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Do you drift through life in reactive mode day by day, without realizing the significance each event holds for you? Wouldn’t it be nice to know what each day will bring? And then read about your best options for handling challenges and optimizing successful strategies?

The Astro-Calendar astrology report pinpoints influences on your personal birth chart over a 3-month period. It explains their meaning and through an unique Q&A technique presents you with your best options.

For example, if Mars (which relates to competition, sex, men etc.) is passing over your Venus, you would read in your astrological calendar report for that particular day:

EROTIC SPARKS: Woman meets man, but there is more tension than sweet music. Whilst sexual energy is high, the danger of relationship upset is also present.
Should I resist temptation?
Act in haste, repent at leisure. There could be troubles ahead if you succumb to seduction... but on the other hand, you’ve got to enjoy life. It’s your choice.

What is more important, love or sex?
Today it’s about sex, but the opportunity to integrate the finer feelings is there, and should be taken.
Should I insist on getting my way, or should I compromise?
The challenge today is to curb your selfish impulsive and learn the fine arts of negotiation.
Show a little grace.

When you understand each event, major or minor, and its significance for you, life becomes rich in meaning and a treasure trove of opportunity. Use this 3-month astrology calendar to stay ahead of the curve and plan in advance.

If you purchase a report and are not satisfied, we will:

  • Redo the reading if birth details were incorrect
  • Exchange it for another reading of your choice.
  • Or gladly refund you.


Steve Oakes

I honestly use WOW every day
and have never regretted buying it,
or found any programs that can match it – and
I have looked at a lot

Jim Lee

I love the transit graph
and amazingly simple functionality.
It’s been a good
old program over the years

Marc Fernandes

I love your great programs
and have used them almost continuously for the last 7 years.
They are simple to use
and the interpretations are spot on

Andrew D

Horoscope Interpreter and Astrology Calendar
are amazingly accurate and
very easy to use. It gives daily planetary predictions
and is uncannily correct. 5 stars out of 5

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