Here is a prediction that is sure to come true: During the afternoon of August 21st, 2017, the population of the United States will be looking at a solar eclipse which will darken the country from Portland in the West to Atlanta in the East. This is the first total eclipse in the USA since February 1979, which was incidentally the month Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran, with all the consequences this had for President Carter and his nightmare 444-day Iranian embassy hostage crisis.

Eclipses are numbered in Saros Cycles, and the August 2017 eclipse is part of the Saros series 145 which is said to be connected to breakthroughs connected with air and space. Memorable eclipses from this cycle last century heralded the first transatlantic flight by Charles Lindberg (1927), the bombing of Hiroshima (1945), first geostationary satellite (1963), largest TV audience when Prince Charles married Diana (1981), the “Nostradamus” eclipse when Putin came to power (1999) … and the coming 2017 eclipse. These cycles recur every 18-years and 11 days. (Note 1)

The ancients judged eclipses from the signs they fell in, and the planets or stars they conjoined. The August 2017 eclipse falls at 28.52 Leo which is in close conjunction with the fixed “royal” star Regulus. Stars move one degree every 72 years, and in 2011 Regulus moved into Virgo after over 2000 years in Leo. By curious coincidence President Trump has his Ascendant at 29.58 Leo, and he became president as his progressed Sun hit this point, moving immediately afterwards into Virgo and on Regulus – an obvious predictor of his winning the presidency which astrologers saw but were, understandably, in denial of. An eclipse on Regulus could indicate the fall of a prominent leader.

Horoscope for 2017 solar eclipse

HOROSCOPE: Solar Eclipse Aug 21, 2017 14.28.40 EDT Washington (AS 4.19 SG)

The coming total eclipse over the USA falls, then, on Donald Trump’s Ascendant. But it does much, much more than that. If we juxtapose the eclipse chart on Trump’s chart we see the following:

  1. Eclipse Venus at 24.44 conjoins his Venus at 25.44 Cancer
  2. Eclipse Mars at 20.41 conjoins his Mars 26.46 Leo
  3. Eclipse Jupiter at 20.11 conjoins his Jupiter at 17.27 Libra

Whilst the eclipse conjoins his Ascendant/Mars conjunction, Saturn at 21.11 Sagittarius is exactly on his Moon at 21.12 Sagittarius.

This eclipse, which so exactly replicates Trump’s chart, and which casts a shadow over the whole of the USA was a clear, unequivocal indication that he would win the 2016 election, but I don’t think any astrologer spotted it at the time. But now that the eclipse darkens his chart, and the USA, will this be good or bad?

Solar Eclipse 2017

The Rise of Donald Trump
Before answering that question, it is important to remember just how resilient and fortunate Donald Trump has been in his career. Already at the age of 25, when his MC progressed conjoined Uranus in the 10th and trined Jupiter in the 2nd house, he took over his father’s company, renamed it “Trump Organization” and started building skyscrapers in Manhattan. He was immensely successful in the 1970’s and 1980’s, starting an amazing number of building enterprises, and branching out into the very lucrative casino business, which is clearly a reflection of this powerful Jupiter/Uranus trine. By the end of the 1970’s, when his MC progressed conjoined the Sun, he had acquired the land for Trump Tower, his iconic architectural achievement completed in 1982.

In 1987 Trump co-wrote “The Art of the Deal”, which celebrated his brash business methods, which were characterized by brilliant business instincts, very pushy methods, the aggressive use of lawsuits, and questionable tactics like greenmailing. (Note 2) Winning is Trump’s philosophy.

Trump and Banks
However, Trump vastly over-extended himself by the end of the 1980’s, buying an airline (with MC progressed square Neptune) which subsequently crashed at a time when the housing market was in crisis. When his Ascendant progressed conjoined Neptune in the 2nd House, bankruptcy was looming. He had amassed debts of $3.4 billion, and was personally liable for $900 million. Here’s where his luck comes in. He owed so much money that the big banks did not dare bankrupt him – he would have litigated, it would have taken years, and they might not have recovered much. He was forced to sell a lot of his properties, but he kept a lot of real estate, and the banks even lent him money to tide him over.

US banks have avoided lending Trump money since this time, which is why Trump has borrowed abroad, primarily from Deutsche Bank, which has been embroiled in a scandal laundering Russian money – a scandal that has become much more serious now because of Russian involvement in Trump’s election victory.

The Lure of Fame
Trump recovered well, and at the end of the 1990’s he got involved in television and earned a fortune producing and starring in “The Apprentice”. In 2007, when his Ascendant conjoined Jupiter and trined Uranus, he got a “star” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Trump likes fame very much, so this star was a big event for him. With his Ascendant on Regulus, and his Sun in the 10th house, he has felt destined for great things, and toyed with running for president at the end of the 1980’s and then again at the end of the 1990’s.

The clue to Trump’s need for recognition (apart from his Ascendant exactly on Regulus in Leo) lies in the conjunction of his Sun with Rahu – the North Node. In Vedic astrology, the Sun and the demon Rahu are direct enemies – the Sun wants prominence by fair means, and Rahu wants prominence by foul, whilst both want to be recognized as a genius and leader. Rahu is characterized as very unpredictable – it breaks taboos and thinks outside the box. As Sun/Rahu conjoin Uranus in the 10th house of his horoscope, this makes him an extremely unpredictable president – in fact, unpredictability is his doctrine, whether it comes to nuclear weapons or diplomacy in general. He likes people to be completely uncertain of what he is planning, and has used this successfully in business all his life, because he is not only unpredictable – the trines to Jupiter mean he is lucky too.

The First 100 Days
Luck may have brought Donald Trump this far in life, but right now he does not seem to be doing a very good job as president, or at least that’s what his 40% approval rating after one month in office seems to suggest. Many people in general, and the media in particular, are incredulous that he spends so much time puffing up his image, considering he did win the presidency. His insistence that the Inauguration crowds were larger than Obama’s, when they demonstrably were not, that he won the popular vote if “voter fraud” was factored in (a debunked theory), and his abnormal obsession with negative media coverage embarrassingly reveals just how sensitive his ego is. This is what the Sun conjoining Rahu in the 10th does.

The Lunar Eclipse
It is possible to argue, that the full moon in his horoscope exacerbates ego problems, because the Moon is considered a mirror. Trump mirrors himself in the people he interacts with – which now includes, with his Moon in the 4th house, the whole population of America. The fact that his Moon actually disappeared just three hours after his birth – he was born on a lunar eclipse – could reflect deep-seated anxiety about how people see him. It was a total eclipse and the Moon was stained dark red. This might explain his extraordinary Twitter outbursts, which at the time of writing (July 4th, 2017) is focused on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski in which the President attacked Brzezinski’s looks and Scarborough’s intelligence.

“I heard poorly rated @MorningJoe speaks badly of me (don’t watch anymore). Then how come low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe, came to Mar-a-Lago three nights in a row around New Year’s Eve, and insisted on joining me. She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no.”

Trump quite likes the imagery of blood when putting down women; he also attacked Fox News Channel anchor Megyn Kelly when she aggressively questioned him during Thursday’s presidential debate:

“She gets out and she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions,” Trump said in a CNN interview. “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever…”

A total lunar eclipse is referred to as a Blood Moon, owing to the reddish tinge of the eclipsed Full Moon. With the face of the Moon disappearing at birth, this puts “bleeding badly from a face-lift” in quite a different light, and probably reflects an existential anxiety which goes right to the center of Trump’s being. With Uranus completely dominating this eclipse, Trump totally detaches when under pressure and has in the past retired to his own universe, which is the penthouse on the top of Trump Tower, his Trump jet or his Trump helicopter. It is so much more difficult to retire from the glare in the White House.


Evicting the Moon
Trump’s father had property in the poorer areas of New York, where rent collection was a real problem. Evicting people was a skill he learned early, as his father sent him around with rent collectors to toughen him up. His path to riches was to buy distressed properties in good locations, get rid of the poor tenants and transform the properties into luxury apartments. (When rent protection laws were established, this kind of real estate development no longer worked and he moved his attention to Manhattan.)

This same dynamic is apparent in his policy to send illegal immigrants back to Mexico, and to block immigration from specific countries. This is clearly reflected by the eclipsed Moon in Sagittarius – all those foreigners – almost intercepted in the 4th… the illegals. But the focus is through the distorted lens of the Blood Moon. This is why Trump could say in his Inauguration speech, referring to the suffering of people in the inner cities: This American carnage stops right here and stops right now.” Unfortunately the carnage is within.

Trump the Fabulist
Trump has always courted the media and prided himself on how often he has been on the cover of Time etc. but when criticized, he regularly sues the person involved, his strategy being to cripple them with legal costs. He sued his biographer Timothy L. O’Brien because O’Brien revealed that Trump lied about his fortune. Trump lost the case because, as O’Brien pointed out:

“A very clear and visible side effect of my lawyers’ questioning of Trump is that he [was revealed as] a routine and habitual fabulist.”

As a Gemini, Mercury is a crucially important planet for Trump. It is at the midpoint of, and semisquare Mars and the MC, but its major contact is the square to Neptune, which is an aspect renowned for “alternative facts”. Trump lies so much and so consistently that the public has become inured to it. From Obama’s “wiretapping” of Trump’s phone, to the size of inaugural crowds… you can’t list the lies, because it would be too long. (But the New York Times did: Note 3).

Trump also uses language expertly and manipulatively, and an extension of Trump’s focus on ego is his tendency to apply epithets to those he wants to disparage. We have “poorly rated @MorningJoe”, the “Failing New York Times”, “Crooked Hillary”, “Little Marco Rubio”, “Low Energy Jeb Bush” – all very reminiscent of the way a school bully, which Trump was, builds up his own ego by diminishing others.

Psychologists have not been slow to diagnose Donald Trump. A person with fantasies about success, power and brilliance. Association with high-status people. Requires excessive admiration and vulnerable to flattery. Exploitative. No evidence of empathy. Arrogant and abusive behavior. All the boxes are ticked, and the general conclusion is that he is a manipulative narcissist. (Note 4) Or as Trump says himself: “I mean, part of the beauty of me is that I’m very rich.” (Note 5)

And that is the President of the USA. But Trump is still popular with his base and in fact, according to a Gallup Poll, over 80% still think he is doing a good job. There is an enormous disconnect between what the media writes about and what his popular base thinks.

The Sick Media
So back to the solar eclipse, which so strikingly activates Trump’s horoscope. Trump has said that being President was more difficult than he thought. Transit Saturn opposed his Sun at the Inauguration and is exactly stationary direct on his Moon at the August 2017 eclipse. For a man for whom popularity and respect are everything, it must be a crushing pressure for him to be at the receiving end of a media blitz ridiculing his abilities. His main source of information is the morning newspapers and TV shows, and he frequently tweets his dissatisfaction at what he sees, for example: “The FAKE NEWS media is not my enemy. It is the Enemy of the American People. SICK!” During the first six months of his presidency, Trump has been alone in the White House (Melania stayed in New York with son Barron), surrounded by people he has not hired himself, outside his golden Trump Tower, dealing with a world very different from his business empire, where he could call the shots.

The eclipse is going to be an intensely personal experience for him, because Mars, Venus and Jupiter are on Trump’s natal positions, and because the eclipse conjoins his Ascendant. The path of the eclipse crosses the US from the West to the East coast, so this is also going to be personal for America. It is quite likely that his disconnect with reality – with what people consider presidential and how he constantly disappoints in this respect – could cause him to crack, and the cracks are going to be there evident on Twitter for everyone to witness.

Up to now, the planetary transits have smiled on him, with the current Jupiter in Libra sextile Saturn and opposing Uranus, mirroring and harmonizing with his own Uranus/Jupiter. Trump has no planets in Earth Signs, and the heady transit of Uranus is Aries has favored an outsider, whilst Jupiter and Saturn in Air and Fire have resonated nicely with his Gemini nature.

When Jupiter moves into Scorpio (October 2017), Saturn into Capricorn (December 2017) and Uranus into Taurus (May 2018), planetary forces are not going to favor him at all, and there will be no resonance with his chart. By the time of the next election when there is a triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto on the US Pluto/Mercury opposition, and opposing Trump’s Venus/Saturn conjunction, Trump – if he has survived – will be mired in financial scandal and the exposure of plutocrat misdemeanors in the US. With the country going through the throes of upheavals heralded by its first Pluto return, things are going to get turned upside down. No president could survive this and continue for a second term, and certainly not Trump, who will be 75 at the time.

The August 2017 eclipse will throw the USA and Trump into a crisis. Mercury in Virgo is retrograde in the 9th house, and it will go back to station on the eclipse degree and Trump’s Ascendant, which indicates a long and protracted investigative and legal process, digging into every detail of the past. This will be the time when special counsel Robert Mueller will fire the opening salvos into Trump’s possible obstruction of justice in connection with his firing of FBI director James Comey, as well as delving into the Trump campaign’s alleged complicity with Russia up to the 2016 election.

On Twitter, Trump has called the investigation: “the single greatest witch hunt in American political history – led by some very bad and conflicted people”. Robert Mueller is highly respected amongst Democrats and Republicans alike, and has assembled a formidable legal team to follow the money in relation to Russia and its interference in the 2016 election. This will inevitably expose the extent of Trump’s involvement with Deutsche Bank, which holds hundreds of millions in personally-guaranteed debt for the president. Even if there are criminal charges, it seems unlikely that the president would be indicted, or – with Republicans controlling both the Senate and Congress – impeached. But the pressure on Trump will be enormous, and this will make it very difficult for him to succeed in his legislative agenda.

Nonetheless, there is currently a Saturn/Uranus trine, which occurs about once every 44 years. Nixon was formally impeached in February 1974 at the time of the last trine, which also took place as Saturn and Uranus were moving from one sign to the next. Uranus was exactly square US Pluto from 1974-1975, and this happens again with another series of three squares from June 2017 to April 2018. Saturn in harmony with Uranus does show powerful democratic forces in society, so it is quite likely that the “fake media”, as Trumps likes to call them, will wear down the thin-skinned Trump and his presidency.

The Eclipse and War
There is another take on the August 2017 eclipse. The Sun and Moon in the 9th house conjoin a very powerful Mars trine Saturn, which is associated with military muscle. It is therefore likely that the USA will display its military might on the international scene at this time, and indeed, if Trump is under pressure, it would not be the first time a politician conjures up the threat of war to distract the domestic opposition. Trump’s Sun/Moon opposition sits right on the US Mars at 21.22 Gemini, which increases the likelihood of an act of war during his presidential term.

Furthermore, the 2017 eclipse itself falls on Trump’s Mars, which is exactly opposite the US Moon. It seems dangerous for the American people, and it is not much of a stretch of the imagination to see his Sun/Uranus in the 10th opposing Moon in the 4th as someone who drops bombs on people. Currently, he just wants to keep all those foreigners out of his country and build a border wall – a wall which will generate electricity through solar panels. As he said of this ruse: “Pretty good imagination, right? Good? My idea.” It is at least more realistic to make the Sun pay, rather than Mexico.

I think that even Americans who oppose Trump, want things to work out for him and their country. Everyone is hoping he’ll start acting presidential. Generally, people want America to be great. Republicans in particular must be hoping against hope. CNN interviewed one dedicated Republican and quoted her Election Day experience:
“I’m crying. This is our candidate. This is what it’s come to. I’m voting for the ‘You’re fired!’ guy. I want his presidency to be remarkable.  If you’re in an airplane, you don’t want the airplane to go down.” Note 6.

Everyone can agree on that – we really don’t want America to crash and burn.

Adrian Ross Duncan – July 4th, 2017

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