Show the chemistry between you and your date and reveal - in minutes - the secrets that otherwise would take months to discover:

  • Wondering what on earth your next date is going to be like?
  • Want to check out romantic and sexual chemistry?
  • Get your talking points in advance!

What is your romantic date really like? If you are someone who often dates, then there were surely occasions when the chemistry was absent - with embarrassing results. Even a long-term partner can have secrets that you never knew about.

LoveMatch measures strength and suitability of the contacts between all the planets - that means drives - in your individual birth chart with all the planets in your romantic partner's horoscope. This reveals whether there is chemistry and attraction, or not so much.

If you have a reasonable score in any of the four areas - soulmate, romance, passion and mental spark - and a good overall score, then you will have a good time. Get started with the LoveMatch to ensure a happy, sexy and fulfilling date.

Calculate your Cosmic Chemistry



LoveMatch: Discover the love connection with your current partner

Nothing is more frustrating than spending your life with the wrong person. But when you are blinded by love, you can overlook many red flags until your chemistry fades away. Don’t want to find yourself in an unhealthy relationship with many wasted years behind your back? Turn to love match astrology to predict if your date has a future.

AstroWOW’s latest tool can guide you through zodiac compatibility with your date. With a few clicks, you can find out whether your current partner will become your significant other and how to ignite your bond. The stars have all the answers — you only have to ask.

Our tool focuses on a love match by name and zodiac signs. It calculates whether your character traits work well together, why your relationship may struggle and how to generate those soul sparks. When you know each other inside and out and there is a good match, building a harmonious relationship is as easy as pie.

Evaluate birthday love compatibility for a cosmic connection

Want to build a lifetime relationship with someone who shares your values and has the same wild enthusiasm for what you love to do? Get an insight into your love compatibility by the date of birth. This can help you discover whether your character traits, habits and values will make your relationship a wonderful experience or something you’ll be sorry for.

With AstroWOW’s horoscope love match, you can uncover the strength of your:

Plus, you can learn your partner’s secrets in all the areas and get a clue on whether you should keep going on. Our tool only uses your names and birth details to calculate your love chances and look into how well you match your date and what issues you may face in the future. The higher your relationship score is, the more inspiring and stronger your bond will be.

From love match by birthday to living together happily

Resolve your doubts and look at your relationship from a new perspective. If you are confused about your date and looking to make sure you’re spending time with the right person, let LoveMatch calculate the answers for you for free.

How about more details? The Reveal report is a lovely bonus for both of you and can be requested once our tool calculates your compatibility score. You can also order the Match report, which describes in detail the chemistry between you.