As we enter the year 2013 – having survived the predictions of the end of history (as some people have interpreted Mayan astronomy) – the populations of the world are perhaps beginning to get accustomed to an atmosphere of crisis. The struggle for the survival of the Euro continues, and the whole European ideal, which truly sprang from an earnest desire of politicians in France and Germany to forever avoid new wars in the mid-1950’s is being questioned. The US continues to hover between recession and growth, China is battling with leadership change and the consequences of an overheated economy. Recession in the west creates problems in the developing countries, and only a few economies seem to be thriving, particularly Russia and Brazil. The Middle East is in turmoil; Iran is still perceived as a threat.  So when will we see improvements?

Not in 2013.

During the course of this year, the next two in a series of seven Uranus/Pluto squares take place in Aries and Capricorn, on May 20th and November 1st, and these take place at 11 degrees and 9 degrees respectively, which are direct hits on the Sun positions for the euro, the United Kingdom and important European horoscopes, so we can expect the struggles to save the euro to continue. The subsequent three squares between Uranus and Pluto take place in April 2014, December 2014 and March 2015 at 12-14 degrees, which directly hits the USA chart. So the indications are that Europe will be in crisis in 2013 and the USA in 2014.

What mitigates this scenario is the amazing trine between Saturn and Neptune, which becomes a perfect grand trine at 4-5 degrees water signs in July. In fact Jupiter will trine Saturn three times in 2013 – 2014, which does suggest successful strategies for stabilizing society and civil unrest and building up growth. 2013 will be dominated by Saturn in Scorpio, which awakens deep-seated anxieties and insecurities, and since October 2012 has brought a number of scandals, many of a sexual nature, which have destroyed the reputations of otherwise respected figures. (Note 1) Saturn in Scorpio does not bode well for the banking industry and suggests an even greater tightening of credit.

Yet, the Saturn/Neptune trine is deeply emotional, and can also be deeply caring. As Neptune is expressed very strongly in the media, this trine will lead to films and documentaries that tug at the heart strings and evoke extremely strong feelings of compassion in a mass audience. When Jupiter joins this pair to make the grand trine in early July 2013, there will be a world event that rouses extremely strong emotions. And as water sign trines always evoke sorrow and compassion in tandem, there may well be an atmosphere of mourning, which somehow raises mass consciousness and a desire to give emotional support. This focus on loss is emphasized by the transit of the north node through Scorpio in which sign the eclipse in early November will fall.

How will this play out on a collective level for the 12 sun signs? By placing the sunsign on the Ascendant of a solar chart, and then placing the outer planets in the appropriate solar house, it is possible to give quite an accurate picture for each sign in 2013:


Since Uranus moved into Aries in 2010, this has been a time when you have asserted your freedom and independence. As Jupiter in Gemini is currently making a sextile to Uranus, which is very close in February 2013, the winter period will be very exciting for you, and an excellent time for travel and education, though not of the conventional sort.  February is in fact a month when you really want to pursue a dream and get away from it all. The two contacts between Pluto and Uranus in May and November will signal an ongoing battle to strike out on your own, with considerable conflict arising because of the intervention of autocratic authorities, parental or in your career, who are not well-disposed to your freedom-seeking dreams. It is an ongoing crisis, where you strive to redefine your ambitions. This situation will probably improve after July, when the Saturn/Jupiter trine brings favorable economic developments, and happy domestic developments too.



Because of the eclipse cycle falling in your seventh house, where Saturn will be until September 2015, the coming year will be defined by relationship developments, and the months of May and November will be especially significant. This influence is a testing time for your ability to take responsibility in relationships. Saturn is always a timing factor which sets in motion long-term developments.  In this case the Jupiter/Saturn trine signals a good period for a long-term commitment in July and December 2013 and May 2014. The latter part of 2013 is also excellent for education and study, and this is emphasized by your sign ruler Venus entering Capricorn in November 2013 where it will be for four long months. This is a fantastic period for expanding your horizons both intellectually and through travel, but it is also a time when you can get caught up in moral issues about what you feel is right or wrong, and you tend to take a rather uncompromising view.



You start the year with Jupiter in Gemini, and as this planet rules partners, the indications are that the first part of 2013 is characterized by loved ones very much doing things the way you want to be done. In many ways this is favorable for you, but you may also feel a little crowded. Partners send mixed signals about being dependent and independent at the same time. Late January and late May are excellent times for love. After July there is a focus on your economy, and this can in fact be a time when things go extremely well at work, which could bring you higher wages too. As regards work, this could otherwise be an extremely tight period, with a number of upheavals and a reduction in the number of colleagues. But it is an excellent time to work with idealistic or humanitarian issues. The most testing time for you at work is undoubtedly October and November when a new regime is imposed and you have to work extremely hard. You’ll need to find a constructive way of handling the pressure at this time.



With Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio – both water signs – this is a time when you feel very much at home and comfortable with the changes going on around you, as you too are a water sign. And when Jupiter moves into Cancer on June 26th there will be major changes which will increase your confidence and perhaps also your good fortune. This is a time when you will be deeply in contact with your emotions, and as Jupiter moves on to connect to Saturn and Neptune in July, you will be enveloped in strong spiritual feelings and very much in touch with a deep sea of compassion. People will need you at this time, and you will give emotional support. With Saturn and the eclipse activating your solar fifth house, which is connected with children and creativity, this is an area where there will be significant long-term commitments.  Jupiter’s entry into Cancer means that it activates the long-standing Uranus/Pluto square, and this will happen most powerfully in the latter part of July – a time of supreme effort in your professional life, where you have to fight an ideological battle for your views.



As the sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun, you are very sensitive to its movements (or the Earth’s movements around the sun) and to the seasons. The two eclipses of the year in May and November will be extremely significant for you and have an impact primarily in your home life and the establishment of a secure emotional base, although there is also an emphasis on career developments, particularly in May. Because of the long-term presence of Saturn in your solar fourth house, things will be far from perfect domestically, and you may have to accept a shortage of space or restrictions in another form. However the series of three Jupiter trines to Saturn will bring a successful resolution and you will learn to enjoy and make the most out of what you have. This could be very good for family life and home investment, long term. These are disruptive times in your working life, which does not have much of a semblance of normality from 2012 to 2014. There may be travel, restructuring at work and other upheavals, but you are preparing the ground for something unique.



The main influence on your life in 2013 is the continued presence of Neptune in your solar seventh house of partnership (where it has been shortly in April 2011, and more emphatically in 2012). This can evoke a sense of isolation in partnership, or a feeling of having very little control over what people you are attached to choose to do. February and March are months when you tend to put yourself in a weak position in connection with partners, mostly because you listen to your dreams, rather than the voice of reason. Yet the Saturn/Neptune trine is brilliant for tuning in to and communicating deep truths about life, and it is an excellent period to associate with spiritual people or engage in humanitarian work or groups. This becomes even stronger in July, and in subsequent months you will experience tremendous support from good friends and beneficial organizations that will help you grow and get your message across. It is a good time for educational projects connected with groups; October and November will require an immense effort and commitment from you in this area.



Ever since Uranus entered your opposite sign Aries in 2010, there have been radically new developments in relationships, and far more space in partnerships. To some extent you have developed quite a taste for the freedom that this has given you, and the first half of 2013 is an excellent time for making use of this freedom through travel and short educational sojourns. However, with Saturn and the eclipses falling in your second solar house of finance, there may be a shortage of cash. If you are anxious about your personal economy, the trick is to budget and wait. By July excellent new career trends which last well into 2014 will boost your career and also your salary. Whilst there are many changes in relationships in this period, there are also major restructuring in your home and family life. The last two months of 2013 will see you spending far more time at home resolving knotty family problems. This is a time when you really get organized and impose a plan at home that brings stability and structure for the years ahead.



This is likely to be a momentous year for you, and ever since Saturn entered your sign in October 2012 you will undoubtedly have felt the pressure mounting up, pushing you to launch a new epoch in your life. You become profoundly aware of feelings that have been dammed up inside, especially in regard to intimate relationships, and 2013 requires a controlled release of these feelings. Above all you have to be authentic, which means that you may have responsibilities, but your first duty is to realize yourself. With Jupiter entering Cancer in July, and Neptune in Pisces – both water signs like yourself – this is in fact a spiritually uplifting year when the floods of insight and perception greatly enrich your life, not least through music, film and creative activities generally. The November eclipse in your sign highlights this spirit of transformation under pressure… a time when you dig deep into your history to unearth the secrets of your soul. There will hardly be a better year for psychological insight, travel and studies.



Up until the end of June 2013 your sign ruler Jupiter is in your opposite sign Gemini, which – although this is an exciting and outgoing period, when you meet a lot of people and perhaps travel a lot too – means that you are rather dependent on other people. It is great time for flirtation and fun and games, but by July the emphasis in your life changes and you will be striving to create much deeper and emotionally rich relationships. From being willing to compromise, you want to show more strength, and you will demand authenticity and uncompromising intimacy in the important relationships in your life. This is a wonderful time for psychological growth and insight, and for spiritual discipline too. Although this is generally a period when home and family life is rather fluid, there can also be happy family events, and this could be a good time to invest in property. The last half of 2013 is also an excellent time for philanthropy, helping older people and for building ecological awareness.



As Capricorns are always sensitive to the movement of Saturn, its entry into powerful and mysterious Scorpio in October 2012 will have brought a major change of emphasis. 2013 is the time to consider your role in society, and more specifically your social responsibilities in relation to groups and friends. Initially this can seem very challenging, and the solar eclipses activating the solar eleventh house will bring some very intense events and crises in this area, which will only be resolved when you overcome initial reluctance and start organizing things yourself. If you are at all motivated by ideals and philanthropy, this is the year when you can really do something that brings concrete benefits to underprivileged people and groups. With the entry of Jupiter into your solar seventh house of partnership, harmonizing with Saturn from mid-2013 to mid-2014, good fortune will come your way, both as regards personal relationships and professionally too. You will get tremendous support from partners, and this should also translate as economic prosperity too. This is the time to take a top administrative position in a group.



As Uranus is strongly associated with your sign, and it is in a tense relation to Pluto from 2012 to 2015, these years are times of crisis and transformation for you, when you mobilize all your survival abilities to adapt to rapid change. The main emphasis is on developing new mental skills, and this is the fun part, bringing you in contact with young and gifted people and generally making you feel more youthful and inspired. At the same time, with Saturn in your solar tenth house of career, this is also a time when the focus is on long-term ambitions which you pursue relentlessly and with amazing self-discipline. Major events happen in your career this year, and from July onwards good fortune swings your way, enabling you to build up extremely productive working relationships with people. Although ambition is important to you, ideals are also crucial, and you are happiest when you can produce something which benefits the people who really need help. Money is not the important issue here – human relations are.



Last year was very much characterized by the relationship between the two planets that are said to rule your sign – Jupiter and Neptune. This gave rise to a flood of dreams and visions which you may have wanted to manifest in the pursuit of a more idealistic lifestyle and in the dream of utopian alternatives for your home and family life. Experience will show that many of these hopes have remained no more than that, and by July 2013 you find far greater satisfaction in pursuing something much closer to your heart, and something you will have greater success with. This brings an incredibly fruitful and creative period for you. It is a great time for children and for pursuing a creative dream. The indications are that you will flower intellectually at this time – it is an excellent period for further education – and that you can create something solid that has a wide impact. You are no longer a dreamer; you weave your dreams into something wonderful. What makes this great is that your highest ideals are made concrete, and for a Pisces that is really something.

 Adrian Ross Duncan November 15th 2012

1. Jimmy Savile, the famous British entertainer who was exposed as serially molesting young girls is an example. Lance Armstrong, the cyclist, exposed in a doping scandal, is another.