in from May to July (and later in December) you will discover and use some extraordinary talents. Perhaps this will seem like a dream come true, and the indications are that you will be on Cloud 9 much of the time. Please take your parachute. Don’t let any dream get so big that it pops like bubble gum, leaving a sticky mess. Early July is especially a time when you can find yourself splashing helplessly about, especially in connection with family matters. What keeps you realistic in this period is Saturn in Virgo, which opposes Uranus, meaning that economy continues to be in major transition and needs constant adjustment and organization. But this is the time when you complete a revolutionary cycle of personal development, and when Saturn enters Libra at the end of October, a new period of hope and optimism begins. There is a snake in paradise, but you have the antidote to its poison. The world opens up at your feet, and you start feeling very international.

The two remaining oppositions of Saturn and Uranus focus your attention on relationships in 2009, and it can seem like having to control wild horses pulling in different directions. You have been extremely hard working and responsible in 2008, building up alliances, lifting burdens in friendships and groups and working conscientiously with others generally. Yet there is also a strong desire to be free to do your own thing. When your ruling planet Jupiter moves from Capricorn to Aquarius in January you will want to shed responsibility and work with your dreams and fantasies in a much more creative way. The year ahead is therefore a time when the greatest pleasure comes when you have the time to be on your own to really investigate inner issues – a kind of preparation for 2010 when you are ready to surf on a wave of personal fulfillment. This is a year when you tend to be in a dream world – far less realistic than in 2008 – and your escapist tendencies are stronger the ever. But if you are interested in spiritual development, this is a year when you can merge with something much greater than yourself and have a kind of cosmic baptism.

When reading these sun sign trends, you may find that there are certain events connected with another sign that seem to fit your situation. This is as it should be – your actual horoscope shows all 12 signs which all have some kind of area of influence. It could be said that you resonate with certain planets at certain times, and this could mean that you can learn something from all the signs. Have a happy 2009.

Adrian Duncan 20.11.2008

Prediction & Psychological Transformation

When royal astrologer John Dee consulted with Queen Elizabeth I in the 16th century, he almost certainly gave her good advice about matters of state. He certainly chose an auspicious day for the coronation (note 1) as Elizabeth had a long a successful reign that spanned 44 years. But there are some things her probably did not do. He probably did not dwell on the fact that her father, Henry VIII, had declared her a bastard and disinherited her. He probably did not dwell on the psychological consequences of her father having her mother beheaded for supposed adultery. He probably did not reflect on Elizabeth’s ability to have a rewarding love life after her quasi-incestuous relationship in her mid-teens with Thomas Seymour, the 2nd husband of her stepmother and guardian Catherine Parr. (Note 2)

In other words Dee did not dwell on the psychology of his queen or any other of his powerful clients, which might also explain why he survived to the ripe old age of 82. The last thing these people wanted to know was what kind of responsibility they or their upbringing had for the events that befell them. Prior to the 20th century the job of an astrologer was to map out the range of possibilities that lay ahead for their clients, and in this way offer them guidance about their future. And the astrological body of learning at this time was finely attuned to give the best results in this area. Techniques were many and rules innumerable, but the keen student could apply these skills and answer concrete questions about what fate had in store. That they also were accurate is attested to by a study of renaissance masters like William Lilly, Nostradamus, Marcilio Ficino, Cornelius Agrippa and Paracelsus, to name but a few. Their clients wanted to know what would happen, and they did their best to tell them.

Which is in quite strong contrast to the spiritual and psychological approach that has characterized astrology in the last century. Rejecting fatalistic and deterministic views, giants like Alan Leo, Grant Lewi, Dane Rudhyar and Liz Greene have been major figures in a slow evolution to a predominantly psychological interpretation style, where the role of prediction became smaller and smaller and more and more incompatible. This integration of esotericism and psychology is probably connected with the post-Renaissance discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – planets which open up areas of the psyche that were previously considered fated.

In a sense this evolution reflects the evolution of different models of viewing the universe. Prior to Newton (born 1642) the world view in the West was dominated by Christian philosophy and religion. Newtonian thinking mapped out a universe of action and reaction, which subsequently led to explanations of astrology in terms of cause and effect. Einstein mapped out relativity, leading to and understanding of astrology in energetic and psychological terms. Recent theories about the quantum universe can be used to explain astrology in terms of acausal synchronicity. None of these theories are true, and none are false… they are just relevant within the context of history. Civilization will always reinvent ways of redefining experience as human consciousness evolves. Over the past 2000 years individual consciousness has evolved from being subsumed by the collective through religion, to the development of the individual ego, to which psychological astrology is addressed.

In the last 25 years of the 20th century, psychological astrology really took off – not least because of works by Jungian-trained Liz Greene, of which “Saturn – a new look at an old devil” is perhaps the best known. Astrology went from being merely descriptive to explaining the psychological roots of behavior and thereby providing the client – at least theoretically – with the ability to become conscious of what previously had been unconscious and unexplained. A boom in astrological literature at this time brought heightened awareness of transits, leading to an understanding of the horoscope in terms of personal development and psychological growth.

In the very same period I visited an astrological colleague who had obtained a first edition of William Lilly’s “Christian Astrology” – ink blots and all, who spent painstaking months removing stains and blots, finally publishing the first 20th century edition of this classic work. (Note 3) The startling accuracy of these techniques led to a growing number of horary astrologers and horary astrology schools. Enthusiasts embraced horary skills with the zeal of new converts, and they have fought – often amongst themselves – to preserve the orthodoxy of the teachings. With the incredibly work that has subsequently been done by Project Hindsight (Note 4) practicing astrologers today have access to a original texts dating back to the very origins of the subject covering all forms of astrology and all forms of predictive techniques. So along with psychological astrology, traditional astrology has also flowered and expanded.

When I was editor of the Astrological Association Journal at the end of the 1990’s the split between those astrologers who practiced predominantly psychological astrology and those who practiced horary astrology was pronounced. And this split is still pronounced. In its extreme form horary practitioners reject psychological considerations and simply concentrate on the factual answer to the matter at hand. On the other hand psychological astrologers are at a loss as to how to integrate therapy with prediction. And when predictions do come into the picture, primarily with the interpretation of transits, then they are couched in terms that lack specificity.

The nitty-gritty is that when the psychological astrologer is asked by the client about outcomes, he or she cannot – and will not – supply them. To work therapeutically with a client, and then to pronounce an outcome in advance seems counterproductive. Conversely the horary practitioner happily provides the outcome, if it is clear, but is unable to give the client any tools to deal with it.

But this split between the psychological and the predictive is unnecessary and unhelpful. It is illusory to see traditional astrology as separate from a “modern” psychological astrology – it is all the same body of work in constant evolution. But right now there are many clients having an incomplete experience of the potential of astrology because of the lack of integration between prediction and therapy. The kind of client who in the eighties or nineties was satisfied with a psychological profile is dead and gone. People also want practical guidance about how to lead their lives, and this practical guidance can provided by what was once called Horary Astrology. In Europe the same study is called “The Astrology of the Moment” – in other words it is about what is happening here and now.

All things happen at the intersection between subjective consciousness and objective experience. The experiences that arise to greet our consciousness are dependant on innumerable factors related to previous actions. The way we deal with these experiences is dependant on our character, and the horoscope is a map of our character. It is a map of past actions and potential future actions – in the sense that a map of the London Underground is a map of London. The horoscope needs to be populated by the attention of the astrologer and client, just as the traveler, map in hand, sets out to explore London. The horoscope maps the past and present, but you get to co-create the future through your actions here and now.

The horoscope for any given moment is a map of the intersection of personal consciousness with time. It reflects exactly what is relevant about that moment for the individual. That is horary astrology. The horoscope for any moment deemed significant by the individual will inevitably reflect the essence of that individual’s interaction with the world – it could not be any other way. The planetary positions will exactly reflect not only the dynamics of the moment, but also the events leading up to it (previous aspects) and the events that are to come (aspects about to be formed). Even the timing will be provided by the movement of the planets and the sweep of the angles.

The astrology of the moment is no more than the same transits used by all astrologers, including those who work exclusively psychologically – just with added detail. Instead of looking at the headlines, the small print becomes visible. The added ingredient is the significance of the moment and the horoscope for the moment, which can be interpreted as a full chart, house rulers and all. Instead of explaining, for example, a Jupiter transit as a general theme, it is then seen in a specific context. Seeing such a theme in context is a huge advantage when working therapeutically.

This is best illustrated with an example. (Note 5)

Natal Chart: Client Mar 11th 1963. 14.28 Copenhagen (AS 15.41 LE)

Consultation 1: Jul 13th 1990 16.00 Copenhagen (AS 13.01 SC)

Consultation 2: Aug 13th 1991 16.00 Copenhagen (AS 2.36 SG)

Two visits from a client, with a year and a month in between, replicated her natal Sun-Jupiter conjunction straddling the 9th house. Each time she came, the consultation chart picked up the theme of seeking happiness with lovers abroad, probably indicated by Jupiter ruling the natal 5th house. It related to the fact that her father used to take her on holidays – traditionally they visited a popular island resort (Pisces) as a “special treat”– but the holidays were an excuse for the father to get away from the mother and conduct a secret affair with another woman, in what was a yearly ritual.

The daughter, with Mercury in Pisces in the 8th, opposite Pluto-Uranus, kept this deadly secret throughout her childhood, but not without exacting a material quid pro quo from her father over the years. Obviously deeply impressed by this recipe for happiness, the daughter kept replicating it ever since. In each of her visits to me she was involved with a married man in another country, who she hoped would leave his wife for her. After all, with Saturn in her natal 7th house cusp, where was the appeal in being married?

It is easy to see that armed with the horoscope for the moment, the start of the consultation, the astrologer can see how a life theme – the Sun-Jupiter conjunction partially in the 8th and partially in the 9th house – is reflected in circumstances here and now. Instead of a general interpretation of the Sun-Jupiter theme, it is now possible to be specific. The potent energies of the present despair connected with the dream of a hoped-for partner, who is in fact already married and a thousand miles away, can be mobilized in the therapeutic process. It is comparatively easy to show how the client’s choices are unconsciously programmed by past experiences. And once this awareness dawns, the client cannot wait to change. This person did drop a history of love affairs shortly after the second consultation, married and had children. The fact that she had to come twice, and both consultation charts showed Sun-Jupiter in the 8th-9th houses shows that I did not do the job properly first time, but got a second chance.

It is tempting to think that this correlation between the birth chart and the consultation chart has been cherry-picked. It is a good example, but in fact this kind of correlation is the rule. I have had clients come with aspect patterns that could only have happened astronomically twice – once at birth and once at the consultation. At the very least clients will come with powerful natal aspects repeated with modifications at the time of the consultation. Planets are often at the exact same degree; the same combination of Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus will be found in the same signs; the Ascendant and houses are the same… there are many variations, but almost invariably the consultation chart will be a neon sign, pointing to exactly those themes in the birth chart that are relevant for the client today.

What a tool this is to the psychological astrologer! And at no cost. No new techniques need to be learned, no new skills acquired. Yet this method is the traditional method. William Lilly used the consultation chart as a rule, rather than the birth chart. Astrologers in India are adept at this – even dispensing with the horoscope altogether. Placing their staff in the ground and observing the time through the shadow it casts, and being cognizant of the position of the Sun, Moon and planets, the consultation chart is already there, with its message of past actions and future results. This is the astrology of the moment, pregnant with meaning.

In traditional horary some practitioners maintain that there are circumstances in which a chart cannot be interpreted. The word “strictures” has been coined to signify astrological configurations which prevent interpretation. These do not apply in the consultation chart. If the client turns up with the Ascendant in the last degrees or the first degrees of a sign, for example, it merely reflects something important about their situation. (That is: whether something is being wound up, or a new situation is about to develop). The same applies to whether the Moon is void of course, whether Saturn is in the first or seventh house, and all the other considerations which might traditionally be thought to prevent judgment. There are no circumstances in which the consultation chart for the client’s arrival can not be interpreted. Otherwise interpretation rules are as we know them: the client is represented by the Ascendant ruler, his partner by the Descendant ruler, his boss by the 10th house ruler, his home by the 4th house ruler etc.

When the astrologer adds the chart for the moment to the consultation process, it is like someone discovering for the first time that they have needed to wear glasses. The sudden clarity opens up many new perspectives. Not only is there a tool for precision therapy, it also becomes possible to answer quite detailed questions. What practicing astrologer has not had a client pose questions that are extremely difficult to answer if you are only relying on transits and progressions? Should my mother go into a nursing home, or stay in her house? My boyfriend wants to move in – is this a good idea? I have a potential business partner – is it someone I can trust? These are the kind of questions clients expect astrologers to have answers to… and with the consultation chart you do.

The astrological consultation can be a life-changing experience for the client – a time when the raw energy in the client’s psyche is exposed, and being exposed, ready for change. The snapshot of time afforded by the consultation chart reflects clearly the events leading up to the meeting and the current situation. If you identify the actors in play – the people and things the planets represent – then this chart also maps out the future. Prediction is suddenly brought back into the psychological equation. How are you going to handle it?

What can’t be done is to work on the client with, say, a Moon-Uranus square, showing how emotional shock and separation has created an unreal and glassy barrier between the client and his loved one, and then say: “You’ll separate in 5½ months”. Experience shows that even good astrologers get predictions wrong quite a lot of the time. Concrete predictions without the involvement of the client are quite unhelpful. Clients tend to ignore them; they don’t sink in. On the other hand, when clients are invited into the prediction process they get enthusiastically involved, and there is a likelihood that the predictions will be correct.

Specific predictions about the future can be made if the details of a client’s life have been explained by the client. The fewer the details the more difficult it is to be specific – at least that is my personal experience. There are literally millions of permutations in a person’s future, if you have no idea of the framework. Looking at an Underground map it is possible show someone the way, but it is impossible to imagine what it will be like emerging into the hectic crowds at Piccadilly Circus or Times Square, if you have never been there. Only the client knows what it is like to be the client; without the client’s involvement prediction will fall flat.

Prediction in this context is the co-creation of a desirable scenario by the client with the guidance of the astrologer. Events do not come out of the blue – or at least it is very rare. The car is not going to crash; the plane is not going to be hijacked; the client will not win the lottery. Normally events unfold exactly according to the wishes and drives of the client. What a client builds up in life is a combination of hope and experience – Jupiter and Saturn. The mind is in a constant state of wishing for a desired scenario, whilst taking account of the current limitations. The transits of the outer planets represent more subtle forces that can seem outside the client’s control. Thus transit Pluto might show an existential battle that is draining a client of energy, Neptune an inner sense of meaninglessness that undermines the life nerve, Uranus a restlessness and desire for freedom… and these feelings may be more or less unconscious. The astrologer can help define the goals, refine the hopes, and explain the evolutionary processes of the outer planet transits.

When the client comes to the astrologer, there is often tremendous lack of clarity about the future. Clients are not at first so interested in what psychological patterns make them tick, but they are very interested in what to do. They feel perhaps that they have a variety of choices. You feel that you have a good idea via transits and the consultation chart, which way things will go, though you may be wrong. Prediction is now the art of aligning the genuine desires and needs of the client with the indications you see in the horoscope.

In the following example the client came 6 minutes earlier than the planned time of 10 a.m.:

Consultation chart: March 14th 2008. 9.54 am Copenhagen. (AS 27.59 GE)

Birth Chart: May 16th 1963. 17.20 Copenhagen (AS 27.24 LI)

The birth chart showed a tight T-square with Saturn at 22.51 Aquarius conjunct the Moon and opposite Mars at 21.40 Leo, with a Sun-Mercury conjunction in Taurus in 8th House. The consultation chart (transiting) Neptune is within 3 minutes of arc of that Saturn. Her Mars-Saturn opposition is echoed in the consultation chart by the exact sextile that takes place between these planets that day showing her enormous drive for professional success. The current Venus-Mars trine reflects the very same trine in her birth chart. The Sun-Moon square in the consultation chart with an orb of one degree reflects the Sun-Moon square with the same orb in the birth chart. Both the birth chat and consultation chart Ascendants are at 27 degrees.

This is a good example of the client’s expressed wishes for the future being out of harmony with the astrological indications. The client launched into a description of her plan to sell a new health project to the corporate world and wanted to know about her chances. But the consultation chart shows the main players in transition – the Ascendant will soon change sign, and there is imminent change for Ascendant ruler Mercury, where it will enter the opposite sign from its rulership (and will therefore be out on a limb), and furthermore oppose Saturn, which hardly bodes well for success. And clearly with transit Neptune activating the Mars/Saturn opposition in 2008 and the Sun/Moon square in 2009, the realization of ambitions and attainment of material security is simply not on the agenda. Further probing revealed that the client was had been off sick with stress for four months, which is clearly indicated in the consultation chart by the separation of the Moon in the 12th house in square to Uranus by four degrees (reflecting her natal Moon/Uranus opposition). So basically the client was in no state to fight the battles that she had in mind amongst the big players in the health industry.

The psychological astrologer could focus on many things, but obviously the Moon/Saturn conjunction in the 4th opposite Mars indicates a relentless and dominating mother, who managed to maintain a glassy distance to her child, and punished her physically when she was out of line. With transiting Neptune going over this pattern and squaring the Sun and Mercury in Taurus from 2008 to 2010 it was highly unlikely that she would have career success, and highly unlikely that she would attain the economic security that the Sun in Taurus in the 8th longs for. But the T-square also shows a stubborn determination, so, despite being off work with stress, she was still driving herself hard.

With the consultation chart ruler in the 10th going into Pisces to oppose Saturn, quite clearly she was not going to realize her plans. My first job was therefore to disavow her of her belief in the possibility of career success in competition with large and successful health care firms. Really this idea is reflected by Mercury in Aquarius conjoining Neptune and the North Node, and Mercury would be moving out of Aquarius within the day. The Sun’s conjunction with Uranus and sextile to Jupiter in the 8th showed the big players.

Psychologically speaking the meaning of Neptune’s transit over the T-square is to soften up the ambitious and oppositional approach which she has to life. Generally this softening up occurs because initiatives run into the sand, the ocean undermines the cliff. Failure is the engine of change, bringing surrender, and with surrender come acceptance, spiritual depth, nuance and insight. My client’s “stress” was a trick of the psyche to stop her in her tracks until she had redefined her views about what was important about living.

What was not conducive to happiness was to continue a pattern of behavior that required her to battle against the odds. That is what she did in childhood. She was beaten into submission but survived by switching off the emotional signals (Moon-Saturn in Aquarius) and putting up a stubborn fight. Punishment was met by defiance; when pushed, she dug her heels in.

To get the client to realign to a more empowering view of the future requires working with past and future in parallel. Holding the future scenario in mind – she had to drop her doomed enterprise – the strategy is to get her to reconnect with the emotions connected with her difficult childhood, and evoke an awareness of certain decisions she made at the time to hold out, no matter what. With the dawning of realization it is then possible to turn the attention to the future once again.
Her main concern was for security – she must battle it out and win… it was a matter of economic survival. But that’s tough, because her economy will be undermined in the future with the Neptune transit to her Taurus sun. It would be foolish to imagine economic security in the short term. So what are the bright points?

The bright points are: she his married, her husband has a good job, so he can support her (as indeed he is doing while she is off work with stress). The ruler of the 7th house (partner) in the consultation chart is Jupiter, in partner’s 2nd house, where it will retrograde to trine Saturn during 2008 and also sextile Uranus… he is earning more money all the time. She owns her home and there is plenty of equity in the property. And with current house prices, that is a lot of money. So what is the problem? She has enough to tide her over during the next 2 years. And she agrees.

Now she is already feeling better because the prospect of struggling for success is in reality overwhelming for her, and the idea of letting things flow whilst her husband provides the security is having growing appeal. But what should she do with her time? What she should do is what Mercury will do… enter Pisces, oppose Saturn, conjoin Venus, ultimately activating the Jupiter/Uranus sextile, though that is some time into the future. Mercury has actually been retrograde in Aquarius and had conjoined Venus earlier, and then Venus had gone ahead. Now Mercury, gathering speed, was about to conjoin Venus again, but this time a Venus exalted in Pisces. What story is that?

The story is that she has written a book for her child (Venus and Mercury rule the 5th house in the consultation chart). Whilst she had been off sick, that was what she did. She liked doing it. She did not like struggling to find clients for her health business, but when she sat down to write that book, time went by and she felt happy. Should she try to get the book published? Well, if she does it will be rejected – Mercury opposes Saturn – the book is not good enough, yet. What will happen is that as Mercury reconnects with Venus and then travel together through Pisces until activating the Jupiter/Uranus sextile, she will continue creative writing. This may also be good in the long-term for success in the health industry, but probably because of some innovation or alternative approach.

The client liked this scenario and left with a feeling that she could survive a couple of years of financial insecurity with the resources offered by her husband and property, and that she could advantageously use her time being creative. At the same time she had a psychological understanding of the inner dynamics that made her stick at something that was not going to bear fruit. In this way the consultation satisfactorily integrated quite a detailed scenario for the future, with some psychological realization and change.

A good astrological consultation interweaves past, present and future into an integrated whole. Rediscovering the past is not enough in itself; the insights of the past have to be integrated in a plan for the future, and the plan for the future is waiting to be discovered in the consultation chart and expanded upon with the combined resources of client and astrologer in an empowering act of co-creation.

Note 1: Coronation of Elizabeth I: January 15, 1559 12.00 LMT
Note 2: The consequences for Seymour were not so good. Catherine Parr had him arrested for treason and beheaded.
Note 3: Catriona Mundle who helped restore this first edition is still practicing as a consultant in England.
Note 4: Project Hindsight was founded in 1993 astrological scholars Robert Hand, Robert Zoller and Robert Schmidt and is dedicated to translating original astrological texts.
Note 5. This example comes from my book: “Astrology: Transformation and Empoerment” Red Wheel-Weiser 2002. (Page 220)


In April 1994, when Pluto and Jupiter conjoined the North Node in Scorpio the worst genocide of the 1990’s took place when extremist Hutu militias murdered an estimated 800,0000 to 1,000,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus in Rwanda. It seems that the continent of Africa is so often subject to huge upheavals with so much loss of life, whether through Aids and curable diseases, through famine, or through civil war. Since 1994 Pluto has moved from Scorpio, through Sagittarius – religious terror – and here in the beginning of 2008 it is in Capricorn, so the astrological observer is inclined to a degree of nervousness about what new areas of human experience will undergo painful transformations. When Kenyan elections on December 27th 2007 took place and were followed by riots killing up to 1000 people, the question arises whether one of Africa’s most prosperous and stable countries is about to descend into chaos.

In that election the opposition coalition led by Odinga was forecast to win over the current government leader Kibaki. Vote counting on the 28th gave Odinga a strong lead, but as more results were announced the gap closed. Kibaka declared himself the winner with 232,000 votes and he was sworn in for a second term amidst violent protests from the opposition. International observers pointed to corruption, noting that in one constituency the turnout rate appeared to be 115%. (Note 1)

Odinga is associated with the ethnic group Luo, whilst Kibaki represents the interests of the dominant Kikuyu, who have basically been running Kenya since independence from the British in 1963. The deadly rioting since the election has resulted in an ethnic polarization that has forced millions of people to flee from their homes and relocate to tribal areas where they feel safe. Even in Nairobi many slum areas have polarized in this way. Police are escorting people back to their “ancestral lands” which is creating a complete split in the country between North/East and South/West.

The election took place just after Jupiter entered Capricorn. This was the time when Mars was retrograde in Cancer and in exact opposition to Jupiter, obviously a recipe for ideological conflict along ethnic lines. A retrograde Mars in Cancer always remembers tribal affiliations and is willing to fight for home and family with a primeval emotional motivation. The fact that Mars was retrograde suggests that there is unfinished business, and we can expect a new battle around April 24 when Mars catches up once more with Jupiter, which is about to turn retrograde, at 22 Cancer/Capricorn.

HOROSCOPE: Kenya – 12th December 1963. 0.00 Nairobi.

As the independence chart for Kenya has Mars at 4.56 Capricorn and the Sun on election morning was exactly on this Mars, there seemed destined to be a fight for leadership. The threat of internal revolution is shown by the current Uranus transit in square to the Sun which is exact on March 16th, October 28th and December 27th. This transit shows continued instability throughout 2008. It shows too the magnet that Kenya has now become to foreign dignitaries who in February 2008 are doing their utmost to prevent the situation from worsening. Whilst Kibaki clings to power and hopes that time itself will work in his favor as institutions accept the status quo, the former UN secretary general Kofi Annan is trying to mediate, joined at the time of writing by US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice.

Perhaps Uranus transiting the sun also shows that other famous Kenyan, Barak Obama, whose father (of the same name) had been an economic advisor for the Kenyan government, before being sacked. The father died in 1982, a disappointed man who made little headway with his proposals for a more democratic economic redistribution of resources. Obama visited Kenya in 1997 when he tried to unravel some of the unknowns connected with his father (relating to his own Sun in Leo square Neptune). Obama is, in Kenya, admired throughout the whole country; perhaps people find in him what they have not been able to get from their own leaders. Recently Obama gave a rather courageous speech about corruption in Kenya aimed at the sitting president Kibaki, when he was on a visit there. (Note 2) Perhaps one should not underestimate the fact that Obama’s roots are with the Luo ethnic grouping and he has cemented quite strong bonds with Odinga, as this could have a strong effect on Kenya’s future, if Obama becomes president.

Looking at Kenya’s independence chart, the sun is strong in Sagittarius, and its position in the 4th house may indicate the wide-open spaces and safari associations we have with the country, as well as the international dimension it has always had with tourists, expatriates and Indians. The wide trine to Jupiter in Aries supports this outdoor and optimistic picture. The loose square to the Uranus/Pluto conjunction suggests rather an explosive cocktail with dictatorial tendencies in the leadership that must control a wide mix of peoples. With Saturn now transiting the Ascendant and the Uranus/Pluto conjunction, the weakness of the myriad of ethnic divisions in the land is highlighted.

The strongest aspect to the Sun is its sextile to a dignified Saturn in Aquarius, which in itself contains the roots for a powerful democracy. It is worth remembering that the country is still very young. It has evolved from a single party state to a multiparty state (in 1991 when Uranus went over the Capricorn stellium), and now there are over 20 separate political parties, though power is still concentrated in the hands of the Kikuyu.

The current Uranus transit may shake things up and internationalize the internal strife, but it is unlikely in itself to create a revolution or civil war… just continued disturbances. With Ascendant ruler Mercury conjoining an exalted Mars in Capricorn, there are indications of strong if rather autocratic governance, with an efficient business community. A tight hold is kept on the reins, and the close sextile of Mars to a Moon in fall in Scorpio indicates that the people are subject to strong policing and a lot of rules and regulations.

The current strife is also reflected by Kenya’s progressed Moon in Gemini which has been exactly square Uranus in January. As the moon goes on to square Pluto in April there is still danger ahead as this is a strong signature for ethnic cleansing. Furthermore progressed Venus is now at 9.42 Pisces and during the course of the year it will conjoin the Descendant, simultaneously activating the Uranus/Chiron opposition. Venus progressed opposed progressed Uranus last year and opposes radix Uranus in June this year… there will therefore be more upheaval in the population where the differences between people and groups will be more emphasized than the similarities.

Apart from wounding the population, this development is going to create havoc with Kenya’s economy. Venus in Capricorn is ruler of the 9th and in the fifth, indicating the huge revenues generate from tourism. These revenues will dwindle and plunge Kenya into an economic crisis which will be at its peak from 2011 to 2012 when Venus opposes Pluto. This is also the time when Pluto finally conjoins Mars and sextiles the Moon in Scorpio, which suggests the iron hand of dictatorship in sorting out self-destructive tendencies in the population.

As things stand right now the decisive influence is transiting Saturn on Kenya’s Ascendant awakening the need to tighten controls and the establishment of order. With Saturn making trines to both Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, the indications are that a heavy military presence and authoritarian government will maintain a degree of order, whilst there will be a controlled chaos amongst the population with continued reorganization along ethnic lines.

International pressure is geared to creating a power-sharing agreement between Kibaki and Odinga to prevent further violence and polarization of the population. The Saturn trine to Pluto indicates that this pressure is enormous and unrelenting up to May, whilst the trine to Jupiter is exceptionally strong from September to November. If there is to be power sharing, only international bullying will effectuate it, and this could happen at the end of April. It is possible that the progressed Moon in Gemini will see the people represented by two leaders, and the Uranus square to the Sun may indicate a double-leadership. Ultimately the solution will be a transformation of existing government practices and a campaign against corruption, and this is likely to happen with the coming Pluto transit over the stellium in Capricorn. In the meantime increased instability and economic difficulties lie ahead.

Note 1. Information from Wikepedia.

Note 2. See this gripping video at:

The Evolution of Love

Tests have shown that if astrologers are presented with horoscopes for people they do not know, they do much worse than they expect to, when trying to describe who they are and what they do. For example, it has been shown that astrologers do no better than chance when trying to match horoscopes to professions. In actual fact people are so incredibly different, and there are so many of them, that it is impossible in reality to consistently predict what people are like, and what they do. With about 5 billion people in the world, and every one of them different, astrology is still a fantastic instrument, because it can assign a unique and complex signature to each individual, which can subsequently be interpreted according to a set of rule.

It’s the interpretation that is the challenge. My own interpretations only come to life when a living person comes into the room. Until that moment it is as if the horoscope is like a subway map – things only become meaningful when I am actually in the train and hurtling towards the destination. Likewise, it is only when the client begins to explain some of the life structure that I feel I can apply the horoscope map and give guidance. But once the client’s life is mapped on to the chart, it is a different matter. Suddenly it is possible to give detailed descriptions and accurate predictions – especially if there is mastery of the consultation chart, the horary chart timed for the client’s arrival.

But it can still be difficult to answer quite simple questions that are crucial for the client – not least the Big Question: when will I find my partner? The consultation chart would show if a meeting was on the cards in the immediate future, but if it did not, then it would be nice to be able to give some indication about the love life in the more distant future. Transits can show relationships, but in the evolution of the soul and the meeting of a mate the key influence is secondary progressions. (Note 1)

Interpreting secondary progressions is however no easy matter. Just as in horary, planets rule and are representatives for the energy of the 12 houses, so Venus may bring love, but if it is ruler of the 10th it may also bring career success. Or, if Venus rules the 7th and progresses to square 9th house ruler Jupiter, there is a strong likelihood that a legal judgment will go against the partner, or that he or she will fail and exam. Squares and oppositions in progressions can be quite unforgiving, because progressions show the slow unfoldment of the karmic propensities – when Venus comes to square Jupiter it is the result of a process that has been in the pipeline for a long time.

The following interpretations apply best for conjunction aspects. Allowances need to be made for progressed sextiles and trines, which will almost certainly bring happy events, and progressed squares and oppositions, which will bring challenging circumstances in connection with the aspect. Generally when progressed Venus aspects another planet, a person will come into your life who reflects that planet. It is also extremely likely that the person in question will actually have the Venus-planet combination in their own chart. Progressions show encounters, and the subsequent integration and absorption of talents and qualities that are destined from birth. People you meet with Venus progressions have a good chance of sticking around for many years as you learn about the qualities connected with the progression.

Progressed Venus to Ascendant: Arrival of Love

In this period love comes into your life. This is either in the form of a warm-hearted and devoted person who wants to be in your company, or simply because you find new ways of expressing your own romantic and loving nature. Whatever – this is a fortunate time both romantically and economically. You want to establish balance in your life, and you do this by asserting your personal taste, making aesthetic choices and generally adopting a personal lifestyle that reflects an appreciation for beauty and quality. Your heart is opened and love flows – and some lucky person is the object of your affection.

Progressed Venus to MC: Career blessings

There is a very favorable career development at this time, which simply makes work more pleasurable and rewarding. This can be because of the arrival of a kind and generous boss, a woman perhaps, or because of a radical improvement of the environment. This is the time for you to deal with people rather than systems or organization, or if you deal with objects, then aesthetics and beauty will play a role. The funds are there to launch projects and the right people are there to support you in your professional path. This is also an excellent time for happy developments with the home and family… for example a time to renovate the attic.

Progressed Venus to Descendant: A loved one arrives

This is a time when an important relationship can start. If you do not have a partner, then a truly loving person comes into your life to bless you. If you do not have a child, then this is a time when what you have waited for comes to you, or when a child marries for example. Balance and harmony comes in to your life now in a way you have never experienced before, and you develop an appreciation for the good things in life and the pleasures a relationship can bring. This is an excellent time for personal and business partnership, when people from the outside bring something that sweetens your life. These developments can also bring favorable moves or relocation.

Progressed Venus to IC: Love moves in

You can expect a happy development in your domestic life with this influence. This is the time when love comes into your life through a child, a daughter perhaps, or when you can invest in property, or when you find the funds to really do some home improvement that makes your house and garden a pleasure to be in. Whatever: your environment is blessed by love and things of beauty, and this is clearly a family blessing. Someone moves in who has a graceful aura – there may be a certain vanity or self-indulgence, but overall it is a pleasure to enjoy the company. If you can afford property now – and the indications are that you can – it will be lovely.

Progressed Venus to Sun: Blaze of glory

It is at this time of your life that your natural talent and charm comes out into the open and you are able to make a powerful impression on the world. Your aesthetic skills and tastes are somehow central to your whole being, and this creates a charismatic aura that brings success, prosperity and recognition. This is a peak period for your love life, because your powers of attraction have never been more radiant. You can fall head over heels for an influential person in a prominent position. This is a time when love can absorb you totally – even blind you. Yet it is also a time when your own loving nature is expressed fully and completely authentically. You can push for prominence, promotion, more money, and generally get what you put your mind to. But don’t let it go to your head.

Progressed Venus to Moon: Loving and caring

You are entering a period when attachments have never been stronger. There is an overwhelming bond of love – the kind of love a mother feels for a child perhaps – and this creates great intimacy, and also dependence. Finding the balance between loving and needing is a challenge, but there is no doubt that this is a time when your loving and caring sides converge, and totally absorb the object of your affections. Giving yourself completely to the welfare of a child is likely. But this is also a time for romantic love. You meet an emotional and rather dependant person, and there is mutual care and support. With love comes the need to build a home – a place where the family can be nurtured and thrive. There are powerful family developments at this time which open up your heart and increase your vulnerability.

Progressed Venus to Venus: A milestone in love

There is a milestone in relationships around this time, where you reconnect with an essential need or drive to express your values and tastes, and reflect these values in your choice of partner, and perhaps your choice of economic path. You’ve seen it all before, so now you ask the question: What do I truly value? Your choices are up for review, and you search within to find out what you really like and are attracted to; what are your authentic needs, not least in your love life. You draw energy from within, and there you find an endless source of love that you need to share. You just need to make the right choices about how to express your love and who with, and how you want to reflect your self in the things you own and value.

Progressed Venus to Mars: Eve and Adam

A crucial development takes place in relationships around this time, as your inner need for love encounters the ultimate object of its desire. Classically this is irresistible attraction between a man and a woman, the magnetic inevitability of seduction, the creating of a child. If you are single at this time, you can expect powerful sexual experiences – as good as it gets – and this may well be a time when you meet your natural mate, and someone with whom children come as a matter of biological necessity. This is the time to go for what you want. Yet the passions that are aroused can also be overwhelming, and in their wake there can be rage and jealousy… it is after all your animal side that is awakened now. Rational considerations have little effect when love and desire run rampant. This is a good time for dynamic business partnerships.

Progressed Venus to Jupiter: Happiness in abundance

There may be no other time in your life when the horn of plenty is so full. In love you can expect fortunate events like marriage or falling in love, and this will be with someone wise and generous – perhaps from a foreign culture, or at least with a cosmopolitan view. A person who is interested in the music and arts, or with a fine intellectual capacity… for this is the time for you too to do everything you can to expand your cultural credentials. This is an excellent time for intellectual honors, and for being invited into a prestigious social group. Prosperity will also come your way – and without too much effort. Faith in the future and simple good luck bring influential people into your life who influence your career in a beneficial way. Now is the time to make hay whilst the sun shines – for the sun will certainly not shine for ever.

Progressed Venus to Saturn: The welding of bonds

It is at this time of your life that you get involved in a relationship or social circumstance that has great significance for the way you relate for years into the future. There is a heavy commitment, and the hand of karma weighs strongly on your shoulders. You could forge an unbreakable bond with someone or some group, but the responsibilities this entails can be very challenging. There is a sense of inevitability – you cannot escape. You must now commit in the long term and accept the challenges ahead. You gain strength of character. You develop moral fiber. You build economic, romantic or social foundations for the future. There may be times when the pressure makes you feel unhappy or depressed. You may suffer from a sense of being unloved or unpopular. All this must be taken on board – you will come out of this period of relationship challenge with a strong, self-sufficient character.

Progressed Venus to Uranus: Breaking social barriers

Around this time you find yourself being drawn to a completely different type of relationship that inspires you in your personal development. Rather than commitment to a single individual as in traditional marriage, you feel the need to become part of a group of eclectic people who are on the fringe of society in some way and driven by ideals that run counter to convention. This may well place strains on existing relationships – especially as changes can come as a complete surprise – but it is crucial for you to experiment and explore on the social front. If you are unattached you will meet a person who takes you for a walk on the wild side – a person with an electric personality totally different culturally from what you are used to. It is as if you have to explore the extremes in yourself to find out what your true values are. Professionally this is a time to join with international teams and promote values that represent a distinct alternative to what has been previously expected.

Progressed Venus to Neptune: The higher purpose of love

Your values in relationships go through a subtle though powerful shift culminating around this time, perhaps because of events that remind you that nothing in life lasts for ever. Sickness or death is inevitable the older people get, so the crucial attitude is to show your love and appreciation for the people you love – here and now. Or, this period can bring a sense of confusion and dissolution in relationships because you feel that you cannot control the choices of others. And you can’t You need to embrace an attitude of surrender or acceptance. It is precisely at this time that spiritual breakthroughs can provide answers where none could previously be found. By meeting with other spiritual seekers, you can find the blessings of divine and unconditional love, and develop the power of compassion in your life.

Progressed Venus to Pluto: Love and the underworld

Events in your love life around this time awaken such powerful emotions that you can expect a transformation in how you express your love and sexuality and how you bond with others generally. You are drawn to the taboo like a moth to the flame, even if such an attraction threatens to destroy the very foundations you stand on. If you have been living a superficial relationship, then a crisis will force you to confront the demons that have been locked away in the deep. This is the time when you confront jealousy, power and control and are over manned. The release of psychic material transforms your values for ever, initiating a psychological process that brings authenticity, intensity and erotic power. Relationships that develop at this time draw you ever deeper into circumstances beyond your control. On the material front this is also a time to let go of those things that no longer serve any useful purpose, even if this means financial loss. The phoenix will arise from the ashes.

Progressed Venus to Chiron: The love and the wound

Extraordinary experiences can take place in your love life around this time, when you encounter events in relationships that confront you with a weakness or vulnerability that can seem like an unhealed wound. This relates to childhood experiences of hurt through emphatic rejection; experiences that nudged you into detaching from your body and rationalizing your feelings. People you meet and love at this time may be wounded themselves, or you may inadvertently hurt them, and perhaps the same can happen for you too. But there is an important learning experience here, because you also discover the healing power of love within yourself. Giving your heart to another may be painful, but it is also rewarding.

Progressed Venus to North Node: Love and destiny

You find yourself getting drawn into a social group that is an important part of the collective and that can play a crucial role in your personal development for years into the future. This can also be a time when you meet a particular individual with whom you can feel there is an inexplicable bond –a karmic bond – that draws you together across the sands of time. It is a magical world of dragons and fairy tales. Whilst some might say you lose your head, it can feel as if you are at a crossroads, and that your relationship choices at this time will decide the direction your spiritual future takes. Old relationships to groups and individuals fall away now and are replaced by new.

Progressed Venus to South Node: Re-connecting with an old bond

You may find yourself getting deeply involved with someone with whom you feel you have a very strong connection from the past. Some might say this is a karmic bond, at any rate there is a sense of knowing this person intimately… of having some kind of history with this person. By reconnecting at this time, you may restart a relationship that never truly finished, or finish a relationship that was unable to start. This can feel like meeting a soul mate. This can also be a time when you round off a relationship that has run its course. At the same time you can get drawn into a group or social scene which has great significance for you.

The aspects of progressed Venus in themselves are not decisive in regard to love and marriage, but they do show the evolution and integration of qualities that will make your love life richer. If you are in an existing relationship, and progressed Venus conjoins Pluto, then this is not an indication of the end of the relationship, just that it must go through a process of transformation to be healthy. Or, if Venus rules the 7th house, for example, it could show the partner getting interested in therapy, or totally changing appearance or life style. In making judgments about what will happen, house ruler-ship is crucial, and the effect of the progression can be very specific. For example if Venus aspects 8th house ruler Saturn, then your bank may demand repayment of a debt. Your partner may feel blocked sexually because of self-worth issues. You may visit and older female therapist.

Discovering when a long-term partner comes into the picture is a complex process. The best indicator is when the Ascendant ruler aspects the Descendant ruler, or when the progressed Ascendant aspects a planet. (But in the latter case the birth time must be accurate). But Venus will always show matters of the heart, and meetings with people who bring new areas of the heart to flower.

Adrian Ross Duncan 14.01.2008

1. Secondary progressions are a technique where each day after birth is equivalent to a year of the life. The progressed chart for age 30 is calculated by making a horoscope for 30 days after birth – same birth time and birth place. This correlates each revolution of the Earth on its axis (a day) with a revolution of the Earth around the sun (a year). Calculate your progressed chart on line at

Nicholas Cage og de vilde hjerter

Den guddommelige kunstner Karen Blixen skildrede kunstneren i en af sine noveller Babettes Gæstebud som et menneske i forbindelse med guddommelige kræfter. Hun mente, at når kunstneren realiserer sit yderste potentiale, har vi chancen for at indgå i en transcendent oplevelse, der overskrider erkendelsens grænser. Nicholas Cage er med sin status som Hollywood ikon, en af disse magikere der tryllebinder os med sit udtryksfulde forvandlingstalent. På trods af sine 38 år har han allerede en imponerende filmkarriere bag sig.

Se Nicholas Cages horoskop

Cages Fader

Forholdet til faderen og tidlig kulturel stimulation Nicholas Cage hed oprindeligt Nicholas Coppola, men skiftede navn fordi han ikke ønskede på sin vej til succes at blive identificeret med sin berømte onkel filminstruktøren Francis Ford Coppola. Hans far August Coppola er var en intellektuel autoritet, idet han som professor i litteratur altid havde stærke holdninger til, hvilken kulturel opdragelse der var passende for hans sønner. Solen i Stenbukken konjunktion Mars i Vandbæreren i 1. hus skildrer faderen i Nicholas’ univers som stærk, streng og dynamisk, men også som en original og kontroversiel person. Hans far nærede stærke drømme om at Nicholas blev forfatter, og opfordrede ham altid til skrive et ekstra kapitel af Fagre nye Verden eller Pinocchio .

Kreative talenter

Merkur på Ascendanten i Stenbukken i kvadrat til Jupiter i Vædderen i 3. hus, trigon Uranus i Jomfruen i 8. hus, viser en tidlig kulturel stimulering med rod i stærke traditioner. Hans far bad ham om at begrave sin Pinocchio bog i haven og vande den for, at se hvad der ville vokse op. Hvorefter August Coppola placerede et lille træ klippet i Pinocchio facon, som Nicholas fuldt og fast troede var vokset op med bogen som “frø”. Med de mange planeter i 1. hus havde Nicholas et naturligt behov for at optræde. Sammen med sine to ældre brødre arrangerede han allerede som 6 -7-årig lokale shows i nabolaget, hvorpå de forsøgte at tjene lidt penge (2 hus). Nicholas Cage levede sig tidligt ind i sin egen fantasiverden og trådte i karakter med sine aktion figurer, som spidermand eller superman der huserede om natten på sin cykel. Han havde mange filmlege med sine to brødre, hvor han altid tog rollen som skuespiller i nogle excentriske roller med hans bror som filminstruktør. (Broderen er i dag filminstruktør).

Den første kreative transformation

Han blev smidt ud af sin første skolen i en alder af 10 år på grund af et originalt og excentrisk påfund. Han blev bedt om at hente sandwich til nogle ældre børn og fik et provokerende Mars i Vandbærer indfald. Han fyldte deres sandwich med stegte græshopper! Hvorefter han havnede på en barskere skole, hvor han ofte fik bank. Det lader til, at den stærke fokus på Stenbuk og Saturn stiller ham overfor nogle hårde oplevelser, der havde til formål at udvikle hans styrke selvtilstrækkelighed og disciplin. Den første magtfulde oplevelse af egne transformationstalenter relaterer astrologisk til hans Sol i Stenbuk i 1. hus i sesquikvadrat til Uranus/Pluto konjunktionen i Jomfru i 8 hus. Han klæder sig ved denne lejlighed ud og konfronterer nogle ældre drenge, der har slået ham, med hans nye karakter, og siger til dem: “I m Roy Richards, Nicky Coppolas cousin, and if you screw with him again I’m gonna kick your ass”. Nicholas Cage siger selv i et senere interview, at det var hans første vigtige oplevelse af skuespil og forvandlingsproces.

Francis Ford Coppola

Hans Merkur/Uranus trigon gør ham i stand til at følge sin egen tankegang ganske kompromisløst, selvom han undertiden mødte stor modstand fra sin far i forbindelse med sine skuespiller ambitioner. I de første år da Nicholas tog skuespiller lektioner, måtte han holde det skjult for sin far, og selvsamme råbte da han opdagede det: “Du bliver aldrig skuespiller, du kan ligeså godt opgive det med det samme, du for ikke succes”. Merkur i Stenbuk på Ascendanten i kvadrat til Jupiter i Vædderen i 3. hus afspejler på den ene den side kulturelle stimulering, der eksisterede som en stærk indflydelse fra hans onkel Francis Ford Coppola, idet han ofte tilbragte sommeren i hans fantastiske victorianske hus med hans talentfulde kusiner og fætre. Men på den anden side viser den en enorm anspændt konkurrence, som var tilstede mellem hans onkel og far. Da Godfather fik premiere og Nicholas Cage så den i biografen med sin far, fik han besked om ikke at fortælle Francis at de havde set den, ej heller måtte Nicholas og hans brødre gå med “Godfather” T-shirts.

Cages moder

Den stærke Saturn i horoskopet taler sit tydelige sprog omkring kravet til Cages egne ressourcer, der som et enormt bygningsværk må skabes sten for sten (i det 2. hus), for at holde til de udfordringer, som hans opvækst og som de store krav fra Hollywood, stillede til hans urokkelige beslutsomhed og udvikling af hans talent. Barn af en mor med skizofreni Måne/Saturn konjunktionen i det mentale tegn Vandbærer i konjunktion med Venus på 0 grader Fisk i 2. hus vidner om en mor, der var afvisende og fraværende i hans opvækst. Det fortælles i biografien: Nicholas Cage – the unauthorised biography , at Nicholas fra begyndelsen havde allergi overfor modermælk og ikke var særlig fysisk stærk som spædbarn. Moderens skizofreni brød ud indimellem, og hun var i perioder indlagt og fraværende fra hjemmet. Nicholas fortæller selv i biografien, at han var istand til at blive i sin egen fantasiverden og faktisk opbyggede et galleri af roller han kunne leve sig ind i. Han mener selv, at det var med til at udvikle hans evner som skuespiller, og karakteriserer den typiske selvstændige uafhængighed forbundet med Månen i Vandbærer. Begge de feminine planeter i Cages horoskop er i tæt kontakt med Saturn, der med rod i moderens sygdom tvang ham til at vende sin koncentration indad og skabe sit eget kreative rum. Da Cage senere som voksen ser tilbage på sin opvækst, falder han over en artikel om børn af skizofrene forældre, der blandt andet karakteriseres ved at være excentriske, fantasifulde og som typisk skaber deres eget imaginære tilflugtssted. Det er netop dette ubevidste reservoir, hvor han så hudløst henter inspiration til sine geniale og ofte excentriske/følsomme roller.

De første film

Da Nicholas Cage er 12 år bliver forældrene skilt – hvilket Cage oplever som en befrielse – og faderen får forældremyndigheden over børnene, da moderen ikke er i stand til at tage sig af dem. På det tidspunkt er progressive Ascendant nået til 13.48 grader Stenbuk i eksakt trigon til Pluto i Jomfruen i 8 hus. Filmkarriere og planeterne på scenen I 1990 får succesfilmen Wild at Heart (David Lynch) premiere og Nicholas Cage spiller den mandlige hovedrolle Sailor Ripley. Han er en excentrisk, eksplosiv og uforudsigelig type, der altid er på vej et sted hen uden at vide præcist hvorfor. Sailor elsker sit image, der som moderne eventyrer altid bærer sin slangskindsjakke, cowboy støvler og kører igennem USA sammen med sin kæreste, spillet af Laura Dern. I tiden omkring Wild at Heart er transit Uranus/Neptun i Stenbukken i konjunktion i hans 1. hus, i trigon radix Uranus i Jomfru, hvilket giver ham stor inspiration til excentriske roller og masser af berømmelse.

Leaving Las Vegas

I 1995 vinder Nicholas Cage en Oscar for sin rolle i film succesen Leaving Las Vegas hvor han spiller Ben, der har besluttet sig for at drikke sig ihjel efter hans traumatiske skilsmisse. Han skildrer alkoholikeren så kropsligt (2. hus) med abstinenser og drukture, der virker så autentiske, at man bliver virkelig berørt. Nicholas Cage siger, at hans mors sygdom gav ham større følsomhed, indlevelsesevne og dybde. Ben forelsker sig i en prostitueret, som elsker ham ubetinget. Hun er på en gang præget af et selvværd, der kan ligge på bunden af et sort hul, men hendes kærligehedskapacitet er på mirakuløs vis intakt. Hun repræsenterer Venus i Fiskene i 2. hus i Cages horoskop. De flytter sammen og lever i Bens sidste dage i et liv der rummer meningsfuld kærlighed, men som løber ind i et for Ben uigenkaldeligt møde med døden.

City of Angels

I 1998 kommer en anden Cage klassiker City of Angels ud i biograferne og Nicholas spiller denne gang en engel, der i sort tøj stiger ned og henter de levende, når de skal dø. Imod alle odds forelsker han sig i en jordisk kvinde og må kaste sig ud fra en bygning for at opnå dødelig status. Hans elskede dør kort tid efter den dramatiske konvertering til menneske. Igen er den umulige, ophøjede kærlighed temaet og Nicholas Cage er sin Venus i Fiskene som den længselsfulde kærligheds-hungrende, usynlige og frelsende engel.

Kvinder og ægteskab

Kærligheden, parforhold og ægteskab I 1987 møder den 23-årige Nicholas Cage sin senere kone Patricia Arquette, og historien om deres møde er et moderne eventyr. Et eventyr der betegnende skildrer, at Måne/Saturn/Venus stiller krav om at få brudt barriererne ned så at kærligheden kommer til at strømme frit. I det øjeblik han ser hende, er det første han siger: “I am gonna marry you. You are gonna be my wife”. Efter nogen tid sætter hun ham på en umulig mission, der binder hende til at gifte sig med hende, hvis han gennemfører. Hun ønsker sig en sort orkide (Saturn), en brev fra den mystiske forfatter Salinger, en brudekjole fra en thailandsk stamme og en statue fra gaden. Nicholas opdager at en sort orkide ikke findes, men spraymaler en lilla orkide sort. Han køber et brev af Salinger til en værdi af 20.000kr. Han dukker op hos Patricia Arquette, med begge dele, der forfærdet stopper missionen, men indvilliger i at tage med ham til Mexico. Der kommer ikke noget ud af deres forbindelse før 8 år senere (en Venus cyklus), hvor Particia ringer og frier til ham over telefonen og Nicholas Cage indvilliger uden tøven. De bliver gift 7 dage senere. Utroligt nok udlever Patricia Arquette – som er så svært at komme i nærheden af – hans Måne/Venus/Saturn konjunktion. Nicholas Cage udtaler, at når han knytter et bånd, så er det et karmisk bånd for livet præget af hans egen desperation.

Saturn/Neptun kvadraten

Historien omkring Nicholas Cage er interessant, fordi den atter minder en om, hvor vigtig Saturn er som personlighedens urokkelige grundsten. Cages horoskop er så stærkt præget af stædighed, udholdenhed, selvdisciplin og ambitioner. Det udsætter ham samtidig for en skæbne, der på det indre følelsesplan er hårdt, ensomt og fyldt af sorg. Det er dette potentiale vi som publikum deler og som i sidste instans virker forløsende på en stor del af verden. Saturn, der som Ascendant hersker er i kvadrat til Neptun, afspejler den indre følelse af angst for opløsning, som han må kæmpe imod, men som så stærkt leves ud i rollen som bl.a. alkoholikeren i Leaving Las Vegas, til fryd for alle os andre der kan identificere os med de stærke kræfter han formidler. Hans far sagde engang: “Tom Cruise sells perfection, you sell imperfection”. Maybe, but it is perfect imperfection.


Da jeg skrev artiklen om Uranus’ indtræden i Fiskene i 2002, spurgte jeg, hvorvidt vi ville se de første billeder af Gud. (Note1). Den 30. september 2005, publicerede den danske avis Jyllandsposten tegninger af Profeten Muhammed, skabt af 12 tegneserie tegninger. Resultatet var en serie af tilsyneladende harmløse og ganske søde portrætter. Nogle var sjove… fx. selvmordsterrorister som ankom til himlens port, hvor Muhammed tiggede dem om ikke at begår flere selvmordsangreb, da der ikke var flere jomfruer i himlen. En var mere provokerende, fordi den viste Muhammed med en turban formet som en bombe.

Danmark er stolt af sine demokratiske principper og ytringsfriheden – en ytringsfrihed som over de sidste fem år også har inkluderet en kampagne i Ekstra Bladet, der opmuntrede danskere til at udtrykke deres sande følelser om indvandrere. Resultatet var ikke kønt. Det var i dette klima, at det ekstreme højreorienterede parti Dansk Folkeparti har fået stemmer nok til at kunne spille en afgørende rolle i regeringen. Dansk Folkeparis indflydelse har resulteret i en serie af immigrationslove, som er de mest barske i Europa. Danmark har proportionelt set langt færre immigranter end andre Europæiske lande – halvt så mange som Sverige – og de fleste kommer fra lande, hvor Islam er den dominerende religion.

Danmark har nu ufrivilligt udløst en bølge af vrede og hysteri, som har skyllet igennem den Muslimske verden, og den danske regering har svært ved at forklare sig selv, og står magtesløs over for konsekvenserne i disse lande. Astrologien viser situationen helt klart. Redaktøren på Jyllandsposten Carsten Juste, har sagt, at havde han været klar over den opstandelse, der kom til at ske ved publiceringen af tegningerne, så ville han aldrig have trykket på knappen, der satte printe oplaget i gang den skæbnesvangre aften den 30. september 2005. Faktisk var det ikke hans finger, som gjorde det, det var Guds finger…eller snarere to fingre.

Et hurtigt blik på horoskopet for tegningerne (opstillet for midnat) viser at Mars, som er lige ved at gå stationær retrograd, danner en kvinkunx til Jupiter/Pluto sekstilen, og Uranus i Fiskene danner en kvinkunx til Saturn/Sol sekstilen.

Se horoskopet: 30.09.2005 0.00 Århus

For at tage den første Guds finger, så viser Jupiter og Pluto den atavistiske kraft, der ligger i religiøse udtryk og dets internationale dimensioner. Mars i eksil i Tyren ved ikke, hvad den er i færd med at gøre, men dens lange retrograde periode indtil februar 2006 gav den muligheden for at finde ud af det. Den anden af Guds fingre involverer Solen i fald i Vægten i sekstil til Saturn i eksil i Løven…en passende kommentar til redaktørerne Carsten Juste og Flemming Rose. Ødelæggelsen af de danske ambassader i Damaskus og Beirut af de hysteriske masser kan ses i lyset af den pegende irrationelle finger af Uranus i Fiskene. Den “rimelige” Saturn/Sol sekstil opretholder den uomtvistelige ret til ytringsfrihed, som er en hjørnesten i vestlig demokrati, og illustrerer også statsminister Anders Fogh Rasmussens holdning og hans efterfølgende afvisning af et møde med repræsentanter fra det danske muslimske samfund, som klagede umiddelbart efter tegningerne blev trykt.

Den første lektion fra retrograde Mars er, at intet er ovre, før den retrograde cyklus er afsluttet. Så da Mars havde fuldendt sin rejse tilbage og frem i kvadrat til Saturn og Neptun tre gange, og sluttede af med at danne en langvarig opposition til Jupiter i januar 2006, antændtes lunten og en eksplosion fandt sted, lige da Mars var ved at vende tilbage til den position, hvor den gik stationær retrograd, lige akkurat da tegningerne blev offentliggjort – 23 grader Tyren. Demonstrationer fandt sted i mange muslimske lande, og der var en effektiv boykot af alle danske varer – noget som ramte landet hårdt på grund af den store eksport af mejeriprodukter til de muslimske lande. Værst af alt så blev det danske flag brændt af. En stor del af alle danskere bruger flaget på alle tidspunkter for at fejre fødselsdage og andre begivenheder, og det har altid været associeret med befrielsen af deres land fra nazisternes dominans og med at vinde Europa mesterskabet i fodbold. Hvordan kunne det tolerante danske flag blive brændt?

Se horoskopet : France Soir trykker tegningerne

Galskaben nåede et højdepunkt, da Europæiske aviser reagerede på truslerne ved selv at trykke billederne, en handling som enten kan ses som modig eller dum. Horoskopet for den 1. februar, da France Soir trykte tegningerne (redaktøren blev fyret næste dag af den ægyptiske ejer af avisen), afspejler den perfekte symbolik ved denne begivenhed, gennem den eksakte kvadrat mellem Jupiter i Skorpionen og Neptun i Vandbæreren. På den ene side er der stor emotionel opstandelse i den muslimske befolkning, hvor dybe religiøse følelser kommer op til overfladen, og på den anden side idealistiske Neptun i Vandbæreren som insisterer på de demokratiske rettigheder og ytringsfriheden.

Da Merkur sluttede sig til striden ved at gå i konjunktion med Neptun, havde alle pludselig en mening. Og konsensus i de logiske korridorer i de vestlige regeringer og husstande var, at ytringsfriheden var ukrænkelig, men med den fodnote at den skulle indeholde frihed med ansvarlighed og respekt. Det er Merkur set gennem de tilslørede briller af Neptun i Vandbæreren. Virkeligheden er meget mere kompleks. For mange muslimer er Muhammed alt, hvad de har. Ydmyget i Danmark gennem restriktive love og mangel på respekt bliver de hele tiden mindet om den minoritetsstatus, altimens deres profet bliver latterliggjort gennem blasfemisk satire. I Palæstina lever de uden håb, uden arbejde og uden pas. I andre lande undertrykkes de af USA’s imperialisme eller af olierige herskere som forbyder demokratisk aktivitet.

Med Jupiter/Neptun kvadraten er alt perspektiv tabt, og indbildte eller virkelig fornærmelse fra vesten får kedlen til at koge over. Jupiter er også i trigon til Uranus igennem denne periode, som repræsenterer den transformative effekt på ny teknologi og sætter et dybtgående fokus på internationale religiøse emner. I en tidsalder, hvor alle har adgang til Internet eller computer, er hele spørgsmålet om ytringsfrihed belastet af de kulturelle forskelle. Tegneserier i Danmark kan ses den samme dag af mennesker fra Islamabad til Gaza, og det har konsekvenser. For mange læsere og seere er det et chok at være vidne til de ateistiske synspunkter i de vestlige medier. På en måde er østen og vesten ved at lære hinanden at kende og ved at finde ud af, hvor forskellige de er.

I skrivende stund er disse kulturspændinger udnyttet af forskellige regeringer og interessegrupper for at styrke deres egen dagsorden. Iran er oppe på mærkerne ved at trykke en serie af karikaturer af Holocaust i en statslig avis. (Læg mærke til dine følelser…det er sådam de muslimske immigranter føler, når vestens frie presse gør grin med Muhammed). Iran viser sine muskler i disse dage, og nægter at standse udviklingen af atomkraft på trods af EU’s og USA’s trusler – en handling der appellerer til undertrykte muslimer verden over. Dybest set ser vi begyndelsen til store forandringer i den arabiske verden, eftersom Pluto trigger planeter i horoskoperne for alle de vigtige medspillere. Iran har fx. en Mars/Merkur konjunktion i Fiskene i 8. hus, og den er for tiden under indflydelse af en transitterende kvadrat fra Pluto.(Note 2). Der er ikke mangel på martyrer med denne position! Interessant nok er Neptun 17 Vandbæreren præcis på Irans Descendant, og Jupiter kvadraten fortsætter med at gå i konjunktion med Uranus i Skorpionen i Irans 4. hus, og derved sætter spotlyset på deres hemmelige hjemme atom program.

Faktisk vil Jupiter fortsat danne en kvadrat til Neptun både i marts og september, hvilket indikerer, at den internationale uro over Muhammed tegningerne ikke vil drive over i et stykke tid. Denne kvadrats natur er uløselig. Ingen logiske argumenter vil virke – faren er, at mere benzin vil blive smidt på bålet. På samme tid vil de reaktioner, man har set, være højdepunktet af irrationalitet. Faktisk publicerede en jordansk avis tegningerne med titlen “Muslimer i hele verden vær rimelige” og pointerede at de fleste demonstranter ikke vidste, hvad de demonstrerede imod. Det er ganske tydeligt, at irrationel angst opstår på baggrund af Jupiter i Skorpionen kvadrat Neptun. Danmark har faktisk bidraget med betydelige pengesummer og ekspertise i bygningerne i Gaza, og det er herfra at den største trussel på liv og lemmer stammede fra i først omgang.

Det, der har været ekstraordinært ved atmosfæren omkring Merkur/Neptun konjunktionen i kvadrat til Jupiter, har været den anstrengelse almindelige mennesker har gjort for at forstå et tankesæt, som er fuldstændigt fremmed for dem. Jeg husker en klient født i 1960 med Merkur i Skorpionen i det progressive horoskop, som gik stationær direkte præcis på Neptun i Skorpionen, mens hun var på det atlantiske ocean på en lille båd. Hun mødt en stor hval, som svømmede op til hende, mens hun tog en morgen svømmetur. Mens hun så ind i øjnene af denne hval, fik hun en dyb oplevelse af eksistensen af et andet og meget anderledes intelligent levende væsen. Det er denne realisering, som begynder at gå op for 5 millioner danskere, som har set ind i øjnene af 1½ milliard muslimer.

1. Islamic Republic: Apr 2, 1979 15.00 Tehran.

Astrologi – research og praksis

I 1977 – det samme år som man opdagede Chiron – blev bogen Recent Advances in Natal Astrology udgivet, skrevet af Geoffrey Dean and Arthur Mather. Dean var en praktiserende astrolog, som begyndte af anvende statistiske metoder for at undersøge astrologi for at opdage sammenhæng mellem astrologi og adfærd. Recent Advances er fyldt med det ene studie efter det andet, som undersøger forskellige astrologiske påstande. Disse studier indikerede dybest set, at der var ingen beviselige sammenhænge mellem astrologi og virkelighed.

Udgivelsen af Recent Advances var en milepæl i den videnskabelige astrologis historie, som førte til en opblomstring af research, afspejlet eksempelvis af journalen Correlation og en research sammenslutning på nettet forbundet med den dynamiske astrologi-organisation ISAR. (Note 2). Til dato er der ingen research, der har kunnet bekræfte astrologien på videnskabelig vis. Det har naturligvis skabt et spændt forhold mellem dem, der arbejder med astrologisk research og dem, der praktiserer astrologi.

Hvis du tror, at der er fleste Jomfruer blandt sygeplejersker eller fleste Fiske blandt fiskere, så tager du fejl. Hvis du tror, at astrologer kan vælge det rigtige horoskop ud af tre mennesker, når de får en beskrivelse af dem, så tager du fejl. Individer i grupper der præsenteres med en skriftlig tolkning af det, der siges at være deres personlige horoskop, beskriver deres “unikke” rapport som individuel og præcis, selvom beskrivelsen faktisk er ens for alle. Folk har åbenbart en helt utrolig indbildningsevne. Der er ikke noget videnskabeligt bevis på, at tegn, aspekter eller nogen form for astrologi kan verificeres.

Det har ført til en voksende mængde af skeptikere og skeptiske organisationer ligesom CSICOP (komiteen for skeptiske forespørgsler), hvor frontfiguren James Randi har haft betydelig succes med at “afsløre” clairvoyante og astrologer. Alt imens er der mange dedikerede forskere i det astrologiske samfund, som prøver at finde beviset på astrologi. Ved at anvende kæmpe databaser som stilles til rådighed af AstroDataBank er det muligt at lede efter sammenhænge mellem alt fra alkoholisme til mord. Forskning af denne art er altid et kompliceret anliggende, som involverer højere matematik, kontrolgrupper og kendskab til forskellige astronomiske særheder, ligesom f.eks. at Venus er halvkvadrat til Solen i meget længere tid end andre aspekter (som man naturligvis er nødt til statistisk at kompensere for). Disse forskere er ikke kommet frem til noget, som kan dokumenteres videnskabeligt og som kan give et overbevisende billede af astrologi.

For den faktiske udøver af astrologi, som dagligt forbløffer sig over astrologiens samspil med øjeblikket, så virker det jo mærkeligt. Men der er faktisk nogle grunde til, at astrologien endnu ikke er bevist. Videnskabelige analyser der rettes mod personlige erfaringer og aspekter af bevidstheden, er ikke udstyret med de komplekse informationer, som astrologer sorterer igennem med deres supercomputer-sind. Videnskabelig materialisme fungerer godt når den anvendes på den materielle verden, men ikke når man har med den ikke-materielle verden at gøre. I kvantefysikken for eksempel er det ikke muligt at levere konkrete beviser på både den absolutte eksistens og ikke-eksistensen af noget. Atomare stof manifesterer sig både som bølger og partikler, og deres eksistens er afhængig af, eller påvirkes af, forskerens bevidsthed. Så meget er bevist.

Det ligner meget den gåde, som den buddhistiske filosofi stod overfor for 2000 år siden. Nogle skoler påstod, at materie eksisterede som noget selvstændigt i sig selv, mens andre påstod at det blot var et udtryk for sindet (Mind-only skolen). Den buddhistiske filosof Nargarjuna afviste sådanne ekstreme synspunkter og mente, at hverken det ene eller det andet synspunkt var sandt. Han talte om det ”gensidigt-afhængige” synspunkt (dependant-arising), der kendetegnes ved at intet eksisterende i sig selv som en selvstændig enhed. Alting er afhængig af eller er påvirket af nogen eller noget, også den enkeltes bevidsthed.

Hvis man forstår dette princip af gensidig påvirkning eller gensidig opståen, er man i besiddelse af nøglen til, hvorfor astrologi kan siges at virke eller ej. Statistiske undersøgelser hælder til at adskille astrologen fra processen, og fjerner fokuspunktet fra den gensidige påvirkning. Jeg har f.eks. på ISAR diskussions forummet været involveret i en dialog med en forsker, hvis forskning satte spørgsmålstegn ved gyldigheden af de traditionelt astrologiske koncepter ligesom forbrænding, (med en planet indenfor 5 til 8 grader fra Solen), og når en planet er hjemme, forhøjet, i eksil eller i fald. Denne forsker hævder, at Saturn i fald i Vædderen afholdte ikke Einstein fra at være en af verdens mest berømte videnskabsmænd i det 20. århundrede.

Det gjorde det ikke, nej, men hvis man kender til Einsteins horoskop og til hans liv, så ses det i et helt andet lys.
Albert Einstein: 14 Mar 1879. 11.30 Ulm, Germany. 48N24 20E00. AS 11.38 CN
Tid fra fødselsattest. (Astrodatabank)

Man kan se, at Einstein har Saturn i fald i Vædderen konjunktion Merkur og også i konjunktion med Venus, som er i eksil i Vædderen. Men Saturn hersker faktisk over 7. hus og er i konjunktion med 4. og 5. husherskere, som siger meget om partnere, barndom og børn. Er det da ikke sigende at Einstein blev født med et misdannet hoved (Vædderen) og man troede derfor at han var mentalt retarderet i den tidlige barndom (Saturn/Merkur)? Han fik også en datter inden sit ægteskab, som siges at have været mongolbarn og som forsvandt senere på mystisk vis. Et andet barn døde i en mental institution. (Venus hersker over 5. hus). Det var i sandhed kilde til megen sorg for ham og endnu mere for hans kone.

Dertil kommer, at ifølge breve fra ham til hans kone, arbejdede de sammen på hans relativitets teorier. Men det hører vi ikke meget om… Saturn i Vædderen var altså ikke så god for hendes status. (Note 4.) Hans kone Mileva skriver “al den berømmelse giver ikke meget tid til en kone. Men hvad kan man gøre ved det… den ene person får perlen og den anden får blot skallen”. (Note 5). Einstein havde flere elskerinder, som førte til midlertidig adskillelse fra hans kone. Efter Einstein var flyttet til en anden by for at være sammen med hans elskerinde, beordrede han sin kone til at flytte til byen, og præsenterede hende for et sæt regler, men en kommando som: “du må svare mig med det samme, når jeg taler til dig”. En ganske god beskrivelse af Saturn/Merkur/Venus konjunktionen i Vædderen… og der er ikke megen værdighed her.

På det tidspunkt hvor Einstein forlader sin kone, er Mileva 44 og kronisk syg. Einstein er 40 og en verdensberømt figur og gift igen, men han producerer aldrig fysik, som er lige så godt som hans arbejde fra 1905, som han antageligvis skabte sammen med sin kone.

Pointen her er, at disse videnskabelige metoder slet ikke er skabt til at opfange nuancerne af husherskerskaber og dens specifikke kanalisering af menneskelig karakter. Dertil kommer, at den astrologiske researcher henviser til Einsteins Sol/Saturn konjunktion, hvis orbis er over 10 grader og Solen er langt væk inde i Fiskene. Der har ikke været nogen hensyntagen til orbis styrke eller tegnposition i forbindelsen med undersøgelsen. Det lader til at være forskningens natur. Jo flere mennesker man udvælger til undersøgelsen jo sværere er det at tillade nogen form for individuel justering. Forskning af denne art bærer i sig frøet til fiasko, eftersom indflydelser i horoskopet tages ud af astrologisk kontekst.

Astrologen Mark Urban-Lurain fra Kepler College pointerer i et studie af astrologi: “Nøglen til fortolkningen ligger i at lave en syntese ud af de mange astrologiske komponenter for at skabe et sammenhæng” For at få den fulde forståelse af horoskopet må man tage højde for mange faktorer. Venus repræsenterer generelt kærlighed, men i Einsteins horoskop er den placeret i 10. hus (kærlighed til professionelle kollegaer). Den hersker over 5. hus (børn og affærer), det indelukkede 11. hus (skjult kærlighedsbånd til en ven). Til sidst modificerer aspekterne dens indflydelse. Denne synstese af komponenter er ekstremt detaljeret og faktorerne forøger kompleksiteten af forskning astronomisk.

Generelt set er det net, som på nuværende tidspunkt forsøger at fange astrologiens relevans, for primitivt. Jeg ved ikke om det er relevant at udvikle software, som kan tage højde for alle disse faktorer, men indtil dette er gjort, kan man betragte kun denne form for forskning som et eksperiment og træning. Forskning af denne kaliber kan anvendes til at modificere en astrologisk regel eller tradition. Hvordan kan forskning, som har forfejlet sit forsøg til på at bevise ethvert aspekt af astrologi, vendes rundt og bruges til at modificere astrologiske teknikker?

Der er en anden tilgang, og den er eksemplificeret af en ekstraordinær PhD skrevet af Kirstine Munk (Note 6). Denne 350 siders lange afhandling er et nænsomt og opmærksomt portræt af moderne astrologi og de astrologer og klienter, som gør emnet til en levende tradition i dag. En af de mest fascinerende ting ved denne PhD er, at den giver plads til dygtige astrologer, som formidler deres synspunkter… og de er virkelig værd at læse:

“Samarbejde med naturen bringer glæde – enhver kamp mod naturen er dømt til at mislykkes!”Hjelmborg og Kirsebom.

“Astrologi virker ikke, men astrologien får astrologerne til at virke”- Christian Borup

“Du siger, Jeg håber virkelig at dit liv er et rod for tiden. Og så siger de: ”Ja men det er det også.” Og så siger du: ”Åh godt, fordi det er meningen. Det er meningen at du skal føle sådan. Det er meningen at du skal gennemgå alt dette. Der er ikke noget galt med dig.” Bernadette Brady

Og der er meget mere – fra Michael Lutin, Darby Costello, Steven Forrest – og det gøre dig stolt af at have disse kloge og omsorgsfulde mennesker som kollegaer.

Kirstine Munk konkluderer blandt andet:
”Det ser ganske misforstået ud at opfatte astrologien som et ”videnskabeligt” system, og den konklusion man må drage fra min forskning er, at astrologien er et forudsigelses system med mange ligheder til andre typer af visdoms systemer, som findes rundt omkring i verden. Astrologer … prøver ikke at beskrive verden i en empirisk terminologi som kan bevises eller modbevises, men søger snarere at skabe en divinatorisk session, som fremmer, styrker og forvandler. For astrologer er virkeligheden et symbolsk prima materia som kan formes af klienterne, fordi klientens opfattelse af virkeligheden afhænger af det perspektiv fra hvilket de ser deres verden.”

Mens jeg ikke er fuldstændig sikker på, at jeg kan acceptere denne konklusion – jeg tror på at astrologi vil blive et dominerende verdenssyn på et tidspunkt ikke mindst på grund af det arbejde som forskere præsterer – er det en frugtbar vinkel at for en skeptisk indgangsvinkel til astrologi i stedet for at bruge videnskabelig materialisme som en målstok. Munk fortsætter med en forklaring på hvordan viden er sammensat:
“Næsten alle former for viden er i dag formuleret i hypoteser. Vidensbaserede påstande kan være sande, men de er næsten altid åbne for revision, og den provisoriske natur af denne viden giver fordele til former for viden, som virker inspirerende og personligt relevant.”

For mange er astrologi inspirerende og personligt relevant, og det er nok derfor, at den har den sammen popularitet som kristendom, hvis man skal dømme efter søgninger på Google. Hun fortsætter:

”Jeg foreslår, at astrologi faktisk er et godt system for at håndtere tingene, på grund af dens fokus på at styrke klienten. Klienten har ikke selv valgt den situation de er i, men de kan vælge hvordan man håndterer den situation de er i. De er, set fra et astrologisk perspektiv, guddommelige junior partnere i et meningsfyldt kosmos”.

Hvis man vender tilbage til konceptet omkring “gensindig påvirkning” som et opfattelse af virkeligheden, er det tydeligt, at Kirstine Munks PhD bekræfter astrologiens meningsfuldhed som et transformativt møde mellem astrologen og klienten. Jeg har også skrevet om dette emne i min seneste bog (Note 7), der pointerer, at jo mere afstand der skabes mellem astrolog og klient jo mindre forvandling vil der finde sted. Kun ved at skabe en helhed ud af dualitet kan essensen realiseres. På grund af sindets rationelle side, opfatter vi ting som dualiteter – materie/energi, subjekt/objekt, krop/sind – alt i mens den sande transformative erfaring finder sted, når disse polariteter mødes. Kirstine Munk kalder evnen til at skabe det forenede felt mellem astrologen og klienten ”intersubjektiv bevidsthed” og siger efter at have oplevet et antal konsultationer:
“Hvis intersubjektiv bevidsthed ikke blev etableret, så ville konsultationen ikke virke, fordi den ikke ville være i stand til at skabe forandring hos klienten”

Munk fortsætter og siger:
“Det intersubjektive tema er undersøgt at psykologen Daniel Stern. Hans intention er at finde ud af, hvad der skaber det transformative øjeblik i psykoterapeutiske processer, og han konkluderer at forandring kun opstår i øjeblikke beskrevet som intersubjektive møder mellem terapeuten og klienten”. Det er hvad gensidig påvirkning handler om.

Det, som Kirstine Munk ikke studerer i detaljer i sin PhD, er andre aspekter af astrologien såsom Mundan astrologi. Konkrete begivenheder opstår i verden, som ikke er transformative processer baseret på intersubjektive bevidsthed. De finder sted, mens historien udfolder sig. Tvillinge-tårnene falder i grus, når Saturn går i opposition til Pluto henover USAs Ascendant/Descendant akse. Berlin-muren rives ned efter en 29-årig Saturn cyklus og mens Saturn går i konjunktion med Neptun i Stenbukken. Vi lander på Månen med en Uranus/Jupiter konjunktion på det super-galaktiske center.

Selv i den personlige konsultation, er der meget mere end intersubjektiv bevidsthed. Præcis forudsigelse er en anden faktor, og en faktor som er målbar, hvis forskerne kan udvikle et redskab til at gøre dette. Jeg er sikker på at forskerne ikke vil stoppe med at forske, og at de anvendte metoder vil blive bedre, databaser vil vokse og en dag vil den hellige gral være hjemme, så selv skeptiske videnskabsfolk vil blive konfronteret med bevismateriale, som de ikke kan afvise. Og tag ikke fejl – når den dag kommer, vil verdens bevidsthed blive forvandlet.

Adrian Ross Duncan. 16th August 2007.

  1. Der var nogle mindre beviser i Michel Gauquelins forskning som syntes at indikere, at relevante planeter fandtes i bestemte områder for top sportsfolk og andre professionelle. En anden faktor – “the Tenacious Mars Effect” – viste også sammenhænge med sportsstjerner. Men disse resultater tilbagevises af skeptikere.
  2. ISAR – the International Society of Astrological Research – har astrolog Ray Merriman som præsident og har forgreninger over hele verden.
  3. Information om Einstein kommer fra biografiske notater i AstroDataBank.
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