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The 2024 US Election

Theoretically, if astrology is effective, it should surely not be difficult to predict an election result between two candidates. But there is no one astrological technique that can be relied upon. What works for one election, may not work for another. It’s the odd anomaly that reveals the winner. You have to be able to read the prevailing winds to see which of the candidate’s sails are going to be filled. You will also have to fight confirmation bias. For example, I predicted Hillary Clinton would win in 2016 despite the obvious signs that Trump would – his MC progressed entering Leo and his Sun progressed conjoining his Ascendant. I refused to see the astrological evidence before my own eyes.
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Musk: The Man Who Fell To Earth

Elon Musk has a lot of goals in life and is achieving them at a rapid pace. He has electrified the car industry. He is even automating the driving, making Tesla cars without steering wheel or pedals. (Note 1) He has developed the only humanoid robot that learns as it observes using AI – the Optimus. (Note 2) He has successfully developed a brain-computer interface – Neuralink – which ultimately can restore lost functionality like sight and hearing. (Note 3) He has developed and distributed in space the Starlink satellite system, making the internet available worldwide (for which Ukraine is eternally grateful for).

But his baby is SpaceX.

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Russia in Chaos

When the war in Ukraine is over, the war in Russia will be just beginning. It’s people, who have prided themselves on defeating Nazi Germany in 1945, will be wondering how they themselves slowly became enrolled in a Fascist regime, which systematically undermined their rights of free speech and free assembly and perpetrated war crimes again a brother nation who shared much of their culture.

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Forudsigelser i konsultationen

Hvis nogen forsøgte at forudsige min fremtid, ville jeg bede dem om at lade være. De skal have en mandat fra mig først, og det er den første forudsigelsesregel: en person skal anmode om det. Ikke desto mindre er hele den astrologiske tradition baseret på evnen til at forudsige, hvordan fremtiden udvikler sig. Hvis du ved, hvor planeterne har været, og hvad det betød, og du ved, hvor planeterne er på vej hen, så kan du forudsige, hvad der vil ske. Det er, hvad astrologi gør. Read More

Prediction in the Consultation

If someone claimed they could predict my future, I’d tell them to get lost. They would need a request from me first, and that’s the first rule of prediction: the person needs to request it. Nevertheless, the entire astrological tradition is based on the ability to predict how the future unfolds. If you know where planets have been, and what that meant, and you know where planets are going, then you can predict what will happen. That’s what astrology does.

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Sleeping and Dreaming

Dreams are very useful. In the relaxed state of sleep, our minds can reshuffle the events of the day, sometimes bringing important themes to light, sometimes just depositing extraneous thoughts into the rubbish bin. It could be compared to a nightly optimization of our mental hard disk, giving trillions of neurons the opportunity to clear the mind in preparation for the next day.

One of the extraordinary things about dreams is that while we are dreaming them, they seem real. It’s a great relief to wake up from a nightmare, when we may have done something awful, or someone may have done something awful to us, and then to discover it was just a dream. Buddhist teachers point out that precisely the same process is happening in our waking life too – we think it is real.
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The United Kingdom – 222 Years Old

Things have got so much more civilized in Britain. Less than 400 years ago, the British Parliament decided King Charles I was too Catholic and chopped off his head. That’s unlikely to happen to King Charles III. Previously, kings romped off to the continent leading their armies into battle on horseback, and European nations banded together in constant wars. Less than 300 years ago, England repulsed an invasion from Bonnie Prince Charlie and massacred the Scottish army at the Battle of Culloden, which inaugurated a century of repression of the Scots. There was tremendous instability.
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Love and Drama in 2023

If men come from Mars and women from Venus, then we should be able to witness their passionate embrace by following the aspects between Venus and Mars during the year. As Venus and the Earth orbit the Sun relative to each other, Venus performs a magnificent dance, and over a period of eight years with five retrograde loops, Venus describes a perfect rose shape in the heavens. The tip of each or the five petals falls in almost exactly the same degree of each of five signs in this order: Pisces, Libra, Gemini, Capricorn, and – in 2023 – Leo. 2023 is going to be a year of drama and romance.
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3 Queens

It’s just a suggestion, but I think Britain should ban kings and just have queens. They have nice long reigns, and Britain seems to prosper. Kings execute their wives, dilly-dally with ladies-in-waiting, drink and get gout, or smoke too much. Queens are not so eager to go to war, but when they do, then they can drive off the Spanish Armada, give the Russians a good walloping in Crimea, or save all the sheep farmers on the Falklands. Read More

Basic Principles for Mundane Astrology – Using USA chart

There will almost always be a variety of horoscopes, reflecting the evolution of a nation, but the primary chart is the day the people celebrate independence, and for the United States of America, that day is July 4th, which puts the Sun at 13 degrees Cancer close to the fixed star Sirius, the Dog Star. Sirius has the quality of Mars and Jupiter and some astrologers associate with a lone wolf tendency and exceptionalism. (Note 1)
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