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Times of Transitions

“It was not a movement. It was a feeling. A feeling that drove wave after wave of people in a great river that began to flow through London before noon and was still in full flood long after nightfall”. Sometimes journalists – here Richard Williams for The Guardian – capture the astrology of an event better than astrologers. And if anyone is in doubt, here is a perfect description of one of the better manifestations of the current Jupiter/Neptune oppositions from Leo to Aquarius. Jupiter/Neptune aspects often unite people who have a dream of a better world, and the opposition aspect typically unites people from many different parts of the human spectrum. Going back to the last opposition series 14 years ago from Cancer to Capricorn, at the time of the dissolution of Soviet power, over one million people from the Baltic lands joined hands over their borders to signify unity in the face of Soviet occupation. This opposition series reached its euphoric conclusion across the dividing line of the Berlin Wall, which in November 1989 was physically removed by the bare hands of German inhabitants, East and West, who joined in an outflow of emotion that electrified the whole world.

The Desire for Peace

See horoscope for Peace March in London

The London march began at noon, with Gemini rising, and Mercury in the 9th house, conjoining the Jupiter/Neptune opposition, appropriate enough for a peace march. The enemy of peace is war, and it could hardly be symbolized better than the Mars/Pluto opposition, the evil machinery of international power and expansion. Marches took place all over the world that day, from Baghdad to Washington, in the largest demonstration for peace the world has seen since the Vietnam war. The overall feeling of marchers in Britain was of a generalized dismay directed at Britain’s leadership, and a huge dissatisfaction with a previously idealized leader, Tony Blair. With his Sun at 15 Taurus square the Moon at 11 Aquarius he will now enter a period during which his power and popularity will be dissipated, as Neptune activates this square.

As he puts it: “I ask the marchers to understand this: I do not seek unpopularity as a badge of honor. But sometimes it is the price of leadership. And it is the cost of conviction.” What Blair needs to know, is that with his Sun in Taurus in the 12th square Pluto, his convictions can be both obsessive and self-destructive.

Disillusion and Sorrow

It is this complete disillusion with the trappings of prestige and power, which the Jupiter/Neptune opposition channels. The first opposition actually took place on September 11th – one year after the destruction of the World Trade Center. What has happened since that tragedy is that George Bush has squandered the huge sympathy for America, which every single country in the world felt deeply. It has been replaced with a violent distaste for what other countries see as a cynical manipulation and bullying of world opinion by a power-hungry and oil-greedy American elite. The real reason for America’s desire for war with Iraq is difficult to work out – at least for non-Americans. Everyone knows the arguments against – Iraq has a depleted arsenal, and after 10 years of sanctions is no longer a threat to anyone at all, even its neighbors (who are all against a war). There are many other countries with weapons of mass-destruction. Other countries, Israel for one, ignore UN resolutions. North Korea, with both nuclear weapons and the ability to deliver them to the US mainland, is quite obviously a far-greater threat, and – with embarrassing timing – has shown the vacuity of the US arguments against Iraq. (And incidentally proved a point: if you develop nuclear weapons, you can negate American threats.)

North Korea

The North Korean nuclear threat is bound to be a feature of Kim Jong II’s foreign policy as long as he governs the country. An Aquarius with the Sun at 26 degrees exactly square natal Uranus at 26 Taurus, nuclear power is obviously close to his heart. And with Uranus conjoining Saturn and Mars in Taurus, he is liable to be completely unfazed by pressure. It’s an extremely uncomfortable position for the American government. Just as it was for the Clinton administration in 1993 – when transiting Pluto in Scorpio activated Kim’s Sun/Uranus square. It was during this year that USA discovered how close North Korea was to producing the bomb and entered into negotiations.

Uranus is now transiting Kim Jong II’s Sun so these are clearly explosive times on the Korean peninsular. Soon Uranus will go over his Moon in Pisces also, suggesting a lot of unrest in the country. As North Korea was given independence by the Soviet Union on or around September 10 1948, transiting Pluto is squaring the North Korean Sun in Virgo (at 17 Virgo) and conjoining Jupiter (at 20 Sagittarius). There is a lot to suggest that the position is also uncomfortable for Kim Jong II, as Pluto transiting a country’s Sun can result in the removal of the figurehead. Still, Kim Jong II has survived three Uranus conjunctions to his Sun, and succeeding in shaking the foundations of neighboring Japan and South Korean.

American Trauma

Notwithstanding anxiety about North Korean, it’s very likely that the main reason for Bush and his advisers’ desire to neutralize Iraq is a genuine desire to set an example to other countries that they should not even think of threatening America in the future. No one who is not American can imagine the trauma of September 11, which came close to decapitating America. And as Bush shares the same position of the Sun as the USA – 13 degrees Cancer – he has taken the threat very personally indeed. We all know in which direction the passenger plane that went down in Pennsylvania was heading. (Another Cancer – Donald Rumsfeldt, has a Sun/Pluto conjunction square Uranus – his inner terrors have found ample outer enemies to project upon.) For a Cancerian country like America, protection of its citizens is a high priority, whilst a sense of vulnerability is ever-present, exacerbated by a rapacious media, which has discovered that high anxiety features give high ratings.

Unexpected Resistance

Whatever the arguments, the Bush government has simply not managed to convince anyone apart from, apparently, Tony Blair, and a (dwindling) proportion of its own population of the need to remove Saddam Hussein. In an article last September, forecasting war between February and May 2003, I mentioned that Saturn, going direct on USA’s Mars on February 22nd 2003, would herald a time when their military preparations would be complete. What I had not realized was the resistance that the USA would meet from people all over the world, and specifically from Germany, France, Russia and China. As Saturn is transiting USA’s 7th house, it obviously represents a political voice from outside, which dampens the bulldozer effect of Pluto transiting USA’s 1st house, which Mars joins in the last two weeks of February. Bearing in mind that the UN has its Moon at 22 Gemini – just where the USA has its Mars – the Saturn transit shows widespread resistance to military force.

A Spirit of Compassion

Here in February 2003 the middle game is being played out. The end game comes with the final Jupiter/Neptune opposition on June 3rd at 13.06 Leo/Aquarius, less than 24 hours before Saturn moves into Cancer. The Neptune theme will by this time be even more powerful, considering the entry of Uranus into Pisces on March 11th. With this transition of mighty Saturn and Uranus from air to water, it is rather unlikely that we will allow ourselves to be fascinated by high-tech pictures from a high-tech war, which show buildings being destroyed and planes taking off and landing, but not what really happens – people getting blown to pieces, children being orphaned. Nobody will be fooled by the term “collateral damage” at this time. They will be thinking of people and their suffering. That’s why the largest demonstrations in the world took place this February. People are concerned about the real suffering of war. Uranus in Pisces brings up some interesting images. One possibility is of Bush “shooting himself in the foot”. Another image is of exploding oil wells. But the main theme is 7 years of awareness of suffering.

Saturn in Cancer may not be very good for America, and for the rest of the 2003 Americans can look forward to a long transit by Saturn of their Venus/Jupiter conjunction from 3 – 5 degrees Cancer, which could indicate an economic depression. Going back to the last Saturn transit to Venus/Jupiter takes us to the period of protests over the Vietnam War in the final two years of the Nixon presidency… it was not a time when the American government felt either secure or popular, either within their borders, or outside them. The likely scenario is that Bush and his oil-hungry friends will attack Iraq, and that they will win quite rapidly. But that the subsequent responsibility for “restoring democracy” in Iraq is more than they can handle. The way to handle Saturn conjoining Venus/Jupiter is restraint of expansion and consolidation of the economy. This can be difficult to do when you have shot yourself in the foot, and Bush will be limping for the rest of his presidency, until its denouement as Saturn conjoins his – and the USA’s Sun.

Adrian Ross Duncan 28.02.2003

Strength & Weakness – How to handle them

In modern “democratic” society it is politically incorrect to differentiate between people and their potential. Everyone has the chance to be someone, even if they come from humble beginnings. Bill Clinton proved that natural talent can sweep away obstacles, (though George W Bush also proves that being born privileged certainly does not get in the way of success.) Much of the political development since the discovery of Uranus in 1781 has been geared to a leveling process that is designed, in theory at least, to give equal opportunity for all. Similarly, politically correct astrology as taught in much 20th century literature has emphasized equality of opportunity via the horoscope, whatever the planetary strengths and weaknesses. In this light, hard aspects have been viewed as opportunities, bringing character strength through overcoming difficulties, whilst there has been a view that soft aspects can encourage laziness and self-satisfaction.The Good and the Bad

This was hardly the view of astrological tradition, which simply classed Mars and Saturn, for example, as malefics, and Venus and Jupiter as benefics , and saw soft aspects as “good” and bad aspects as no less than “evil”. This change of view has taken place with the discovery of the outer planets. Pluto in particular has brought a new consciousness which forces people to confront their own demons, rather than projecting them on the outer world, making possible an inner transformation process which brings consciousness growth. This psychological view gives a dynamic approach to the problems inherent in difficult aspects and weakly placed planets, empowering people to create change.

Horary Astrology

However, whilst the idea that planets can perform equally well no matter where they are placed can be an empowering view when working with clients, practitioners will be led astray if they apply this view unilaterally in their practice. They will simply not be able to make clear judgements about what to do and what not to do, and therefore their advice will be obscured by a fog of vagueness and generality. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the everyday assessment of trends in society using the astrology of planetary placement and movement here and now. Many of the principles of a “here and now” astrology are enshrined in traditional horary astrology, and these principles can usefully be applied to personal and mundane astrology today. Planets have a particular character dependent on the sign they are placed in, and when making a judgement on any course of action, it is crucial to differentiate between signs.


The first clear guideline is that a planet is strong when it is placed in the sign it rules. This sign is its own territory, and other planets must enter this territory with due respect. When a planet returns to the sign (or signs) it rules, it is free to express its true nature in its purest form, just as you would do after a long day at work. You open the door to your home, enter and throw yourself on the sofa with a cup of tea and some nice music. Should another planet now enter the sign, it is as if someone rings on the doorbell. You may invite them in, but they had better be on their best behavior. You can decide how much you will put up with, and the visitor would be foolish to start bossing you around.


Of course, planets have affinities for each other, so if Mars was at home in Aries, and Jupiter knocked on the door, then it would be with excitement and exhilaration that Jupiter would be welcomed. But if Saturn happened to be passing through, Mars would groan and open the door, but only out of a sense of duty. Nevertheless, even though Saturn might behave like a Jehovah’s witness laying down the law, Mars would still be in much the stronger position. Likewise, planets have natural attractions, which are based on sign rulership polarities, such that Venus, Jupiter and Sun/Moon are natural partners to Mars, Mercury and Saturn respectively. These planets can be both adversaries and partners. Certainly, if Venus should knock on the door of Mars in Aries, she would be entering dangerous territory, but the attraction would be strong and she could scarcely get through Aries without a dramatic affair developing.


The first guideline of planetary strength – that a planet is supreme in the sign it rules – leads to the next: that a planet is weak in the sign opposite to that which it rules. Far from home, and with lines of supply fully stretched, the resources of the planet in detriment are at low ebb. Herein lies the opening for guidance. The client with a planet in detriment must act accordingly, and not pretend anything else. It would be foolish for the Sun in Aquarius in the 10th to try and force through dictatorial policies. He can only rule with the consensus of the group. Similarly it would be unwise for a Venus in Aries in the 7th house to try and push the partner around. She is on foreign ground, and though her nature is to lead and take the initiative, this should not lead to her thinking she had the power. She might find the freedom she fights tooth and nail for – but it would be without the partner she also needs.

Venus in Trouble

See graph for Venus in Scorpio

December 2002 presents a typical scenario in which understanding planetary strength is crucial. Venus entered Scorpio on September 8, 2002 and went retrograde at 15 Scorpio on October 10. On November 21 Venus goes direct at 0 degrees Scorpio, finally leaving Scorpio – the sign of her detriment – on January 7, exhausted and psychologically raw. This can be compared to a sensitive opera singer being forced to perform in a London pub full of testosterone-charged men for four months. Avid newsreaders will have noted the many financial scandals and general doom in the financial markets at this time, as Venus, which traditionally rules finances, struggles through.

False Memory Syndrome

At the time of writing, as Venus becomes stationary, one news story illustrates exactly the dilemma of Venus in Scorpio. The story is of a young woman who has not talked to her parents for 10 years because she “discovered” during hypnotherapy that her father had had an incestuous relationship with her. As Venus reaches the end of its backward journey, she confesses publicly that the incest was imagined (Venus had squared Jupiter in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius – which is stiluatiing for all-encompassing fantasies) and she asks her parents to accept her back, which they forgivingly do. This long period in exile from her family is typical of a planet in detriment. Indeed, such a placement often shows exiled people. Of course the retrograde movement through Scorpio shows the taboo and sexual nature of the story, as well as the emotional catharsis of the family, in what proved to be a long exhaustive investigation of the past.

Meeting the Monster

Venus will feel uncomfortable as long as she is in Scorpio. She has entered a mysteriously empty cave in which shadows play in the half-light. When Mars enters Scorpio on December 1, 2002, the cave dweller returns, and can hardly believe his eyes. Venus has lingered tantalizingly on the threshold (zero degrees for two whole weeks) as Mars falters through the sign of his exile Libra. When he returns, Venus will probably find she gets more than she bargained for. December is a month of sexual fixations, all-consuming jealousy, control and coercion. It is curious to note that Mars gets within 50 minutes of arc of Venus (as both square Neptune) but she gradually picks up speed. It’s a bit like one of those dreams where the pursuer just manages to get hold of the trailing hem of the fleeing beauty’s dress… she may escape, but she will be unclothed.

Exaltation and Fall

Another important consideration regarding planetary strength is the concept of exaltation and fall, the roots of which seem lost in tradition. The idea of exaltation is that the planet is like an honored guest. Of course, if an important community leader came into your home, you would make a great effort to impress. You might ordinarily eat meatballs and boiled potatoes, but for your honored guest you would serve the very best meat and wine, and arrange a party in his honor. Similarly, the guest would be on his best behavior, and would hide his weaknesses and just display his strengths. The traditional exaltations are Mars in Capricorn, Venus in Pisces, Mercury in Virgo, Sun in Aries, Moon in Taurus, Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Libra. Just as exaltation leads to the finest expression of a planet, when a planet is placed in the opposite sign to its exaltation, it is said to be in fall – and fall is an ignominious place to be. It truly is the lowest of the low, an incredibly weak position in which the person in question is gravely compromised. Mars is in fall in Cancer, Venus in Virgo, Mercury in Pisces, Sun in Libra, Moon in Scorpio, Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn in Aries.

Horary > Natal

It might seem unfashionable to classify planetary strength according to arcane rules, but daily work with the astrology of the moment, (for example using the consultation chart for the client’s arrival) seems to confirm the validity of the approach. The question arises as to whether judgement can be made according to this yardstick in natal astrology, and if yes, how one can prevent such judgement from being disempowering. I personally have Jupiter in Capricorn in the 4th house, and spent the years from 12 to 17 in a typically oppressive English boarding school. I have vivid memories of the housemaster bending his cane between his pudgy hands and saying in all seriousness to me “Duncan, I want you to think of me as your father”. Sigh… planets in fall.

What is “Good”?

Planets strong in sign are able to express themselves freely, but this does not necessarily mean that they are “good” in the traditional sense. For example, Ariel Sharon has Mars exalted in Capricorn – he’s a great general and an effective politician, but he is also a ruthless man. Mars’ brief has nothing to do with compassion, and everything to do with getting a job done. Similarly, Jupiter is wonderfully placed in Cancer, and its position there in the US chart testifies to a welcoming and generous country. But Jupiter expands everything to do with the country including its appetite, which may account for the prevalence of gas-guzzling vehicles and general over-consumption. Nevertheless, having many planets placed strongly can be a great advantage, because they give a natural dignity that evokes respect. Even Saturn changes character when it is in Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius, and manifest with great fairness and little oppression. Sean Connery manages very well, despite having Saturn rising, perhaps because it is in Capricorn. Mind you, with Jupiter in Cancer and Venus in Libra he has a lot going for him. Bill Clinton also has his Ascendant ruler, Venus, in the first house, which undoubtedly contributed to his popularity. OK, he also had Mars in Libra (detriment), and conjunction Neptune, which Monica Lewinsky could, and did, testify to.

The 20th century also led to the integration of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto into the planetary pantheons, and their corresponding rulership of Aquarius, Pisces and Scorpio respectively. Whilst I am sure this assigned rulership has validity, it would be a mistake to ignore the significance of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars as co-rulers of these signs. The outer planets will always represent collective forces in society rather than human characteristics – and it will be the traditional rulers in mundane, horary and personal astrology, which truly describe the character of the person or object in question. From a spiritual and psychological point of view, it may not matter where a planet is placed, because the planet, its placement and its aspects will in the last analysis simply represent material to be worked on in the process of personal growth. If I had had Jupiter in Cancer, I may have had more than my fair share of happiness, but then I might also be fat.

Adrian Duncan 18th November, 2002

The Washington Snipers

As I sit down to write this article – October 24th 2002 – two suspects have been arrested for the murderous sniper attacks in the Washington area over the past three weeks. According to CNN, sources identified the two as John Allen Muhammad, 42, a Gulf War veteran and his 17-year-old stepson John Lee Malvo, a Jamaican citizen. As I was about to attempt to predict who was responsible for these killings, I may now have been spared the possible embarrassment of getting it wrong.Finding Perpetrators through Astrology

See chart for the first sniper attack

Whilst there is, as I write, no confirmation that these arrested men are responsible – I believe the likelihood is very strong. Looking at the chart for the first killing attributed to the sniper, it tells an amazing story, raising the possibility that astrology really can be useful in this kind of case. As each of the thirteen attacks is timed to the minute, very accurate charts can be made. The first sniper victim to die was James Martin, 55, a white man who was killed in a car park in Wheaton, Montgomery county, and the horoscope for this unhappy event can be treated as a personality profile of the killer. The first thing that struck me about this chart was that there were probably two people involved. There are a number of ways of interpreting this event chart, but in some ways it speaks for itself, and there is no need to agonise too much about which planet represents the killer. With Mars at 21.50 Virgo exactly on the Descendant, there is a clear picture of an experienced marksman – the perfectionism and planning of Virgo combined with the murderous signature of the Mars/Saturn square.

The Signature of Murder

Mars/Saturn aspects are often apparent when there is murder – far more so than when Mars configures with outer planets like Neptune, Uranus and Pluto, which are often more connected to the destructive forces of the collective. For example Mars was at 5 degrees Scorpio opposition Saturn at 5 degrees Taurus at the Columbine school massacre which killed 15 people on April 21, 1999. (Hitler’s birthday). On April 26, 2002, 18 students and teachers were massacred in Erfurt , Germany, by an expelled student. At this time Mars was 8 Gemini conjoining Saturn.

The Spotter

What is interesting about the sniper chart is the extraordinary role of Mercury. The close proximity of shooter Mars to Mercury always suggested to me that two people worked together. Professionally snipers often operate with a spotter, and from a practical point of view it is useful for someone to be on watch, as the sniper concentrates on his weapon. Mercury is the spotter. Mercury, which rules Virgo, knows the territory, whilst Mars knows the gun.

The Relationship

So what is the relationship between Mars and Mercury? In actually fact, Mercury has just entered Virgo, having gone retrograde at 13.12 Libra. At the height of the killings Mercury remained stationary at 29 Virgo in constant square to Saturn at 29 Gemini for a period of nine days. On the one hand this Mercury/Saturn aspect shows a very frustrated person, and on the other a very patient and meticulous person. If it turns out that John Allen Muhammad and his companion John Lee Malvo are guilty, then Malvo will be Mercury. Why? First of all he is 17, probably having recently left school. [Late-breaking news as I write shows that a sniper’s rifle was discovered in their car, so their guilt seems rather obvious.] The Mercury/Saturn signature shows a very frustrated student. Secondly he is a Jamaican citizen, and the straddling of the sign cusp Libra/Virgo suggests dual nationality, or someone who has just arrived from another country. And Muhammad is most likely to be Mars, as he is the Gulf war veteran. Mercury in Virgo may be an apprentice to Mars, and I would not be surprised if the young accomplice carried out some of the short-range killings.


Whilst Mercury dwelled at 29 Virgo, Mars moved up through Virgo finally squaring Saturn. Interestingly Mercury and Mars did not meet, but they both squared Saturn, in what is a classic case of “Collection of Light”. In other words Saturn is the bond between Mercury and Mars. Mercury retrogrades to leave its imprint on, or get imprinted by Saturn, and later Mars comes up and picks up the imprint, or message. This could mean a lot of things, but one possibility is that both Mercury and Mars, Malvo and Muhammad, are related to a third party. As it is a square aspect, then hatred of authorities might be the bond that unites.

Al Qaeda

Earlier there was considerable speculation that al Qaeda were involved, and I personally felt this could have been the case. One scenario I had considered was that Mars was the sniper, who was reasonably integrated into the community. Mercury was the organiser, disposing of the both Mars and Mercury, as ruler of Gemini and Virgo. Mercury retrogrades into Virgo to deliver instructions to Mars at the Saturn “collection” point, but they never actually meet. One reason I thought of al Qaeda was that Mercury had reached 13 Libra before retrograding. On September 11, 2001, Mercury was at 14 Libra, so there seemed to be a connection between the World Trade Centre attack and the sniper. There are other connections two. At the time of the first sniper shooting, the Moon was at 19 degrees Leo. This is the position of that famous August 1999 “Nostradamus” eclipse, and at the WTC attack, this was the position of Venus. Also Mercury trined Saturn in the 9th at the time of the WTC attack, and I have always associated this Saturn with the “foreign mastermind”.

The Mercury Loop

Mercury retrograde cycles are so strange. At the time of the World Trade Centre attack Mercury was at 14.17 Libra, and went up to 29.41 Libra to go retrograde, returning to go direct at exactly the same spot – 14.12 Libra. (This is the degree of the US Saturn in the 10th house, which represents Congress.) Curiously Bush was elected when Mercury was stationary direct at 29.56 Libra just 10 months before. With the sniper attack Mercury nearly touches the WTC Mercury, then goes direct at 29 Virgo. And in August 2003 Mercury will retrograde at 26 Virgo going direct at 12 Virgo, taking the energy on. There may be some curious connection with the sniper murders at this time. I doubt that Muhammad is an agent of al Quaeda because the Mercury/Mars square Saturn seems to more of a personal grudge, rather than a collective one. However, Muhammad converted to Islam 17 years previously and actually changed his name to Muhammad just one year ago. I am sure that he was able to carry out the killings in such a cold-blooded way because he at least identified himself with oppressed Muslims, and this formed an inner justification for what he did.

The Snipers and the US chart

It is worth noting the strong connections with the sniper attack and the US (Sibley) chart. The romanticisation of forearms in the American cowboy myth, and via Hollywood is definitely related to the Mars/Neptune square in the US chart. Indeed, the Descendant of the sniper attack chart is 22 degrees Virgo, exactly on US Neptune, and the attack occurred as Mars reached this point, exactly squaring US Mars at 21.23 Gemini. It is during the period of the sniper attacks that Saturn reaches 29.05 Gemini to go retrograde until February 22, 2003 at 22.08 Gemini, exactly on US Mars and squaring US Neptune.

Weapons Control

Obviously there are lessons to be learned. A Saturn conjunction to Mars can be very useful for weapons control, and it only comes along every 30 years. With 200 million firearms in circulation in the US, legislation to restrict access to guns would seem overdue. Anyone over 18 can buy a gun, and at the so-called “private” booths at gun shows, no background checks are made on customers. Over 10,000 people are murdered with firearms each year in the US, (Note 1) but actually large numbers of people also die through accidents with their own weapons. One might think that the arguments are clear, but actually the latest legislation regarding guns is the Brady Law, name after Ronald Reagan’s press secretary who was crippled in a failed assassination attempt on Reagan. It took 7 years to get the legislation through congress and all it achieved was to make a background check of customers obligatory – and this does not apply at gun shows.


See chart for NRA

The main opponent of gun laws is the National Rifle Association, which was founded on November 17th 1871 to improve marksmanship amongst young people. (Note 2). The foundation chart, shown as a solar chart for 12 p.m., is an education in itself. The NRA’s slogan is the 2nd amendment “The right to bear arms shall not be infringed”, and this concern with rights is probably reflected by the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. However, note the extremely strong Mars/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn (square Venus), and the Sun in Scorpio opposition Pluto, which is semi- and sesquisquare the Mars/Saturn… quite a murderous combination. It’s easy to see why the NRA is so strongly rooted in the American psyche – the North Node at 22 Gemini is right on the US Mars and square its Neptune. As a final comment on this chart, it is interesting to see that Venus looks quite peaceful at 9 Libra. Yet this is the position of Vindemiatrix – the star of Widowhood, so it’s appropriate that Venus is square the Mars/Saturn conjunction. 10,000 deaths a year is a lot of widows and widowers, and Muhammad and Malvo managed to add more to that number. Perhaps that is why the Sun in the first sniper shooting is exactly on this degree – 9.32 Libra.

Adrian Duncan. October 24, 2002

(Note 1) See
(Note 2).See National Rifle Association’s home page:

George W. Bush & Saddam Hussein

If you look at the AstroCartoGraphy map for the USA (Sibley horoscope), you’ll find that the Pluto line goes straight through the Midheaven at Baghdad. In other words, the darkest projections of Americans are channeled into leadership issues in this distant country. As Pluto will often represent something that needs to be rejected, destroyed or eliminated, it is the natural fate of Saddam Hussein to be the object of the greatest fears of the USA, and to suffer accordingly. In this light it is easy to understand the Bush administration’s goal of removing him from power.

The Bleak History of Saddam Hussein

He is a wonderful candidate for this role. Having committed his first murder at the age of 15 (Note 1.) , gassed 5000 civilians in March 1988 at Halabja, and killed 180,000 Kurds in the infamous Anfal operation. Apparently he shot his minister for health at a cabinet meeting and carried on with the meeting afterwards, with the minister’s body lying next door. This is a man who really knew how to get unanimity at meetings.

Cancerian Bush and His Home

When Pluto is transiting the US Ascendant in this period, it is natural that there is a focus on terrorism on the one hand and Iraq – part of Bush’s axis of evil – on the other. The US Sibley Ascendant is semisquare Pluto, and always on the lookout for threats to its survival. When threat became living reality with the lamentable and cynical torpedoing of the World Trade Center with passenger airplanes, America found itself at war with an elusive and – there is no other word for it – evil adversary. With Bush’s Sun in exactly the same position as the US Sun at 13 Cancer, it is not difficult to imagine that Bush took this attack very personally indeed. A Cancer’s home is his castle, and here his greatest buildings were destroyed. Europeans, who did not lose 3000 citizens in the space of an hour, may forget the enormity of the trauma that was inflicted on America at this time. For Americans – at a time when US progressed Sun conjoined its Moon in Aquarius – this led to a profound identification with the soul of the nation.

The New Bush Doctrine

September 11 had a phenomenal impact on American foreign policy. The new Bush doctrine that has been formulated recently states that the US reserves the right to take whatever measures necessary – economic, diplomatic or military – to prevent any country from threatening it. US policy is to actively combat any country, which tries to compete with it militarily, whether it is Russia, China, or any other country. In other words the government of George Bush proclaims itself as the world’s only superpower, and aims to use this power to ensure it remains that way. This is the new world order. Seen in this light, the fact that Saddam Hussein is trying to develop weapons of mass destruction is quite enough to justify intervention. American’s do not want another surprise attack. Of course, this is a slippery slope. Other countries have nuclear bombs – indeed the USA is a strong ally of Pakistan, a member of the nuclear club, and a Muslim military dictatorship that could be compared to Iraq. China has nuclear weapons, and the means of delivering them intercontinentally.

The Case for War

September 11 showed that vast damage could be done without weapons of mass destruction. The idea that Iraq actually would use nuclear weapons, even if they were able to acquire them, and thus guarantee their own destruction, simply does not hold water. The argument that Iraq has ignored UN security council resolutions about weapons inspection is also rather thin. 11 years have passed since the Gulf War, and a weakened Iraq is hardly a threat to even its closest neighbors (who have all criticized US intervention), let alone America. On top of that Israel has also consistently ignored UN resolutions. Quite clearly, America is looking for an excuse for a war – so will they get it?


In an earlier article written after the Twin Towers attack, I wrote “All these indications indicate that America is at war, and will remain at war for at least a year”. The reason for this conviction was that Uranus transits the US Moon until January 2003, and that the June 2002 eclipse fell at 20 Gemini on the US Mars – together with Saturn. With the rapid and comparatively successful execution of the war in Afghanistan, it seemed that I was wrong. But perhaps this just whetted the appetites of the hawks in the US administration like Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld is something of a dictator himself – with his Sun in Cancer conjoining Pluto and squaring Uranus, he is an unpleasant man to cross swords with, and implacable with regard to revenge, as the German Prime Minister can confirm. (Rumsfeld has frozen out Schroeder since his party reefused to support the US in its war aims.) Afghanistan disproved skeptics and showed the effectiveness of US military might. This may lead to the view that Iraq will collapse in a similar manner. So the question is: will US attack Iraq, and will they succeed in removing Saddam Hussein?

The Kingdom of Iraq

See chart for the kingdom of Iraq

I think the answer to both questions is yes. There are several important charts for Iraq, and one of the earliest is for the kingdom of Iraq, which was artificially created when Britain handed the territory over in 1921. In March 2005 there will have been a complete Uranus cycle since the birth of the state. This seems to indicate that a revolutionary change will have taken place by this time. More to the point this horoscope shows an exact Sun/Mercury conjunction at 29 Leo, which symbolizes Iraq’s leader and his cabinet. Uranus opposes this degree in March, September and December 2003, and this seems to be a strong indication of bombings. The Jupiter/Neptune opposition falls on Iraq’s Mars in this period, which could make Saddam Hussein sufficiently over-confident to provoke the USA. Indeed this represents an exact Jupiter cycle since the 1991 Gulf War. It seems like he will be undermined from within (Mars is in the 12th house), so perhaps the Republican Guard will betray him.

Timing for Attack

See chart for February full Moon

Mars, which went retrograde and crossed the Kingdom of Iraq’s MC three times leading up to the Gulf war, will go retrograde in 2003 crossing Iraq’s Descendant thrice. Where attack came from above in 1991, it will come over land in 2003. With an eclipse on USA’s Uranus at the end of May 2003, a ground attack could take place in mid-June as Mars crosses this chart’s Descendant for the first time. Initial attacks however may take place when Saturn goes direct around February 22nd at 22 Gemini within ½ degree of the US Mars. The Saturn station shows a time when logistics will be complete, and just two days earlier Mars in Sagittarius opposes Saturn, triggering the US Mars/Neptune square. Pluto, now at 19 Sagittarius exactly opposes the June 2002 eclipse. A look at the full moon of February 2003, which activates Uranus and thereby opposes Iraq’s Sun/Mercury, shows the seriousness of the situation. The Mars/Pluto conjunction opposes Saturn exactly on the Descendant in Baghdad.

The Republic of Iraq

See chart for the republic of Iraq

The current Republic of Iraq was created via a military coup in 1958. This chart has 14 degrees Leo on the Ascendant activated by the Jupiter/Neptune opposition in 2003. More ominously there is a Moon/Venus conjunction at 19 – 20 Gemini in this chart (opposing Saturn at 20 Sagittarius), so that the Mars/Pluto falls directly on it in February 2003. This suggests that the long-suffering Iraqi population will undergo a hammering throughout the year, but it also suggests that the yoke of oppression will be removed, especially for women and children. This chart is quite a warlike chart, with Mars in Aries on the South Node, opposing Jupiter and the North Node, and squaring the Sun. The progressed MC for this chart is now exactly on the Venus/Saturn opposition, which indicates the enormous pressure Iraq is experiencing.

Bush Trends

Saturn moves retrograde in October this year to come stationary on the US Mars next February. Whilst on the one hand this can be interpreted as a period of restraint, it is also a time of military build-up. The US cannot afford to be ill-prepared if Iraq flaunts the UN, so they will be ready to move in. What happens at this point depends very much on the decisions George Bush makes. Looking at his horoscope for the New York terror attack, it can be seen that his progressed Ascendant squared his natal Uranus at this time, indicating rather strongly that his birth time is accurate. In a few months his progressed MC – trining Jupiter right now and giving unprecedented popularity – conjoins Uranus. Thus, with the backing of the international community, he will set off to complete what his father left incomplete. Bombs will fall.


It seems victory is assured, because Bush’s chart is made for victory, with Venus in the first house sextiling Uranus/North Node on the one hand and Moon/Jupiter on the other. Who will regret the removal of Iraq’s brutal dictator? Putin can happily pursue Russia’s agenda of growth, extracting heavy concessions from Bush for not putting obstacles in the way of the US military adventure. You won’t hear much news about Chechnya in the coming period either. Dick Cheney will be over the moon, with attention apparently deflected from financial scandal. Bush will still be riding a wave of popularity. Where things will go wrong – if this war scenario does develop – is with the UN (which will be seen to be a tool of the Pax Americana ), the US economy, and in the undermining of Tony Blair in the United Kingdom.

Consequences for the UN, Blair and US economy

The UN has a Moon at 22.37 Gemini in conjunction with Uranus at 17.02 Gemini, indicating the hotchpotch of national identities and peoples that comprise its members. As transiting Saturn conjoins this point – which is of course the same point as the USA’s Mars, which explains Bush’s current bullying tactics – the whole organization is put under pressure. When Pluto opposes the Moon later, then there is danger of disintegration. Pax Americana is bad for the UN. Blair has Sun at 15 Taurus square Moon at 11 Aquarius, so transiting Neptune will undermine his authority, his popularity and the economy. It is an unexpected chance for the Conservatives to challenge his previously impregnable position. Finally oil prices, already high, will likely increase with war in the Middle East, affecting both the world and the American economy. So, although if there is a war, Bush will emerge a victor, and Saddam Hussein will be removed, then it is likely that economic factors will be instrumental in undermining the popularity of Bush after hostilities have ceased.

The coming conjunction of Saturn to Bush’s and the US suns in 2004 indicates a low point for the country, just as it was a low point under the previous Saturn conjunction after the Vietnam debacle and impeachment of Nixon. The US will be faced with the responsibility of administrating a disintegrated Iraq, and the costs of maintaining a military presence. As Pluto moves to oppose the US Mars in 2004/2005, the US military will be placed under intolerable strain, which a new president will solve by making large-scale cuts, particularly in US naval power. Needless to say, this is unlikely to be under a Republican president.

Adrian Ross Duncan September 30, 2002
Note 1. Quote from Hamid Ali Alkifaey from The Independent 19.09.2002
Note 2. All country data from Book of World horoscopes by Nick Campion.


Concorde: catastrophe as a metaphor

One of the best ways of learning astrology is through the study of events. There is rarely any doubt about the exact time of the event, and usually it is quite easy to see how an event reflects the astrology of the moment. However, it is also equally fascinating when the horoscope for a dramatic and powerful event does not seem powerful enough in relation to the event. It’s the same when you have a client with a powerful configuration, who cannot relate to the astrological interpretation of the configuration. At such times you know that there is a discovery to be made… you are about to learn something. I actually enjoy it when clients go blank. For example someone with a Moon square Saturn/Pluto who says, “Not at all, my relationship with my mother was just perfect”. (After a bit of probing you may then get…”Well yes, mother did lock me into the cellar for days at a time, but it was for my own good, you know.”)

Iconic Events

There are events and events. The crash of the Concorde represented much more than its actual demise. The event was iconic. It symbolised the end of a dream. The end of an era of privilege perhaps, and a vast setback to public supersonic travel. In a way it was an event waiting to happen. In one blow it turned the Concorde from a plane with a supposedly good safety record, to a plane with a safety record many times worse than any other plane. The myth of Concorde safety could only be maintained because comparatively few flights had been flown.

Concorde Crash Horoscope

You might expect such an iconic event to be shown by the conjunction of malefics with the angles – take for example the crash of the Israeli cargo jet into a Dutch apartment block when Mars in Cancer (opposing the Uranus/Neptune conjunction) conjoined the IC… cleaving the apartment block into two. Such indications are not apparent in the Concorde horoscope.

See chart for Concorde crash

It’s true that the chart looks dangerous enough. With Algol on the Descendant in reasonably close conjunction with Saturn, and Scorpio rising, there is an atmosphere of grief and death. The semisquare from Saturn to Mercury promises bad news. Also with Mars co-ruling the Ascendant and in fall in the 8th, this message is reinforced. Evidently the conjunction of Mars with the North Node does not bode well, as the Node “earths” Mars. It’s curious that this Mars exactly trines the Ascendant, and this brings to mind the Paddington rail crash. In that case Mars in Sagittarius conjoined the 3rd house cusp exactly sextiling the Ascendant. In both cases the apparent benefic aspects of Mars only served to channel its ferocious destructive power. In both cases hidden aspects to Mars concealed another agenda. It’s only when you look at the 4th Harmonic or midpoint patterns of the Concorde crash that it becomes clear that it configures with the Pluto/Chiron conjunction (Mars is sesquiquadrate Pluto with 29 minutes of arc) and the Moon/Venus/Uranus T-square, making a tight pattern of extreme danger to people.

An Extraordinary Coincidence

Nevertheless, there is a deeper significance to the crash of Concorde over and above the tragic loss of the lives of 113 people. By a most extraordinary coincidence, Jacques Chirac had just landed at Charles de Gaulle airport at that very moment! As his plane taxied in, he was able to see the Concorde take off with flames trailing from the wing, to crash minutes later. Concorde symbolised for France perhaps more than it did for England… it was proof of the superiority of French technology and leadership. This symbol crashed to the earth in flames, as the very leader of France looked on. The significance of the crash is that it links in to the fate of France and its leader.

Links with France

See chart of 1st republic of France

This is when the astrology of the crash gets very interesting indeed. Why for example is the Ascendant at 25.47 Scorpio, and not at 28 degrees, conjoining Saturn? Looking at the chart for the 1st Republic of France it is stunning to see that Mars is at this very spot… 25.47 Scorpio. This clearly shows the link with the fate of France. In the 1st Republic chart, there is an exact Pluto/Uranus opposition at 21 Aquarius/Leo, which this Mars squares. France as a republic was born then with the most powerful T-square, amidst a reign of terror culminating with the execution of Louis XVI a few months later, as a Jupiter/Moon opposition formed a grand cross with Uranus/Pluto. When activated, this pattern is often reflected by crises in France, and it is extremely dangerous for heads of state.

The President

See chart of Jaques Chirac

This prompts the astrologer detective to take a look at the chart of Jacques Chirac. It’s a difficult chart to get enthusiastic about… it’s not easy to warm to a Sun in Sagittarius exactly square Mars, which in turn conjoins Neptune and the node. It’s not difficult to imagine a man deluded by power. And so it has proved to be: he started his period in office with a catastrophic decision to resume nuclear testing in the Pacific – a real man, this guy – and has always been concerned with the military, reforming the French army and getting very actively involved in former Yugoslavia. Rumour has it that he was advised by astrologer Elizabeth Teissier to hold early elections in 1997 to consolidate his already considerable power, only for his Prime Minister, Juppé, to lose catastrophically in the following elections. There may be some truth in this rumour, as I actually met Teissier in Prague that year – she expressed her strong dislike of the socialist Jospin – and she had certainly written that Chirac could avail himself of the Jupiter transit over his Ascendant in December 1997. The resulting debacle saw Jospin coming to power, and Chirac losing his control over the French assembly, effectively halving his power. Such can be the affect of a Pluto transit over the Sun.

The Presidents

French presidents hold more power than any other elected officials in Europe because of emergency powers handed to De Gaulle in the early sixties to enable him to deal with assassination threats. These powers had never been revoked, but Chirac was the first president to also control the elected assembly. Perhaps one conclusion that can be drawn from the Concorde crash – witnessed by one president at the airport named after another – is that there will be a major transformation of the power of the French presidency. In fact a new law is planned later in 2000, shortening the present seven year tenure of the president to a period of five years. In theory this should not affect Chirac – he still has two years to run, and the legislation is unlikely to be retroactive. It is worth noting however that Pluto transits his MC three times this year, and this can signal the end of a period of power. From this it would seem logical to deduce both that the new legislation limiting the president’s power will be enacted, and that Chirac will be heavily involved in constitutional crisis. Whether he will go down in flames is another matter.

Adrian Ross Duncan 1.09.2000


Electric Fish? Uranus in Pisces

Or could it be fishy groups? First TV show with robot as host? (Get the patent on that). Revival of electroshock as therapy? World government run by whales? (I’ll vote for that). First pictures of God? The ingress of Uranus into Pisces on March 10, 2003, is definitely going to work wonders for fantasy. I would like to think that it will spark a new liberalism based on compassion, but the wheels of history do not confirm this. Curiously, the last time Uranus came into Pisces on April 1, 1919, US abolitionists passed the liquor laws – the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution forbidding the manufacture, sale, import, or export of intoxicating liquors. It was not repealed until 1933, and in the meantime people really had fun drinking and breaking the law at the same time. It was good for the film industry and gangster movies too. You could say Uranus in Pisces in the twenties made alcohol famous and magical – in the USA people had to break the law to drink.Jailhouse (hard) Rock

Unpredictable outsiders in jail could be another theme. Hitler was imprisoned in 1923 for his ill-fated putsch, to be released 18 months later after having written “Mein Kampf”. When Uranus entered Aries he was well on the way to his role as leader/Feuhrer. Perhaps we need to take a look at who we put into jail and what we do with them over the next seven years, considering the repetition of Uranus in Aries square Pluto which put it stamp on the early 1930’s and will also do from 2010-2014. Right now 600 people who are supposed to belong to al-Queda are being held without any rights whatsoever on the Guantanamo which the US occupies on Cuba. That’s the kind of issue that can explode when Uranus enters Pisces.

Movie Wonderland

The 1920’s were glorious days for the movie industry and the glorification of film stars. Perhaps the first example of mass hysteria at the passing of a film star was when Rudolph Valentino died on August 23, 1926. As one magazine’s epitaph put it “Although his eyes glimpsed bitterness and sadness, They saw a dream that few folk ever see”, which sums up the prophets of Uranus in Pisces rather well. Uranus was in the last degrees of Pisces at this time, and Sun/Neptune opposed Jupiter in Aquarius. His funeral was a mass public event. It is reasonable to assume that new representations of reality on screen via film, games and cinema will reach the same heights over the coming seven years as silent movies did in the Roaring Twenties. (Silent movies came to an end as Uranus left Pisces – the public no longer had to imagine their own words to emotions so transparently expressed on screen).

Minority Report

Film directors who have their finger on the pulse already sense the transition from Aquarius into Pisces, and are beginning to produce films that capture this new reality. One such film is Minority Report , produced by Steven Spielberg. Based on a Philip Dick science fiction story (just like the Ridley Scott classic Blade Runner ) the main theme of the film is the use of “Pre-Cogs” to predict murders before they actually happen. These PreCogs are clairvoyant misfits who are cared for by the Pre-Crime section of the New York police department in the year 2054, sealed off from outsiders in a watery tank and carefully regulated by a cocktail of drugs. (You may just be getting the Neptune in Pisces theme!) The top Pre Crime cop Anderton (Tom Cruise) manipulates and organizes images received from the PreCogs on huge transparent screens by remote hand movement and voice command, in what seems to be a total liberation from keyboard and mouse.

Visual Surveillance

The PreCogs’ (short for precognizant) ability to predict murder seems infallible until Anderton finds his own name appearing as a potential murderer. He ends up on the run, racing through a meticulously imagined 3D future world where surveillance techniques have reached the heights police departments throughout the world only dream of today. Iris-recognition by strategically placed cameras has replaced identity cards, so the chances of escaping detection on the run are remote, particularly as personal vehicles can be centrally overridden and steered by the powers that be. Once caught, the criminal (or potential criminal, as Pre Crime makes arrests based on precognition) has a “halo” placed around his head, and is taken to a Hi-Tech prison where he or she is placed in a narrow tube under carefully monitored sedation for an indefinable future. That’s a real Uranus in Pisces prison.

The Saturn/Uranus trine

See graph for the Saturn/Uranus trine

As Uranus moves into Pisces in March 2003, it cannot be separated from Saturn, which makes a series of trines to Uranus first from Gemini (to Uranus in Aquarius) and then from Cancer (to Uranus in Pisces).Curiously Saturn/Uranus trines, which take place twice within the Saturn/Uranus 46-year conjunction cycle – at 15-year intervals – tend to take place over sign boundaries 50% of the time. For example from 1926-1927 the Saturn/Uranus trine took place at first from Scorpio to Pisces, and then from Sagittarius to Aries, just as the trine from 1956-1957 commenced in Cancer/Scorpio and went over to Leo/Sagittarius. These transitions of Saturn and Uranus over sign boundaries mark huge transitions in society – transitions in which a bridge is successfully build by inventive Uranus and constructive Saturn from one spirit of an age to another. They signal vast change of consciousness for humanity.

Harmonious Manifestation

Furthermore the Saturn/Uranus trine will relate back to the previous conjunction, and creatively release an abundance of harmonious manifestations of the seed energy that was present when the conjunction took place. For example, at the Saturn/Uranus conjunction of 1896-7 in Scorpio the German physicist Braun invented the cathode-ray tube, which was able to register wireless signals on a screen. At the trine in 1926 Baird made the first successful demonstration of television. Uranus/Saturn conjunctions often signal inventions that have a profound effect. For example the first powered flight (unmanned) took place in 1896 at the conjunction, the first public showing of motion pictures in the US took place, the first underground railway service started (in Budapest), the first motor car was offered for sale in the US. These small beginnings are often completely derided at the time. For example Britain repealed her 1865 Red Flag Act (requiring a man with a red flag to walk ahead of any motorized carriage) at the 1896 conjunction, but the suggestion that motorcars could come to rival railways brought roars of laughter from the benches in Parliament.

The 1988 Conjunction

What particularly characterized the Saturn/Uranus conjunction on the Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp from 1987-8 was the extraordinary liberalization that took place in the Soviet Union (Perestroika), cemented by meetings between Reagan and Gorbatchev. The Soviet Party of the time defined perestroika as “the decisive defeat of the processes of stagnation, the destruction of the braking mechanism…”which is a rather accurate description of what happens when Saturn reaches Uranus to commence its new 46-year cycle. (The forces of liberalization do not necessarily win over those of repression however – witness the Tien An Men massacre of students in China in 1989, and the crushing of student dissidents in Burma around the same time.)

From the Rational to the Visual

We can expect the first trine to bring both a consolidation and further liberalization in Putin’s Russia, with a great boost in technological growth and material development. It is also likely that there will be further harmonization between Russia and the USA during 2003-2004. As Uranus moves from Aquarius to Pisces, we can expect a movement from the rational and verbal to the emotional and visual. As many people have interfaced with reality through networking, computers and mobile devices since the advent of Uranus into Aquarius, there will be a powerful visual transition. The need to be “always on” and always available for contact will subtly change, so that individuals will desire to retreat from relentless technological intrusions, and computer and communication devices will be adapted to accommodate this need. So while communication will tend to develop from voice to video, there will be growing respect for the right of privacy. The private universe will be catered for by a movement away from TV broadcasting (where everyone sees the same thing), to individual entertainment choices. This will in turn lead to an incredible flowering of creativity in the visual arts, with the tendency for everyone to be their own film director (using digital video and the Internet). The intellectual detachment which has governed decision-making with Saturn in Gemini and Uranus in Aquarius will be replaced by a caring ecological spirit which especially bodes well for environmental issues.

Entry into Pisces

Of course, the entry of Uranus into Pisces will bring some explosive pollution issues into the forefront, and it is likely that tankers and oil refineries will be the objects of terror actions, and new protective systems will have to be put into place. (Best to do it now!) Similar the dangers from gas and bacteriological attacks or accidents cannot be underestimated.
When Pluto entered Sagittarius in January 17, 1995, Japan was struck on the same day by the devastating Kobe earthquake. Two months later, on March 20, the Aum Supreme Truth movement killed 11 people in a poison gas attack on the Tokyo underground. At this time Pluto was within two minutes of arc from the square of Japan’s Mercury in Pisces in the 1889 “Meiji” chart for Japan. As Japan’s Mercury is square both Neptune and Pluto, their transport system was vulnerable to gas attacks. So when Uranus moves into Pisces we can expect the first signal to be seen in Japan, connected with its communication and infrastructure. They really need to be on their toes regarding air, sea, road and rail transportation – especially as far as explosive gasses are concerned. Bearing in mind that when Uranus enters Pisces the Moon’s node will be in the first degrees of Gemini – with the North Node on Japan’s Pluto, an earthquake cannot be ruled out either.

See chart of Japan

Tidal Wave of Sorrow

The Third World will come much higher up on the agenda, as humanitarian concerns gain ascendancy. Ideally the Saturn/Uranus trine from Cancer to Pisces should signal a concerted effort to help the underprivileged. However water-sign trines rarely deliver the harmony and happiness which students of astrology might expect. Sorrowful events evoke compassion, and these events can range from disastrous floods, tidal waves etc, bringing a general identification with victims. For example, if Bush the younger seeks to emulate his father in making war on Iraq, the public concern about the humanitarian and ecological consequences will be far greater than anyone can imagine at present whilst Uranus and Saturn are in Air signs.

The Next Wave

Those people with foresight invested in Dot Com names before the ingress of Uranus into Aquarius on January 12, 1996. Similarly people with foresight will already have caught the wave which is as yet far out to sea, which carries the message of Uranus in Pisces. Perhaps a film company like DreamWorks , founded by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenburg and David Geffen in October 1994 (under the Uranus/Neptune conjunction) would be one to watch. Its stocks trade at $27 right now (August 2002), so it would be interesting to check them out when Uranus leaves Pisces in May 2010. Companies working with images and imagery, new advertising concepts, advanced biomedicine, enlightened security principles (like “bracelets” for prisoners), water transport and hydraulics, chemicals and new forms of electricity generation, will probably thrive and prosper at this time.

Mutual Reception

As soon as Uranus enters Pisces it will be in mutual reception with Neptune in Aquarius and this will continue for the whole period – Neptune moves into Pisces in 2011. The principle of reception is that of hospitality – whilst Neptune is in Uranus’ home and vice versa, then they should have more benefits than problems from their abode in that home. Any discomfort Neptune may have felt whilst visiting Aquarius while Uranus was in residence will be mitigated now that Uranus is in Neptune’s homeland. The principle of exchange will take place, just like students visiting each other’s university, or home-swapping holidays. Uranus will bring invention to imagination, whilst Neptune brings imagination to invention. Uranus brings revolutionary change to the spiritual, Neptune brings spiritual change to the revolutionary. We will see this most in the promotion of Third World agenda amongst First World industrialized society, and there is a real hope of idealistic principles becoming the trend. The cross-fertilization between the “primitive” and the “advanced” is going to be amazing. With a bit of luck we will see the kind of exhilaration of the late 1960’s affecting the first decade of the 21st century.

Adrian Ross Duncan 27.08.2002