Looking back at 2015 we can see that some of the extremism we witnessed from 2011 – 2014 connected with the rare set of tense interactions between Uranus and Pluto (something that last took place in the 1930’s) abated, even though there were and still are extreme manifestations of the ideologically extreme views, which this combination evokes. The rise of right-wing parties in Europe, the Tea Party in the USA and of course so-called Islamic State are examples of this. But it seemed that politically at least, some kind of order was restored, in America at least, though not in the Middle East, where Obama managed to get quite a bit of legislation through, despite not having a majority in Congress.

A major event in Europe in 2015 was the standoff between the EU and Greece, which was finally resolved according to EU’s hardline stance. Most memorable however was the flood of refugees who flowed in, under, over and around the borders of Europe. The plight or refugees, fleeing from chaos in parts of Africa, strife in Afghanistan and civil war in Syria is connected with the entry of Neptune into the sign of Pisces in 2011, and as it will not leave this sign until 2025, the refugee phenomenon is only likely to grow.

It was in September 2015 when Jupiter in Virgo opposed Neptune in Pisces, that the flood was at its highest. Jupiter expands – the flow of refugees, the suffering that Europe witnessed, and the compassion that was evoked in the hearts of many Europeans. The Jupiter/Neptune opposition only takes place once every 13 years, but you have to go back to 1849 for the last opposition when Neptune was in Pisces. And this was a year of social revolution in Europe. In fact Hungary – which has found itself completely opposed to the immigrant policies of the EU in 2015 – actually embarked on a war of independence (from Austria) in 1849 under the same opposition.

With the tensions of Uranus and Pluto dying out, it is on Neptune in Pisces that the main focus falls in 2016. This is because Saturn in Sagittarius continues to conflict with Neptune, forming a precise square aspect in June and September. As the entry of Saturn into Sagittarius corresponded precisely with the establishment of a razor-wire fence in Hungary, and the end of the open-door policy of Germany to Syrian refugees – it is clear that the Saturn/Neptune influence in 2016 is related to damning up the influx of refugees. The problem with the Saturn/Neptune square is that Neptune “wins” – meaning it is impossible to create watertight borders. Saturn/Neptune is also related to human suffering, and has an especial affinity with socialism. It is not a sure thing, but this trend would favor left-wing governments and perhaps the Democrats in the November 2016 American election.

As Neptune is connected with oil, and Saturn with restriction, it is possible that the current glut of oil on the world market, which has halved its barrel price, could in fact change once again, and oil may be perceived as scarce and the price go up.

The influence of Saturn in Sagittarius in a tense aspect to Neptune in Pisces will play out in every individual horoscope also, and this will be very strongly reflected in the Saturn-ruled signs, Capricorn and Aquarius. As Neptune is also related to Pisces, then this sign too will experience an internal struggle as the forces of order try to contain the forces of chaos.

Another major planetary cycle is the interrelation of Jupiter and Saturn, which face off with each other in March and late May. Jupiter is currently in Virgo, where is wants to be of great help, which was why it was connected with the humanitarian response to refugees back in September 2015. Jupiter makes a square aspect to Saturn once every 10 years, and what we will probably be witness too is an attempt to control refugee flow which gets drowned in detail and over-administration. The major planetary pattern in 2016 is a T-square between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune with Saturn at the apex, all in mutable signs, which is the epitome of trying to create order out of chaos.

This rather stressful and disorganized pattern will affect all the mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces – which means that they will find themselves pulled in different directions at once, with a multiplicity of choices, none of which are really good.

Things do change in September 2016, because at this time Jupiter moves into Libra and the last of the three Saturn/Neptune squares is over. Order is restored and there is a new optimism. Harmony is on its way as Jupiter moves through Libra making a long-term harmonious aspect to Saturn that lasts almost a year. This is going to be great for Librans and Sagittarians, and it is going to be great for fairness and justice. Saturn goes on to harmonize with Uranus in 2017, and by that time much of the refugee chaos will be resolved, and international relations, particularly between East and West will improve.

Let’s take a look at how these major trends will affect each of the 12 signs of the zodiac in turn.


The major planetary patterns during the first half of 2016 have a profound influence on existential matters. It is a time when beliefs will be questioned and convictions, both spiritual and intellectual, will somehow be found to be unsatisfactory. As an Aries you will be searching for meaning in life, and at first you will not find it. The workplace and relations with colleagues will be particularly frustrating, especially if you find that work is repetitive, monotonous and nitpicking. You need to remember that this is a time of service and sacrifice, and that satisfaction can only come through helping others. The period from March to September, when your sign ruler Mars moves retrograde, traversing the same path as Saturn did in 2015 from Sagittarius to Scorpio and back again, is a time when there is a strong focus on expanding your intellectual horizons, but also a time when you get entangle in psychological issues. Whatever you start in early March is liable to drag on much longer than you expect, and will not be complete before August. The end of August is chaotic, but in September there are major changes that are very favorable for relationships. Mid-September is a really exciting time for love and romance, and you can expect to be in exotic places with lovely people.


The main challenges in 2016 will take place in connection with your emotional interaction with friends and loved ones, and as a Taurus you may well find that people have problems, but they are resistant to getting help. Friends in particular may be going through a chaotic or unhappy period, and there may also be a lot of irritating issues connected with children. Perhaps you have to juggle too many balls at once. If you get involved in love affairs, you can expect things to get really confused because there are too many options and too little commitment. If problems do arise in these areas, it is important to understand that they may not have an immediate solution, and that patience and acceptance is the right way to proceed. There are considerable improvements in your working life from September and onwards, and this is a time of rewarding relationships with colleagues. Partners begin to get more control over their financial situation at this time, and more money can come, both through better working conditions, and through partnership. Relationships tend to be very demanding psychologically in 2016, but they can also be deep and satisfying, especially in July.


With Saturn in your solar 7th house of partnerships over the next couple of years, this is a period when you are challenged to commit yourself to other people and take more responsibility. What makes this particularly difficult is the fact that there are factors in your career that undermine your willpower and tend to make relationships unreliable. 2016 is a time when you are constantly on the lookout for practical solutions, and the focus is very much on finding methods to bring more stability, both materially and emotionally. This is very much the case in January, which is a time when you feel more anxious than usual and more inclined to react in an extreme way. By April and May you are far more in control of things and this is a very harmonious time for partnerships. There are a lot of family hassles in the spring and early summer, probably because a partner is going through a difficult period, but things lighten up in September, which is a wonderful time for children, love and enjoying life. October is perfect for relationships, and if you are looking for love, you will find it at this time, whilst if you want good things in connection with children, this is the optimal time.


The major emphasis in 2016 is on the development of your mental capacities. This includes education, learning skills and communication generally. Whilst this is a time when you can really plan well and in fact completely transform the basis for your knowledge and ideas, the big challenge is putting this into practice at work. Colleagues will be difficult to work harmoniously with, but there is nothing for it but to work at it every day. It is as if you are striving to stop things descending into chaos, but you will definitely succeed. These challenges can also affect communication with people in your local environment including brothers and sisters. In September the emphasis on learning and hard work dies down. This is a time when there are fortunate developments at home and in the family, and things get better and better, bringing stability and harmony into your daily life. It’s a really positive change. By the time the end of the year comes along, you can expect extraordinary developments which bring brand new opportunities in your family life as well as in your career. This is an excellent time for more freedom and space in your working life.


You are in a period that will last over the next two years, when your urge to express yourself creatively is undermined by a feeling of self-doubt. You want to shine and impress people, but it does not seem to work. Partners in particular can seem dissatisfied with something, and children can also be difficult to guide. This frustration is particularly strong in March and September, and it may be because there are financial developments that are beyond your control. The solution lies in adjusting your working life accordingly, organizing your economy, and not letting debt get the better of you. Things ease up considerably at the end of the summer, and at this time a more exciting and outgoing period starts, so that by the end of 2016 wonderful new horizons open up, bringing travel, attention to your ideas, and a dynamic expansion of your personal network. The best time for relationships is in the spring, especially in the first week of April, around your birthday, and – the best time of all – the very beginning of December, when you can win anyone over with your charm.


Last year the planet of good fortune, Jupiter, entered your sign, and it will remain there until September 2016. This is a period that is particularly good for love and partnership, and furthermore it is likely that a partner will be highly motivated to do things the way you want them to. Perhaps the best time for profitable and happy relationships is in May, when you can reconnect with someone in a special way, perhaps traveling. August and September are really empowering months for you, and you have a tremendous ability to make deep-seated and positive changes for the better at this time, so that in early October the situation is perfect both for love and partnership, and for great economic news, particularly in connection with home and family. This comes as a relief, because if there is one thing that is difficult up to the end of summer, it is dealing with other people, who seem really confused about the setbacks they are experiencing in their own life. There are some circumstances either professionally or domestically, which do not have an easy solution, and it is a question of patience and acceptance.


Those born under the sign of Libra are always striving to maintain a balance and are constantly attuned to relationship needs in all areas of life. It is in the workplace that the greatest challenges lie in the first part of 2016, and perhaps this is because circumstances are changing and chaotic with little guarantee of stability. This is particular problematic in the middle of April stretching to August. It is perhaps a good time for work, where you help people, or for pursuing further education, but generally communication suffers because people feel at the mercy of fate. This can particularly affect relationships with people close to you, especially brothers and sisters who may be having their own kind of problems. However, in early September Jupiter enters Libra and there is a dramatic improvement in all areas of your life – work, relationships, travel, education and communication. You are infused with a new positive spirit at this time, and it gets better. For 12 months after this all the things that were difficult earlier go like a dream, and it is a fantastic time for educational success and positive family developments.


You are in the middle of a yearlong period with a lot of focus on social issues. You tend to feel very intensely about injustice, and you are committed to making a difference, both in the lives of friends, and on a more collective level. This is a time when you passionately believe in a set of ideals – perhaps too strongly – and communicate them to the world. At the same time you may be in a phase in your intellectual life when you really examine your beliefs and convictions and make deep-seated changes in them. As you start 2016 with forceful Mars in your sign, you feel empowered and unafraid of confrontation. The months from January to October are an amazing period when you revisit battlefields again and again to place your individual stamp on circumstances. In so doing you may not concern yourself very much with how loved ones react – this is especially true in April – and the single Scorpio may also get involved in complex love triangles, which results in considerable confusion. You need to give close attention to personal finances at this time, as there can be chaotic developments up to and including September. This should stabilize by the end of the year.


These are significant times for you, not least because in its 30-year orbit of the Sun, Saturn is currently in your sign. This means that there are more challenges than usual, and that you have a duty to yourself to concentrate on your needs and realize your ambitions. The focus on ambition is even stronger because Jupiter, which has an affinity with your sign, is currently in Virgo and the solar 10th house, which means that it is all about finding your feet, professionally speaking. The problem is that in the first part of 2016 there are factors that undermine your ability to realize your goals, and this may well be connected with a personal family matter. If that is the case, it is important to realize that some things need to simply be accepted. Surrender is better than struggle. If the months up to September are challenging in this way, the rest of the year is in complete contrast, and all the problems you thought you had seem to evaporate. A wonderful period begins socially, and by the end of the year there are some really exciting developments amongst friends, kids and in the groups of which you are a part. You can expect personal success at this time.


Capricorns are very responsive to the movement of Saturn, which takes 30 years to circle the Sun. Currently it is in the sign before yours – Sagittarius – and this indicates the end of a cycle. From 2015 to 2017, it is better to focus on your inner life than on your outer ambitions, and it is better to help others than to strive for personal success, which will be very difficult to achieve. 2016 is a time of spiritual trial, and it is very likely that you will feel isolated and misunderstood, especially in relations to siblings and people in your local environment. You may be encountering a spiritual dilemma and examining beliefs which you strongly held earlier, but which now have outlived their relevance for you. There may also be a conflict with intellectual authorities or the law in connection with what is right and what is wrong, and if so, don’t expect good results before the end of the year. The good news is that there are really positive developments in September and beyond, both in your career, and in support of your need to work more privately and more behind the scenes


Whilst Aquarians are in an optimal position in 2016 to do what they do best – get engaged socially and add an electric aura to the groups of which they are a part – the first nine months of the year are affected by doubts about self-worth and the ability to build up a solid economic foundation. There may be worries about debts or a shared economy with partners, and resolving differences, particularly in April and May, is something that requires patience and understanding. The first part of the year is a time of psychological work, when you have to map out the motivations of other people and understand the belief systems that are driving them. This is particular relevant in connection with friends who are struggling with their own issues. By September problems evaporate, and a really great period begins which will last well into 2017. This brings influence, success, prosperity and the ability to share and propagate your ideas for the benefit of the community. At the very end of the year, there is a lot of excitement and exhilaration, perhaps because of transcontinental or intercontinental opportunities, media developments and amazing insights into life.


As mystical Neptune is in your sign for many years, you are in the middle of a period of tuning in to your true nature, both spiritually and creatively. This sometimes means being tested, and the big tests in 2016 are connected with partnerships, both on your personal life and especially in your career. Living up to the demands of authorities can be extremely challenging, and it is difficult to satisfy others, even though you go out on a limb to do so. Perhaps the real question is: Are you satisfied with the way your own life, relationships and career are going? It seems that you are constantly trying to reorganize your life, and especially your social relationships which go through a series of evolutionary processes early in the year. After September many of the frustrations disappear, and you win favor with bosses and other authorities. A long period of harmony follows, bringing career success and growth, and very positive relationships developments, which are characterized by greater intimacy and more money. There may in fact be some extraordinary luck right at the end of the year which you did not expect at all.


The 12 signs of the zodiac have a very strong influence on all of us, but it is also a general influence. Just like the weather affects everyone a little bit, it is the same with sun signs. But of course, there are over 500 million people of each sign in the world, and they are not going to react the same. Even so, it is amazing how people are responsive to these influences on a collective level, and perhaps this is because the Sun, our star, is such an all-powerful influence. This is the most general level of astrology, but as you get more personalized, taking birth date, time and place into consideration, the horoscope gets progressively more specific. Ultimately a personal horoscope is as unique as a fingerprint – a fingerprint that reveals tremendous detail about character, behavior and fate.


Adrian Ross Duncan
October 15th 2015