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Adrian Duncan


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Astrology Reports

Understand Your Past – Create Your Future

Wonder what the future is going to bring and how to handle the next challenge? Our astrology reports show you what is happening, why, and what to do about it. Get to know your options and how to mobilize your talents and overcome obstacles, so that you can reach your objectives and feel happy and fulfilled.

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WOW Software

Be Your Own Astrologer

Does your birth chart seem like a mystery to you?
It won’t be when you use our horoscope software, because no previous knowledge of astrology is required. Just point and click to get in-depth interpretations of your character and life trends.

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Love Match

Understand and Transform Relationships

Discover the chemistry between you and your date. Reveal in minutes your date’s personality traits which would otherwise take weeks to discover. Get an in-depth analysis of your relationship to understand its strengths and weaknesses

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Free horoscopes, astrology software, personal readings and online courses - your complete guide to astrology

Do you feel cornered or stuck? Exploring new ways of achieving fulfillment? Learning how to respond to life events? AstroWOW is where you can discover those sought-after answers and get guidance by connecting with astrology online.

AstroWOW isn't just another horoscope website. It's an all-encompassing guide for all zodiac signs to reveal the truth about their characters, find out what awaits them down the road and learn to make the most of the resources they already have. Feel free to take a look around and discover what the universe has in store for you.

On AstroWOW, you can treat yourself to free horoscopes, personalized horoscopes, astrology reports, compatibility charts for relationships and more. We also provide software and resources that can help you learn astrology and accurately interpret events in the past to extrapolate them to master trends in the future.

Look for answers in your astrology chart

Meet your true self by getting a grasp on your birth chart. Make no mistake: most of the answers you need for your relationships, career and fulfillment are depicted in it. Take the guesswork out of your life and get to know your personality and strengths at an astrological level.

Our Horoscope Interpreter, AstroCalendar and Astrology for Lovers software can help you decipher your astrology chart. You can easily discover valuable information and advice from it, even if you know little about the subject. Our software does the most complicated part so that you can step into an astrologer's shoes and:

  • take a deep dive into a horoscope wheel and get spot-on planetary predictions
  • keep abreast of life changes and how to get them under control
  • learn how to cultivate healthy relationships based on your compatibility with your loved one

Do you have your heart set on astrological guidance on even a deeper level? Pair what you discover using our software with AstroWOW reports for all zodiac signs. These are always as detailed as you expect them to be, complete with unique tips for your astrological portrait.

Let Adrian walk you through everything

All astrology reports and software on AstroWOW are designed and written by Adrian Ross Duncan, a professional astrologer and speaker. Adrian has been into astrology for over 30 years and is the author of several astrology books, which you can also find on this website

If you want an expert to look at your horoscope and birth chart, you can talk to Adrian during your 1-hour consultation. It can be held via Skype, over the phone or face-to-face to have personalized attention for your life issues and the best ways to get through them.

Adrian also runs online courses for those who are looking to become better astrologers. By signing up for a 6-module session, you can learn everything from the 12 astrology signs to transits in a well-structured, interactive manner.

Whether you're an individual who just needs advice or a would-be astrologer, you're sure to find AstroWOW your best guide. Browse it to fulfill your personal, professional and educational aspirations!