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Adrian Duncan

Author, Consultant and International Speaker with over 30 years of experience


Solve your problems, discover your unique gifts and get pressing questions answered in a 1-hour consultation with Adrian

  • Don’t carry on struggling and getting nowhere – get the answers!
  • Enjoy a dialogue as Adrian works with you to solve your issues.
  • Fulfilment, clarity and self-acceptance on your future path.
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Online Courses

Become a proficient Astrologer with
Adrian’s interactive Video Courses

  • Cut through the confusion of unfiltered online astrology information.
  • Master the building blocks of the astrological consultation.
  • Learn to interpret every horoscope in clear, structured sessions.
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Let Adrian show you how astrology is
the world’s best guide to Current Events

  • Learn how to become proficient at Mundane Astrology
  • America? Russia? China? World predictions for the years ahead
  • Discover how what is going on around you is also about you!
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