On March 12th 2011 Uranus moves into Aries, where it will be until March 2019. The world is in for a time of fireworks and radically new developments on all fronts, especially highlighting extreme leaders and revolutionary groups impatient for change. Uranus has an 84-year cycle around the sun, and the last time it entered Aries was in 1927, which coincided with the release of Hitler from jail (Pisces) and his subsequent rise to Fearer for the Arian race. The same will not happen in the 21st century, as globalization and the internet bring liberation to each individual. How this freedom is administrated may however be a problem.

Uranus did actually enter Aries in the summer of 2010, coming half a degree into the sign before going back to Pisces… a period which coincided with the raucous world cup celebrations in South Africa and explosion of noise and color which we were treated to. But here in March and April 2011, Uranus will be joined by the sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus – together with Jupiter – in a fiery celebration of pioneering plans and individualism.

Looking back at the time when Uranus was in Pisces, a number of important events took place which perfectly reflected its influence. Terrorists, real and supposed, where imprisoned on the American enclave of Guantanamo, based on Cuba, where they were held without trial. As Uranus enters Aries, these prisoners have mostly been dispersed. Imprisonment and terror are of course major themes of Uranus in Pisces. There was also the sudden destruction from the sea that took place with the tsunami on Christmas 2004. Technologically we have seen the rise of the hybrid electric car, the democratization of television with YouTube, the ascendancy of animation in movie-making and the complete interconnection of world peoples through cellphones and the internet.

When Uranus goes through Aries, we can expect something new and surprising. How will the world look at the end of this period? Cars could be an example. How many people would buy anything other than a flat screen TV today? It is impossible. Everyone can see that the huge TVs of the past are technological dinosaurs. Who will be buying petrol driven cars in 2020, I wonder? One of the pleasures of a laptop computer is its mobility and lack of cables. Who will not be sorry to see the disappearance of cables, transformers and adaptors which a revolution in power creation and storage would bring? With the sun being exalted in Aries, solar power will become a ubiquitous source of electricity.

Uranus in Aries will awaken a taste for freedom in every individual, and any restriction of the natural right for self-expression is likely to have explosive results. Perhaps that is why we are seeing revolution in Egypt at this moment, which is having a contagious effect on many other Middle Eastern countries whose rights have historically been subjugated both politically and through their religion.

The unfortunate thing about Uranus in Aries in the coming decade is that it is in square to Pluto during much of this period, echoing a similar Uranus/Pluto square in the 1930’s. This combination leads to extremism, and forces beyond the control of human agencies tend to release cataclysmic change. Currently Pluto in Capricorn has evoked emergency powers in governments to save the banks and the capitalist system, which is the foundation of western civilization. The trouble is that in the West riches have been concentrated in the hands of just a small percentage of the population, and whilst they have benefited from government intervention, everyone else has not. The richest 1% of the US population has more combined wealth than the bottom 90%, and this is a trend that has been increasing for over 20 years.

My prediction is in fact that this inequality will not be the case in 2024, when Pluto leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius. Forces in society will have had a leveling effect which will have eradicated the plutocracy that controls wealth and power today. In fact, in 2020 there will be a Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius – the first for about 800 years – which inaugurates a 200-year period where equality will be the dominating political force.

The period from 2011-2016 will highlight social tensions that are a direct result of the imbalance in the distribution of resources. Uranus in Aries shows anarchic groups, whilst Pluto in Capricorn shows autocratic government using the power of surveillance and digital control to maintain the status quo. If that seems like an unequal struggle, think again. The case of Julian Assange of Wikileaks revealed the power of small groups of computer-savvy individuals who were able to bring giants like MasterCard/Visa, PayPal and other agencies like Amazon to their knees in cyber-attacks, which were intended to avenge their closure of services to Wikileaks.

Clearly Uranus/Pluto will see the ascendancy of cyber terrorism on a scale far greater than we have experienced up to now. If you like to surf on Google, use net banking, Skype to loved ones – if you like to do anything in this modern world we live – you are vulnerable. Trains, buses, planes, satellites –everything – are interlinked by an extremely complex, and extremely vulnerable network. Aggrieved individuals who have grown up in a digital reality will be able to navigate this world and create damage if their needs are not addressed. Their reward will be a sense of power in a world where they have felt powerless. They will do it just for the hell of it.

Cyber threats are more likely to come from loosely affiliated groups than from governments, who could also of course create havoc through cyber terrorism but do not, because they do not want to expose themselves to reciprocation. World war as was experienced in the last century is unlikely to an attractive option for any government today, and most governments would unite to counter cyber threats, just like they have united against religious terrorism in the past. But disruption is sure to come, because people will be suffering from the consequences of economic collapse. These trends will most likely be apparent from 2012 – 2015, which is when the Uranus/Pluto square triggers important planetary positions, especially the sun, in the horoscopes of the EU, USA, United Kingdom and China.

Uranus will of course do more than just clash with Pluto, and its transit through Aries will bring wonderful new opportunities for those willing to take a risk. Fortune favors the brave, and Uranus in Aries is a gift for those with a pioneering spirit. Nothing is impossible with the energy and will.  The magnificent long term trine to Uranus from Jupiter in Leo will bring fantastic rewards in 2014, even when the Uranus/Pluto square is at its peak. Anyone with important planets form 15-20 degrees in Fire signs is going to have an extremely successful period. Likewise, when Saturn makes a long term trine from Sagittarius to Uranus from late 2016 to 2018, this will be a wonderful period for building on a new and optimistic framework, especially for those with planets in the last decanted of Fire signs. This will be the period when technological change takes root and really benefits people, and when a new enlightened system is established on the ruins of the destruction of antiquated forms of government.

For the individual sun signs the following advice may be helpful as regards to coming to terms with revolutionary change in specific life areas:

Aries: Resist autocrats in your professional life and venture forth on your own creative path. You have a message of hope to spread, and you can be an example to others as a pioneer.

Taurus: Resist the temptation to be influenced by extreme ideologies that capitalize on your fear of instability and material loss. The greatest rewards are in your spiritual life.

Gemini: Join exciting groups that bring unity and enlightenment, but expose those people who awaken anxiety for the sake of personal power. Be a part of a visionary community that expresses hope.

Cancer: Pioneering career initiatives bring an economic revolution. Adapt constantly to change and focus always on the future. Don’t let others sabotage your vision through their anxiety.

Leo: Broadcast the revolution and reach out beyond borders to ally yourself with groups who share your vision of the future. You are a winner. Avoid getting ground down by power-hungry bureaucrats.

Virgo: This is an epoch of inner change. Confront anxieties about self-expression and give up control – what have you got to lose? Spiritual and psychological change brings a new foundation.

Libra: Let go of anxiety connected with relationships and give partners space… they will take it anyway. Liberate yourself from domestic tyranny and get involved with groups who open your consciousness.

Scorpio: Adjust to a constantly changing work environment and try to get involved with international colleagues. Let go of all previous ideas and allow a transformation of your ideas to take place.

Sagittarius: Embark on a creative odyssey and shock and surprise others with what you are capable of. You become a world citizen and create the philosophical framework for a new future.

Capricorn: Resist autocratic tendencies and allow a spirit of freedom and experimentation to permeate your home and family life. Let birds fly from the nest. Spiritual and Psychological development.

Aquarius: There is so much new to learn! There is freedom all around you, also in love relationships. Resist the tendency to obsess about forces beyond your control. You provide the ideas for new groups.

Pisces: Dare to take a risk and discover how you can revolutionize your earning power through capitalizing on your unique talents. Keep fanatical groups at a safe distance and ally yourself with professional geniuses.

The above influences are meant as a source of inspiration, and can of course be applied to the personal horoscope too, according to which house Uranus falls into. Actually sun sign astrology can be rather powerful, so even these general influences are likely to be of some relevance.

For those people who want to invest in what Uranus in Aries may bring, it is a good idea first of all to withdraw investment from areas associated with Uranus in Pisces, for example media groups like Disney and DreamWorks, or industries like oil, medicine and ocean technologies. Solar power is an obvious choice, and probably gold will continue to be a very safe option for years to come. Regrettably the military looks like a good bet because world tensions are liable to increase, not least between China and India, which are becoming the new world superpowers to rival the US. Pioneering ventures may also thrive, and in this context some of the private initiatives for space travel are liable to have success. I think the general rule is only to invest if you like risks!

Investment and developments are also liable to be strongly affected by the transit of Neptune through Pisces. This is likely to bring profound changes in social media like Facebook (goodbye all those virtual friends), and there will be a new emphasis on solidarity with the underprivileged and charity initiatives. The wise industry in this period will embrace a compassionate policy and address the needs of the environment and the people negatively affected by their enterprises.

It will be a privilege to live through the dynamic period that is now starting. The entrance of Uranus into Aries inaugurates a new 84-year cycle of world development, and changes will happen breathtakingly fast. The new generations brought up in the virtual as well as the real world will have some real surprises in store for us!

Adrian Duncan