Sun Sign astrology is a much-maligned branch of astrology. How can people be grouped into 12 categories and have generalisations made about them? Many people – and many astrologers – ridicule the idea. Yet much simpler generalizations exist and are accepted. What about naive generalizations about being “introvert” or “extrovert”. Or about being “typically” American, French, Indian etc.

A Comfortable Living

The extraordinary fact is, that most sun-sign columns in newspapers are written by very skilled astrologers, who excel in their field whether giving consultations, holding seminars or writing articles. Some keep a low profile about their sun sign work – some even have aliases like Orion etc. One of the nice things about writing a sun-sign column is that the astrologer is paid at going journalist rates – and that means well-paid. And God knows an astrologer deserves to be able to live a reasonable life – without having to be supported by a loving spouse or odd jobs.Full-time astrologers can develop truly professional skills which are of benefit to everyone.

Sun Sign skills

One point that critics do not realize is that writing sun sign analyses is difficult. Apart from considerable language skills and the ability to express universal ideas in a succinct manner, you have to have your finger on the pulse, you have to know exactly what’s going on in the heavens, and you have to have an incredible grasp of the 12 solar houses, their rulers – and the dispositors of these rulers. Talking to a skilled sun sign astrologer is an awesome experience. This person will be able to tell you the major themes in your life at any given moment – and give precise dates – whilst you, struggling with transits and progressions cannot even identify these changes with advanced methods.

How to do it

In this short article, I would like to show something of the complexity of this process. Take a look at the horoscope below: This shows the general situation when the Sun moved into Leo in July 1997. The secret of Sun Sign Astrology is to place zero degrees of the Sun Sign on the Ascendant, make a horoscope with Equal Houses and judge circumstances according to the relationships of Solar House Rulers, and, most importantly, concentrating on the “traditional” rulers for Scorpio (Mars), Aquarius (Saturn) and Pisces (Jupiter).
So what’s going on for Leos then? Well, for example Mars is in Leo’s 3rd House, and…oh, dear…opposition Saturn. So here comes a detailed interpretation for a Leo:
Trouble with authority in all education matters. An enormous workload. Brothers have a tendency to bully. Your partner (7th House Ruler Saturn in 9th) is under extreme severe attack (opp. Mars). This is a recurrence of circumstances which popped up in February 1997, only to recede again. (Why? Because Mars was opposite Saturn in February but went retrograde, and is now repeating the aspect) Recommended solution for partner: more freedom, alternative healing, travel. (Saturn is after all sextile Jupiter in Aquarius in the 7th) It is important for your partner to retrace his/her steps to pick up opportunities which presented themselves previously. (Saturn is now stationary and goes retrograde until 17 December)
Of course there is much more – that was just about Leo’s partner.

Another Example

If analysing another sign, just place zero degrees of that sign on the Ascendant and go for it. Take a look at the following solar horoscope for Libra … same planetary positions, but the horoscope has been moved around. So how’s Libra (and Taurus, for that matter)? Well, Venus is changing signs from Leo, where she has been romanced, wined and dined, had fun with friends, and perhaps a little bit of travel too with the opposition to Jupiter in Aquarius. But, oh!…, she’s heading into her fall in Virgo, and to make matters worse hits a square to Pluto when already weakened. So here is the prediction:
The days of sunny romance are over, and you have to get down to practicalities. An existential crisis threatens (Venus is in the 12th) and it is time to abandon impractical beliefs and convictions. Avoid fanatical obsession with details. Traumas in your work life – secret enemies undermine your security. Be prepared to take a loss or make a break.
Well it’s not much fun for the Venus-ruled whilst Venus is in Virgo. No good aspects until the trine to Neptune at the end of the sign. (And she’ll need a drink by then!)


Those who are really skilled will be able to take dispositors into account. For example Venus in Virgo definitely suffers, but at present Mercury, the dispositor of Venus, is exalted in Virgo. Therefore she can expect honourable treatment from people who count. On the other hand, Mars’ situation, which is already appalling (in exile and opposition to Saturn) will be weakened further when Venus which disposes of him gets broken down in Virgo. It’s like being in a crumbling hotel in Baghdad, under siege by aggressive fundamentalists.

Go forth and practice!

Well, that’s how it’s done. Go forth to parties and other informal meets and astound your friends. If you know your stuff, you will always hit the mark.

© Adrian Ross Duncan