Character and Destiny Report

Approx 30 pages
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Based on Adrian Duncan’s many years of experience with clients the Character & Destiny astrology reading reveals your personality in all its facets.

It’s a magical thing to discover how your horoscope explains things in your life, which you might otherwise never have understood. That there is a connection between you and the cosmos. That your life has meaning and significance.

It is even more magic to know that awareness of your behavior gives you the chance to shape your destiny at important junctures of your life.

This astrology report explains the challenges you face because of who you are, and reveals the resources you are blessed with to deal with them. This horoscope reading also explains crucial trends affecting major parts of your life right now and two years into the future.

The result: you are empowered, become aware of who you are and what your mission is, and learn how to attain success in your relationships and career.

If you purchase a report and are not satisfied, we will:

  • Redo the reading if birth details were incorrect
  • Exchange it for another reading of your choice.
  • Or gladly refund you.


Ignatios Skandalis, Greece

Hi Adrian. I just want to thank u so much for your help in my life... 16 pages and all of theme was my real life in some papers!! couldn't believe that i read my life from the stars!! You helping me to understand so many things on my life! Especially with my past and my parents! With Real Respect to your existence in this world...thanks again.

Janne Heslegrave, Denmark

Hi Adrian. Thanks a million for the horoscope. It was an exciting read and incredibly accurate on important issues, which I never thought a horoscope could see. I will read it many times in the years ahead and hopefully be wiser from the advice it gives me.

Kylie Ouvrier, USA

Hi Adrian. The way the Soul and Destiny report accurately depicted my personality (positive and not-so positive) and the difficulties I experienced in childhood was truly amazing to say the least! Though a bit of a shock at first, I really feel it has opened my eyes and in its own way, has been a wake-up-call to be more pro-active in the way I relate to myself and others. I just sat there with my mouth agape as I read about myself, at the time, I sat there wishing I had taken the time to read all of the information years earlier when I had initially put in my information and then I figured that I obviously was not ready to hear what it had to say... I really had no idea that Astrology could be so accurate. 

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