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Be Your Own Astrologer

Does your birth chart seem like a mystery to you?
It won’t be when you use our horoscope software, because no previous knowledge of astrology is required.

Just point and click to get in-depth interpretations of your character and life trends

Аvailable for Windows

Horoscope Interpreter

Want to make a complex subject like astrology simple?

  • Calculate unlimited horoscopes with this astrology program.
  • Just point and click for in-depth interpretations of your strengths, weaknesses.
  • See major trends in the past, present and future.


Go beyond sunsigns and see the personal effect of all the planets in your life.

  • This astrology software helps you understand day-by-day trends.
  • Unique Q & A helps you understand how to get optimal results from your day.
  • Print out quarterly calendars to see trends at a glance.

Astrology for Lovers

The Astro-compatibility software that brings happiness in relationships.

  • Examine every inch of your relationship with your partner, and get enlightened.
  • Improve communication, sex, romance and much more.
  • See how you connect, where the challenges lie, and discover the secret of happiness.

Horoscope Interpreter

Astro Calendar

Astrology for Lovers