Almost 30 years after the extravagant but flawed marriage of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer, a full Saturn return later in fact, the eldest son of Princess Diana, Prince William, has, like Charles, chosen a “commoner” to be made princess. Kate Middleton has ancestors who were miners and her parents, who became millionaires selling party goods, originally worked for British Airways. Her mother is Jewish. Jolly good going William… it is good to bring in a little genetic variation into the inbred royal families of Europe.

True to astrological genetics Prince William has his Venus within a degree of his mother’s Venus – exactly on Algol and in the 5th house. (The chances of this happening are approximately one in five thousand). Furthermore, with Neptune at 25 Sagittarius and Pluto at 24 Libra, his Venus is the apex point of a double yod, or finger of god. And Chiron is at the same degree as his Venus. Here is a man born to be wounded in love, and his first great loss was the queen of hearts.

HOROSCOPE: Prince William 21st June, 1982. 21.03 London. (Ascendant 27.30 Sagittarius)

Just like his mother, he has Sun in Cancer in the 7th house conjoining the moon… a solar eclipse in fact. What a marriage he is going to make! Fortunately for him, his Sun at 0.06 Cancer, right at the power point of the summer solstice, is exactly trine Jupiter. His Ascendant ruler is Jupiter in Scorpio which conjoins the Midheaven, reminiscent of Queen Elizabeth’s Ascendant ruler Saturn on the Midheaven. Prince William will definitely become King William V, probably around 2026… with Jupiter progressing into the Midheaven, this is a man born to be monarch. (Note 1)

So what does William see in Kate Middleton? Actually he met her with his progressed Ascendant in trine to his super-romantic but fated Venus, and at the time of the wedding Venus progressed moves into Cancer just 5 minutes of arc from his Sun. This is love. If you want the hairs on your arms to stand on end, consider this: When his mother’s Venus progressed to conjoin the Descendant, she got engaged to Charles; when William’s Venus conjoined his Descendant, he got engaged to Kate.

HOROSCOPE: Prince William marries Kate Middleton – 29th April 2011, 11.00 London (Ascendant 4.14 Leo)

On April 29th, 2011 at 11.00 the scene will repeat itself as he walks down the aisle of Westminster Abbey together with the coming Princess Kate. There will be five planets in Aries in the 10th house in varying opposition to Saturn exactly on the IC. Venus in Aries constellates with the Mercury/Saturn/Pluto T-square, which probably indicates a rather warlike marriage. Kate is certainly not promising to “obey”. Bearing in mind that William has a Sun/Moon conjunction in Cancer in the 7th, he is likely to make many concessions to his bride, though the trine to Jupiter in Scorpio shows humor and tolerance.

The Mars/Jupiter in Aries shows incredible power in the public face of the marriage, and the fathering of a whole host of children… probably three or four. The first may well be born as Venus progressed conjoins the Moon and his Sun progressed moves into Leo squaring Jupiter in 2015. There will be problems with this daughter, perhaps because of primogeniture rules. (Female heirs are currently ruled out). As Kate has Venus in Aquarius in exact square to Jupiter, she is going to take any inequality very personally indeed.
Kate Middleton, whose birth time is currently not known, is born on January 9th 1982, and has Mars exactly on William’s Mars – on Vindemiatrix. Amazingly they are born 6 months apart, but Mars is in the same position because it travelled retrograde and direct in the interval. Karmically speaking, in choosing her, William appears to be picking up where he left off. She is born with a full moon squaring Mars and Saturn, and she is ambitious, tough and capable. Her Mercury and Venus in Aquarius are actually on Diana’s Jupiter bringing the same echoes of humanitarianism. William will probably dote on her, and she will run the show and be a very powerful mother to the coming heirs that they will produce.

Adrian Duncan 19.04.2011
1. Apart from Jupiter progressed conjoining the MC, there is a progressed full moon from Leo to Aquarius at this time.