Month: August 2011

Timothy Mcveigh and Collateral Damage

When the US ambassador to France arrived in Europe 4 years ago, he was an avid supporter of the death penalty. Today he is urging the US government to reconsider. He points out that capital punishment, along with universal access to guns, completely undermines America’s claim to world moral leadership and their policy of using human rights as a political tool. The European Convention on Human rights, signed by 39 countries, bans execution, comparing it to torture and genocide. This is in embarrassing contrast to an America which appears to embrace this form of punishment, led by a president who as state governor for Texas has presided over more executions than any other man in the US. Read More

2001 – Year of The Great Romance

For years – decades even – I have grabbed my red, tattered American Ephemeris to look up planetary movement and see what humankind was up to. My first volume was reduced to a tattered wreck, and now my second volume also looks the worse for wear. But now I suddenly find myself grabbing a slender blue volume which is the American Ephemeris for the first fifty years of the new century. It may be true that the new millennium started last year, but – in Ephemeris time – it starts on January 1st, 2001. For the astrologer, and his or her new ephemeris, that is when the Space Odyssey begins. Read More

Astrology & Daily News

If you do not have the time or money to enrol yourself in an astrology course, here’s another suggestion: have a newspaper delivered directly to your door. Astrology does not happen in a vacuum. Everything that takes place at any given time and place will in one way or another reflect whatever is going on in the Cosmos. The same force that moves the planets, moves people. The smallest thing in the universe undergoes the same processes as the largest. The same rules apply to both, and indeed, an action in one sphere reflects an action in another. Read More

Bridges & Mars

In the old days of traditional astrology, astrologers had strong ideas about the qualities of planets like Mars and Saturn. A few centuries ago psychological assessments, based on channelling the energies of Mars and accepting the karma of Saturn, had little place for practitioners of the art of astrology, who were more interested in outcomes than processes. Mars and Saturn were simply malefics – and harbingers of ill-fortune. Indeed it was only with works like Liz Green’s book on Saturn in the late 70’s that the psychological view really gained predominance and influence, though the 20th century generally saw a new kind of humanistic astrology pioneered by people like Ruperti and Rudhyar. Read More

US Election 2000

Picking a Winner

The great American saga is about to begin again, as the United States gears up to the vast 4-yearly soap opera that is the American election.

During the next months, experts and pollsters – astrologers too – will attempt to do the impossible… predict the winner. Nobody knows who this will be. As every candidate is well aware of, the smallest misdemeanour buried in the past can turn out to be the candidate’s nemesis and avoiding telling the whole truth becomes something of an art form. Witness George W. Bush’s evasions regarding drug-taking. But then perhaps bad publicity is better than none at all, and having nothing to hide is equally a sin… squeaky-clean Gore is accused of being flat and boring, and that could make him lose. Read More