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Burma is rather a strange country. The country has strange astrologers too. They had a hand in the founding chart of Burma, choosing a birth time of 4.20 a.m. at which time independence celebrations took place in the bright light of a half-moon. Perhaps these astrologers liked the fact that Jupiter was rising and in good aspect to both the Moon and Venus. They were certainly blissfully unaware of one of the outer planets – Neptune – that constellates strongly with the Sun/Mercury conjunction of the chart. (Traditional Vedic astrology does not use Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). Thus it would seem that they did not foresee the state of virtual imprisonment that the government would inflict on a peace-loving population. Read More

Astrology – Research & Practice

In 1977 – the same year as the discovery of Chiron – the book Recent Advances in Natal Astrology was released, authored by Geoffrey Dean and Arthur Mather. Dean was a practicing astrologer who began to use statistical methods to examine traditional claims in astrology, and to discover correlations between astrology and behavior. Recent Advances is filled with one study after another, examining a variety of claims made by astrologers and astrology. These studies basically showed that there was no correlation between astrology and reality. (Note 1) Read More

Extreme Loving

It is difficult to work with astrology and be politically correct at the same time, especially when the subject turns to gender issues. Traditionally gender has been assigned to planets, notably the “male” epithet to Sun and Mars, and the female to Moon and Venus. If you did not follow that guideline as a practising astrologer, you would soon go astray in the predictive field. Back when men were men and women were women – around a century ago – tradition said that a man would marry a woman represented by the position and aspect of the Moon, whilst a woman would marry a man represented by the position and aspect of the Sun. (That was in the days when people got married). Read More

2008 & the Wings of Victory

An era is drawing to a close. What began in January 1995 when Pluto entered Sagittarius, will change in January 2008, when Pluto leaves. 13 long years which have seen a religious transformation take place beyond our dreams, from Islamic terror to neo-conservative hegemony in the USA and prayer sessions between Bush and Blair. It is always the case that when Jupiter teams up with Pluto, which can be said to have happened with this long Pluto transit through Sagittarius, then wisdom is obscured by ideological fanaticism. Read More

Astrology – A General Organizing Principle

When Jupiter entered Sagittarius on November 24th 2006, I thought it would be a good idea to keep eyes and ears open. Perhaps there would be a sign from heaven. Arriving at the train station on a journey to Copenhagen I struggled to get the ticket machine to work, and was joined by another man, and we ended up battling the machine together. This person happened to be perhaps the most famous rock musician in Denmark. So there: I met the Big Cultural Figure as befitted the astrological specification. There is a young American who I teach astrology (Note 1) who had to cancel this very day, because he was making a sudden visit back to the US to give his mother a birthday surprise. This was the exile making the long journey home (Jupiter returns to its own sign). So in both cases there was ample “evidence” that astrology was alive and well. Read More

Cool Future

Recorded history on Earth did not begin so long ago. Egyptian hieroglyphics appeared about 6000 years back and the first phonetic writing appeared shortly after. Theoretically this is a span of only 200 generations. In this period, at least until recently, people have huddled around fires both to keep warm and to cook food. Flames and glowing coals is what they had. Smoke continually darkened their living places and got in their eyes. They gathered around and told stories, watching the shifting shadows curiously. There was day and light, and there was night and dark. In this world of night and day, philosophies developed, and they were characterized by polarity, by good and evil, god and the devil. Reality was defined by opposites – light/dark, good/bad, true/false, matter/energy, body/mind, subject/object. Read More