The entry of Uranus into Aries may have manifested itself most dramatically with the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, but there have been a rapid unfoldment of events elsewhere… specifically in the Arab world.

Just when it seemed that there was no alternative to repressive or unstable Western-back Arab governments on the one hand, and Muslim fundamentalism and Al Qaeda on the other, a completely unpredictable groundswell of popular discontent has shaken governments In Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain.

Astrologically, two factors are at play. Firstly Uranus moving into Aries brings popular unrest which is met by the repressive tendencies of Pluto in Capricorn. Secondly Neptune’s imminent entry into Pisces brings a transition from the awareness afforded by technology afforded by mobile phones and social media (Aquarius) to a profound sense of suffering and lack of privilege (Pisces). This combination gives a violent need to right wrongs.

At the time of writing, one week after Uranus’s arrival in Aries, the western governments (primarily France, the United Kingdom and USA) have responded to calls from the UN – backed by the Arab League – to establish a no-fly zone over Libya to prevent President Gadhafi’s forces from crushing revolutionaries who want to overthrow him. It’s the usual story of course – the West only wants to selectively remove dictators (they are not bombing Saudi Arabia, are they?), but then again, who wants Gaddafi, who has historically supported terrorism, to continue is reign of power and massacre tens of thousands of people?

Uranus in Aries is only too happy to show off its explosive power, so the Tomahawk missiles are flying and Stealth bombers are doing their bit too. It would be naïve to think that this initial UN-supported action will immediately be the end of the matter. On Monday 21st March 2011, the sun will enter Aries to conjoin Uranus then square Pluto, and even more dire, on April 2nd Mars will enter Aries again activating the Uranus/Pluto combination. That is an astrological signature for violent destruction, and it is unlikely that Gaddafi will pack his bags and go as President Mubarak of Egypt did.

Mubarak lasted exactly 30 years as Egypt’s dictator, respecting the cycle of time of Saturn’s orbit around the sun. But Gaddafi has been in power since a bloodless revolution on September 1st, 1969 – 42 years in all – and his Moon in Aries trine Pluto in Leo has shown him to be an accomplished survivor. It is difficult to see clear signs that he is about to disappear from the scene without an exact birth time, but it seems obvious that Uranus is soon to transit his Moon in Aries, or that Pluto is about to square it, which will certainly constitute a threat to his survival. And of course, 42 years is exactly half of Uranus’ orbital period. He came with a revolution and will go with a revolution.

Libya itself, founded on 24th December 1951, is experiencing its exact second Saturn return and 5th Jupiter return, which is quite a strong indication of political change. Founded with Saturn in Libra and Jupiter in Aries, it is now being restructured under yet another Saturn in Libra and Jupiter in Aries.

LIBYA: 24.12.1951 Noon Tripoli.

Libya has Jupiter at 5 Aries – which is the approximate location of Gaddafi’s Moon (Note 1), so the Uranus/Pluto square is activating Libya’s Sun/Jupiter square, and this is a far clearer indication of the demise of Gaddafi, because Sun/Jupiter is a perfect description of the country’s leadership style… and it is about to be changed forever. It is interesting to see in Libya’s progressed horoscope that Mercury is now conjoining the sun, and both are arriving at the North Node in Pisces, which does suggest the dissolution and eclipse of leadership and considerable chaos following.

Writing about the Arab world reminds me of an article I wrote in 2005, predicting a restructuring of the Middle East. I am quoting it below… but what a pity I got the year wrong!

Article by me in 2005 on

“It seems that Egypt too is facing upheaval. It looks like Mubarak’s attempt to quieten revolutionary voices by allowing an active opposition may result in his actually being removed by 2007. So, over the next two to three years we will witness a profound restructuring of the Middle East. Fears that militant Islam will gain the upper hand will probably be unfounded though. In Iran nobody wants a continuation of 26 years of theocratic government, and neither is it likely that religious fundamentalism will gain strength as Pluto enters the last degrees of Sagittarius. The people want a taste of the freedom they have seen on satellite TV, so ultimately they are likely to reject religious oppression and embrace democracy – Arab style.”

1. Gaddafi is born on June, 7th 1942.

Adrian Duncan.