Month: August 2011

Electric Fish? Uranus in Pisces

Or could it be fishy groups? First TV show with robot as host? (Get the patent on that). Revival of electroshock as therapy? World government run by whales? (I’ll vote for that). First pictures of God? The ingress of Uranus into Pisces on March 10, 2003, is definitely going to work wonders for fantasy. I would like to think that it will spark a new liberalism based on compassion, but the wheels of history do not confirm this. Curiously, the last time Uranus came into Pisces on April 1, 1919, US abolitionists passed the liquor laws – the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution forbidding the manufacture, sale, import, or export of intoxicating liquors. It was not repealed until 1933, and in the meantime people really had fun drinking and breaking the law at the same time. It was good for the film industry and gangster movies too. You could say Uranus in Pisces in the twenties made alcohol famous and magical – in the USA people had to break the law to drink. Read More

Corruption in USA

Of the seven deadly sins, greed is an honored member, and none of us are completely free of it. It’s a natural human attribute, just like anger and jealousy, and connected with being human, and the need to survive. Recently however, it has been enshrined into corporate dynamics as the driving force because of the very structure of business today. It is short-term profit that drives most large companies, not necessarily because the leaders themselves want the profit, but because their shareholders do, and if profit is not delivered, then leaders are replaced. Share prices are the key to these profits, and therefore companies do what is in their power to get share prices up. This leads to some very creative accounting, because it’s crucial that the market gets a perception of a company in growth. With this perception, share prices go up, and everyone with shares earns money. The company really does seem to be healthy, and this boosts share prices even more. Suddenly it is in nobody’s interest that the balloon of confidence is punctured in any way, and this perpetuates a situation which in the long-term is untenable. Read More

Cycles large & small: Venus & Mercury

The solar system of which we are a part is full of extraordinary mysteries which people throughout history have tried to decipher. The relationship between size, distance and orbit has been the source of fascination for mathematicians and mystics and remains largely ignored or unexplained today. In the many centuries when a geocentric viewpoint prevailed, the retrograde movement of planets revealed a magic geometry which has been discarded of late, because – as we all know – the planets revolve around the sun, not around the Earth. Read More

The Art of Losing an Election

The art of electing a time to do anything is the most challenging task for any astrologer. Over the centuries rules have been written down, but times change, new planets are discovered, and no astrological configuration precisely repeats itself, making these rules limited in value. For many dedicated astrologers today – especially those interested in horary – planning actions according to chosen horoscopes becomes second nature. In this way it is possible to use daily life as a great teacher, and every day brings successes and failures which can be learned from. Read More

The Two Towers

When the first airliner flew into the first tower, things looked bad in Manhattan. Finally, it seemed, the many flights in the vicinity of New York had led to a terrible accident. When the second airliner flew in to the second tower, 15 minutes later – plenty of time for the TV cameras to be in position as was undoubtedly intended – then it dawned simultaneously for many millions that unnatural and evil forces were at play. Red flames, black smoke, spewed out from the stricken building, and the full horror of the situation was apparent. Some kind of war had been declared. That these buildings – these proud symbols of the Masters of the Universe in concrete, glass and steel – subsequently crumbled into dust, seemed an impossibility. Such an event could not happen. But it did. The founding stone had been laid with an exact Uranus/Pluto conjunction on August 5th 1966, and when the progressed Sun reached this point 35 years later – at the repeat of the Saturn/Pluto opposition – the building was engulfed in flames and turned to dust. Read More