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2008 & the Wings of Victory

An era is drawing to a close. What began in January 1995 when Pluto entered Sagittarius, will change in January 2008, when Pluto leaves. 13 long years which have seen a religious transformation take place beyond our dreams, from Islamic terror to neo-conservative hegemony in the USA and prayer sessions between Bush and Blair. It is always the case that when Jupiter teams up with Pluto, which can be said to have happened with this long Pluto transit through Sagittarius, then wisdom is obscured by ideological fanaticism. Read More

Astrology – A General Organizing Principle

When Jupiter entered Sagittarius on November 24th 2006, I thought it would be a good idea to keep eyes and ears open. Perhaps there would be a sign from heaven. Arriving at the train station on a journey to Copenhagen I struggled to get the ticket machine to work, and was joined by another man, and we ended up battling the machine together. This person happened to be perhaps the most famous rock musician in Denmark. So there: I met the Big Cultural Figure as befitted the astrological specification. There is a young American who I teach astrology (Note 1) who had to cancel this very day, because he was making a sudden visit back to the US to give his mother a birthday surprise. This was the exile making the long journey home (Jupiter returns to its own sign). So in both cases there was ample “evidence” that astrology was alive and well. Read More

Aquarians in Power

It is probably fair to say that journalists in the USA are extremely grateful to Dick Cheney, who on February 11th 2006 supplied them with the first light relief of the year by shooting hunting partner attorney Harry Whittington whilst actually aiming at some quail. (Note 1) 78-year old Whittington ended up in hospital with pellets lodged close to his heart, but as a good Republican he was man enough to take full responsibility for the accident, and was able to say from his hospital bed: “My family and I are deeply sorry for everything that Vice President Cheney and his family had to go through this week”. Dick Cheney is an Aquarian, and yes, they certainly know how to choose their friends.There are however some who may think there is a certain symbology to the event. This is the man who immediately after September 11th 2001 asked his staff to find any information linking the terrorist act to Iraq, and went on to organize the invasion of a country which at the time was completely free of international terrorists. Cheney, who as Vice President is just a heartbeat away from the most powerful job on Earth, actually shot a lawyer… somebody dedicated to uphold the law. The metaphor is surely that Justice is endangered by this man. Read More

NAUGHTY MEN – Part I : Schwarzenegger

By now it is well known that women come from Venus and men from Mars. Despite the attempted reversals or homogenization of male and female roles in the 1970’s,
when Uranus and Pluto transited the relationship sign of Libra, experience has
shown that little boys like guns and little girls don’t. Big girls are generally not attracted to men who are soft and dependent, whilst big boys go for beauty rather than muscle. That is the way of Venus and Mars, which are universal gender organizing principles for humanity. And whilst we may lament hat vast sums of money are spent by governments on military hardware, it is interesting to ponder on the fact that equal sums of money are spent on the fashion and beauty industry. Read More

The Twenties

Many things in a person’s life are predictable without knowing anything about the person apart from the age. Certain developments are inevitable simply because of astrological, or indeed astronomical, factors that will always occur at specific ages. The age of 32 will always be a romantic and fruitful year for example – it is at this age that Mars and Venus simultaneously return to their birth positions. These natural cycles can be correlated to the birth chart too, so if Venus or Mars are strong at birth, through for example having a Libra Ascendant, then the likelihood of romance is increased. Likewise, all astrologers are aware of the Saturn cycle, which at the approximate age of 29 completes one orbit of the Sun and returns to its natal position. Read More

A Future with Pluto

Nobody has ever suggested that it was the job of Pluto to make people feel comfortable. That is not the general idea. When it was discovered as a pinpoint of light on a photographic plate on February 18th 1930 , the world was in upheaval – financially because of the Wall Street crash, and politically because of the rise of fascism in Europe . Scientifically, early work on splitting the atom led to the development of the atomic bomb, ultimately threatening the survival of humanity. Read More

Autopsy of an Election

Subsequent to the November 2nd election in the US , a lot of astrologers have gone into hiding, because a large majority of them predicted a win for John Kerry. (John who?) I had been predicting for two years that Bush would lose – mea culpa – but was it really because I could not stand his swagger? It is not wise to make predictions about subjects in which one is emotionally involved. As astrologer Nick Campion points out:”.. my surveys about the 1999 NORWAC [astrology] conference and the 2002 UAC indicate that at least 55% of US astrologers will vote for Kerry, and less than 15% for Bush.” In fact astrologers made predictions in favor of one or the other candidate in about this proportion.Obviously predicting an election is never going to be an exact science; if it were, then no one would vote. Read More

A Wise Whale

I knew a woman once who met a whale. Becalmed in the vast expanse of the Atlantic it swam under the small boat she was sailing in. Wondering where it had disappeared she donned goggles and swam under the boat, and that’s where she met it. Vast head and enormous calm eyes staring into hers. She went quiet after that, and two years later, when she consulted me, she was still quiet.Her progressed Mercury had retrograded, and in the year of her transatlantic trip it went stationary direct conjoining Neptune. I guess the ocean trip was Mercury/Neptune in the third house and being becalmed for two weeks mid-ocean was related to Mercury being stationary. Read More


Anybody who has crossed the border between two countries knows how it is. Some borders of course a traditionally worse than others, and you would not get far trying to go from South to North Korea for example. There the no-man’s-land is seeded with mines, and electronics register anyone so foolish to intrude, night or day. But even a relatively innocuous border like that between Poland and Germany retains the essential characteristics:1. When the traveler approaches the border he/she is still in a very familiar landscape. The language is well known, the car number plates recognizable. Toilets and plumbing have a particular design and size of pipe; electricity fittings are as expected. The coffee tastes just so, as does the tea, beer etc. The people are dressed in a certain style; the men and women relate in a distinctive way. You are familiar with the money. Read More

Bush-Clinton, A Study in progressed Mercury

Prediction with astrology has never been an exact science. Whilst there have been attempts throughout astrological history to build up sets of rules for judging contests and finding outcomes, such rules are unreliable, perhaps because no set of astronomical circumstances ever repeats itself exactly. Furthermore, what may have worked in the 15th century under certain historical conditions is unlikely to work in the same way in the 21st century. Even different cultural conditions during the same period of history can bring quite different outcomes to astrological stimuli.Progressions Read More