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World of Wisdom Astrology Software

What makes astrology software from WOW unique?

What makes World of Wisdom astrology software unique? All WOW software is interpretation software, which means that apart from the automatic calculation of accurate horoscopes from anywhere in the world, each and every astrological influence has a detailed interpretation connected with it. You can in fact click anywhere on the horoscope wheel, and an astrological interpretation can immediately be seen in the interpretation window.

Furthermore, these programs are advanced astrology prediction software, which enables you to understand exactly what is going on in your life here and now. This astrology software is available for download as a free trial, and you can use it for a month before having to buy a registration key. You can access our astrology software online on this site and download it now. World of Wisdom programs are professional astrology software which also provides detailed astrology reports, which you can give freely to friends and family. You can also buy a license to sell the astrology reports professionally.

Despite providing accurate horoscope calculation and complete, detailed astrology reports of 25+ pages in length, World of Wisdom astrology software is inexpensive and amazingly user-friendly. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, using these astrology programs is pleasurable and without unnecessary complication or technicalities.

Horoscope Interpreter

Horoscope Interpreter  (Windows only)

Horoscope Interpreter from World of Wisdom was written and designed by Adrian Duncan and was one of the very first Windows astrology programs on the market. This horoscope software has in fact been translated into 12 languages, and is the most sold astrological software in the world

Astrology Calendar

Astrology Calendar  (Windows only)

One of the challenges in writing and designing an Astrology Calendar program is the fact that the days pass so quickly that people scarcely have time to focus on what is going on around them.

Astrology for Lovers

Astrology for Lovers  (Windows only)

There is no astrology software on the market, which interprets compatibility charts for lovers as accurately and in such detail as the Astrology for Lovers program from World of Wisdom. The astrology of love compatibility – love itself – is of course incredibly subtle. What brings people together, and what... READ MORE

Astrology Software

Free AstroClock iOS App

The AstroClock has been a labor of love, and the first version is now available on the App Store... READ MORE