Or could it be fishy groups? First TV show with robot as host? (Get the patent on that). Revival of electroshock as therapy? World government run by whales? (I’ll vote for that). First pictures of God? The ingress of Uranus into Pisces on March 10, 2003, is definitely going to work wonders for fantasy. I would like to think that it will spark a new liberalism based on compassion, but the wheels of history do not confirm this. Curiously, the last time Uranus came into Pisces on April 1, 1919, US abolitionists passed the liquor laws – the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution forbidding the manufacture, sale, import, or export of intoxicating liquors. It was not repealed until 1933, and in the meantime people really had fun drinking and breaking the law at the same time. It was good for the film industry and gangster movies too. You could say Uranus in Pisces in the twenties made alcohol famous and magical – in the USA people had to break the law to drink.

Jailhouse (hard) Rock

Unpredictable outsiders in jail could be another theme. Hitler was imprisoned in 1923 for his ill-fated putsch, to be released 18 months later after having written “Mein Kampf”. When Uranus entered Aries he was well on the way to his role as leader/Feuhrer. Perhaps we need to take a look at who we put into jail and what we do with them over the next seven years, considering the repetition of Uranus in Aries square Pluto which put it stamp on the early 1930’s and will also do from 2010-2014. Right now 600 people who are supposed to belong to al-Queda are being held without any rights whatsoever on the Guantanamo which the US occupies on Cuba. That’s the kind of issue that can explode when Uranus enters Pisces.

Movie Wonderland

The 1920’s were glorious days for the movie industry and the glorification of film stars. Perhaps the first example of mass hysteria at the passing of a film star was when Rudolph Valentino died on August 23, 1926. As one magazine’s epitaph put it “Although his eyes glimpsed bitterness and sadness, They saw a dream that few folk ever see”, which sums up the prophets of Uranus in Pisces rather well. Uranus was in the last degrees of Pisces at this time, and Sun/Neptune opposed Jupiter in Aquarius. His funeral was a mass public event. It is reasonable to assume that new representations of reality on screen via film, games and cinema will reach the same heights over the coming seven years as silent movies did in the Roaring Twenties. (Silent movies came to an end as Uranus left Pisces – the public no longer had to imagine their own words to emotions so transparently expressed on screen).

Minority Report

Film directors who have their finger on the pulse already sense the transition from Aquarius into Pisces, and are beginning to produce films that capture this new reality. One such film is Minority Report , produced by Steven Spielberg. Based on a Philip Dick science fiction story (just like the Ridley Scott classic Blade Runner ) the main theme of the film is the use of “Pre-Cogs” to predict murders before they actually happen. These PreCogs are clairvoyant misfits who are cared for by the Pre-Crime section of the New York police department in the year 2054, sealed off from outsiders in a watery tank and carefully regulated by a cocktail of drugs. (You may just be getting the Neptune in Pisces theme!) The top Pre Crime cop Anderton (Tom Cruise) manipulates and organizes images received from the PreCogs on huge transparent screens by remote hand movement and voice command, in what seems to be a total liberation from keyboard and mouse.

Visual Surveillance

The PreCogs’ (short for precognizant) ability to predict murder seems infallible until Anderton finds his own name appearing as a potential murderer. He ends up on the run, racing through a meticulously imagined 3D future world where surveillance techniques have reached the heights police departments throughout the world only dream of today. Iris-recognition by strategically placed cameras has replaced identity cards, so the chances of escaping detection on the run are remote, particularly as personal vehicles can be centrally overridden and steered by the powers that be. Once caught, the criminal (or potential criminal, as Pre Crime makes arrests based on precognition) has a “halo” placed around his head, and is taken to a Hi-Tech prison where he or she is placed in a narrow tube under carefully monitored sedation for an indefinable future. That’s a real Uranus in Pisces prison.

The Saturn/Uranus trine

See graph for the Saturn/Uranus trine

As Uranus moves into Pisces in March 2003, it cannot be separated from Saturn, which makes a series of trines to Uranus first from Gemini (to Uranus in Aquarius) and then from Cancer (to Uranus in Pisces).Curiously Saturn/Uranus trines, which take place twice within the Saturn/Uranus 46-year conjunction cycle – at 15-year intervals – tend to take place over sign boundaries 50% of the time. For example from 1926-1927 the Saturn/Uranus trine took place at first from Scorpio to Pisces, and then from Sagittarius to Aries, just as the trine from 1956-1957 commenced in Cancer/Scorpio and went over to Leo/Sagittarius. These transitions of Saturn and Uranus over sign boundaries mark huge transitions in society – transitions in which a bridge is successfully build by inventive Uranus and constructive Saturn from one spirit of an age to another. They signal vast change of consciousness for humanity.

Harmonious Manifestation

Furthermore the Saturn/Uranus trine will relate back to the previous conjunction, and creatively release an abundance of harmonious manifestations of the seed energy that was present when the conjunction took place. For example, at the Saturn/Uranus conjunction of 1896-7 in Scorpio the German physicist Braun invented the cathode-ray tube, which was able to register wireless signals on a screen. At the trine in 1926 Baird made the first successful demonstration of television. Uranus/Saturn conjunctions often signal inventions that have a profound effect. For example the first powered flight (unmanned) took place in 1896 at the conjunction, the first public showing of motion pictures in the US took place, the first underground railway service started (in Budapest), the first motor car was offered for sale in the US. These small beginnings are often completely derided at the time. For example Britain repealed her 1865 Red Flag Act (requiring a man with a red flag to walk ahead of any motorized carriage) at the 1896 conjunction, but the suggestion that motorcars could come to rival railways brought roars of laughter from the benches in Parliament.

The 1988 Conjunction

What particularly characterized the Saturn/Uranus conjunction on the Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp from 1987-8 was the extraordinary liberalization that took place in the Soviet Union (Perestroika), cemented by meetings between Reagan and Gorbatchev. The Soviet Party of the time defined perestroika as “the decisive defeat of the processes of stagnation, the destruction of the braking mechanism…”which is a rather accurate description of what happens when Saturn reaches Uranus to commence its new 46-year cycle. (The forces of liberalization do not necessarily win over those of repression however – witness the Tien An Men massacre of students in China in 1989, and the crushing of student dissidents in Burma around the same time.)

From the Rational to the Visual

We can expect the first trine to bring both a consolidation and further liberalization in Putin’s Russia, with a great boost in technological growth and material development. It is also likely that there will be further harmonization between Russia and the USA during 2003-2004. As Uranus moves from Aquarius to Pisces, we can expect a movement from the rational and verbal to the emotional and visual. As many people have interfaced with reality through networking, computers and mobile devices since the advent of Uranus into Aquarius, there will be a powerful visual transition. The need to be “always on” and always available for contact will subtly change, so that individuals will desire to retreat from relentless technological intrusions, and computer and communication devices will be adapted to accommodate this need. So while communication will tend to develop from voice to video, there will be growing respect for the right of privacy. The private universe will be catered for by a movement away from TV broadcasting (where everyone sees the same thing), to individual entertainment choices. This will in turn lead to an incredible flowering of creativity in the visual arts, with the tendency for everyone to be their own film director (using digital video and the Internet). The intellectual detachment which has governed decision-making with Saturn in Gemini and Uranus in Aquarius will be replaced by a caring ecological spirit which especially bodes well for environmental issues.

Entry into Pisces

Of course, the entry of Uranus into Pisces will bring some explosive pollution issues into the forefront, and it is likely that tankers and oil refineries will be the objects of terror actions, and new protective systems will have to be put into place. (Best to do it now!) Similar the dangers from gas and bacteriological attacks or accidents cannot be underestimated.
When Pluto entered Sagittarius in January 17, 1995, Japan was struck on the same day by the devastating Kobe earthquake. Two months later, on March 20, the Aum Supreme Truth movement killed 11 people in a poison gas attack on the Tokyo underground. At this time Pluto was within two minutes of arc from the square of Japan’s Mercury in Pisces in the 1889 “Meiji” chart for Japan. As Japan’s Mercury is square both Neptune and Pluto, their transport system was vulnerable to gas attacks. So when Uranus moves into Pisces we can expect the first signal to be seen in Japan, connected with its communication and infrastructure. They really need to be on their toes regarding air, sea, road and rail transportation – especially as far as explosive gasses are concerned. Bearing in mind that when Uranus enters Pisces the Moon’s node will be in the first degrees of Gemini – with the North Node on Japan’s Pluto, an earthquake cannot be ruled out either.

See chart of Japan

Tidal Wave of Sorrow

The Third World will come much higher up on the agenda, as humanitarian concerns gain ascendancy. Ideally the Saturn/Uranus trine from Cancer to Pisces should signal a concerted effort to help the underprivileged. However water-sign trines rarely deliver the harmony and happiness which students of astrology might expect. Sorrowful events evoke compassion, and these events can range from disastrous floods, tidal waves etc, bringing a general identification with victims. For example, if Bush the younger seeks to emulate his father in making war on Iraq, the public concern about the humanitarian and ecological consequences will be far greater than anyone can imagine at present whilst Uranus and Saturn are in Air signs.

The Next Wave

Those people with foresight invested in Dot Com names before the ingress of Uranus into Aquarius on January 12, 1996. Similarly people with foresight will already have caught the wave which is as yet far out to sea, which carries the message of Uranus in Pisces. Perhaps a film company like DreamWorks , founded by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenburg and David Geffen in October 1994 (under the Uranus/Neptune conjunction) would be one to watch. Its stocks trade at $27 right now (August 2002), so it would be interesting to check them out when Uranus leaves Pisces in May 2010. Companies working with images and imagery, new advertising concepts, advanced biomedicine, enlightened security principles (like “bracelets” for prisoners), water transport and hydraulics, chemicals and new forms of electricity generation, will probably thrive and prosper at this time.

Mutual Reception

As soon as Uranus enters Pisces it will be in mutual reception with Neptune in Aquarius and this will continue for the whole period – Neptune moves into Pisces in 2011. The principle of reception is that of hospitality – whilst Neptune is in Uranus’ home and vice versa, then they should have more benefits than problems from their abode in that home. Any discomfort Neptune may have felt whilst visiting Aquarius while Uranus was in residence will be mitigated now that Uranus is in Neptune’s homeland. The principle of exchange will take place, just like students visiting each other’s university, or home-swapping holidays. Uranus will bring invention to imagination, whilst Neptune brings imagination to invention. Uranus brings revolutionary change to the spiritual, Neptune brings spiritual change to the revolutionary. We will see this most in the promotion of Third World agenda amongst First World industrialized society, and there is a real hope of idealistic principles becoming the trend. The cross-fertilization between the “primitive” and the “advanced” is going to be amazing. With a bit of luck we will see the kind of exhilaration of the late 1960’s affecting the first decade of the 21st century.

Adrian Ross Duncan 27.08.2002