After the demise of the Soviet Union, there has been some difficulty establishing which horoscope is the most effective for the newly reconstituted Russia – for, if the chart for the Russia Revolution signalled the onset of Communist rule, how can this chart still be used when communism has been sidelined? On the other hand, the symbolic start of the Russian Revolution, with the storming of the Winter Palace was such a powerful moment that it can scarcely be ignored.

The Russian Revolution Chart
See chart for the revolution

The revolution horoscope has proved to be an extremely effective tool for mapping the evolution and disintegration of Communist Russia. With Virgo rising, it hints of a “workers” regime, and might even suggest an element of enslavement of the people, with Mars in Virgo conjoining the Moon at 28 Leo in the 12th house. The Venus/Pluto opposition conjoining the Nodes from the 4th to the 10th houses could be seen to describe the depletion of resources, and the continual upheaval through various drastic land reforms, and mass movement of peoples, not least to Siberia. The Saturn/Neptune conjunction – so often significant in communist history – is in the 11th house, and constellates with Sun and Mercury in Scorpio and Uranus in Aquarius to form a very powerful T-square. The Sun/Mercury conjunction in Scorpio and the 3rd house, clearly shows the secrecy and power of the ruling elite, and the total manipulation of communication, as well as the dominance of the KGB. And the retrograde Jupiter in Gemini on the MC square Mars and the Ascendant suggests the importance of ideology and theory as part of the governing ethos. Indeed, no one can deny that this is a magnificent horoscope for Russia in the 20th century, and one which the astrologer only very reluctantly puts aside.

The Fall of the Soviet Union

The story is well known, and predicted by many an astrologer in the 70’s and 80’s; Barbault and Teissier in France, Tyl in USA and, most accurately, by Michael Baigent (Note 2) in Britain. As Pluto transited the 3rd house Scorpio Sun and Mercury, perestroika transformed communication in the wake of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe, and then, with the Saturn/Neptune cycle repeating itself for the second time since the revolution (the first was with the death of Stalin)… and with all the elements of the massive T-square reconstituting themselves as a grand conjunction took place from 1989 to 1991… the Soviet Union collapsed, and a new Russian state was formed.

The Moon in Leo

Extraordinarily, it was precisely at this time that the progressed Venus in the revolution chart went stationary retrograde at 28.30 Aquarius within 9 minutes of arc of opposition to the revolution Moon. This focus on the degree of the Moon strongly suggests that the symbolic moment of the storming of the Winter Palace is accurate – by this time the people were fed up and impoverished, and they simply needed self-expression and contact with the people of the world. When Jeltsin replaced Gorbatchev after the August 1991 coup, the communist party organisation was officially dissolved, and a few days later, on September 5 1991, the USSR was abolished. At this time Jupiter was at 28.31 Leo, conjoining revolution Moon and opposing progressed Venus.

The New Russia

See chart for the new Russia

One can imagine the euphoria of the people of the Soviet empire at this time, as each state detached itself from the yoke of Mother Russia, and declared independence one by one… from Uzbekistan on August 31 to Armenia on September 23. Subsequently there were a number of constitutional changes which took place for Russia, but the two most significant moments were the formation of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) on December 8th in Minsk at 14.17 EET, and – more powerfully perhaps – the raising of the Russian Flag over the Kremlin on Christmas Day. It is this horoscope which has to be seen as the new chart for Russia, but this does not mean that the old chart does not “work”. Consider for example the ongoing war in Chechnya, which has taken place with Uranus activating the oppressive Sun/Saturn square in the revolution chart. The brutal and indiscriminate bombing of the Chechnyan people shows that the blind imperialist force inherent in the Scorpio/Leo square is manifesting quite strongly. In the same period it is difficult to see what the significant transits are in the new Russia chart.

Echoes in the New Russia chart

Indeed, at first glance it is hard to work with this chart. The 25° Leo rising does connect with the revolution Moon, and the 3° Virgo Moon is almost exactly on revolution Mars. The Venus/Pluto opposition from the 4th to the 10th is now an exact conjunction in the 4th – and indeed this has shown itself in the dire economic situation for the average Russian during the 90’s. The Mars/Jupiter square repeats itself – again in Mutable signs… obviously there will be a lot of bickering about principles, ideals and practicalities. Saturn in Aquarius has escaped the rays of Neptune, and indeed, Russia is no longer a communist state. Embodied in this new chart is the dream of Uranus and Neptune, trine Jupiter in Virgo (still in detriment) in the 2nd. One could imagine a valuable cultural renaissance with this exciting influence. There is an enormous dominance in Earth with an exact Sun/Moon trine, and this suggests that the size and resources of Russia will carry them through all difficult times.

Dissolution and Revolution

The meaning of the Sun/North Node conjunction is more of a mystery. What is happening here is that the nodal axis is “grounding” the forces of the rare Uranus/Neptune conjunction, showing that the new Russia was born out of the dramatic dissolution which saw the birth of the New World Order. This could explain the general atmosphere of dissolution which continues to plague Russia, and the weak health of its founder, Jeltsin. When Jeltsin bowed out at the end of 1999, paving the way for his protégé Putin, the impression is created of a new, stronger leader, who, though ruthlessly playing the Chechen war to his own advantage, conformed to the ideals of a Russian people who have traditionally preferred very strong, if not brutal, leaders. The heritage of the Tsars is not an easy one to shake off – a fact that Stalin was quick to capitalise on. Putin was elected with a large majority on March 26, 2000, with Uranus 19.25 Aquarius… an exact Uranus return to the Revolution chart Uranus at 19.49 Aquarius! Further emphasising the Uranus theme, Putin himself has his own Uranus in Cancer opposing the new Russia Uranus at 13.19 Capricorn.

President Putin

See chart of Vladimir Putin

Curiously, Putin’s progressed Sun runs into a square to Uranus, then a conjunction to Neptune, rather like the progressed Sun of New Russia. Obviously for Putin there are unconscious associations with Russia, in terms of an early childhood of dissolution and unpredictable change. Apparently his two brother died young, and he was brought up as an only child in a communal apartment shared by several families.(Note 4) He was illegally baptised into the Russian Orthodox faith… a religious heritage strongly indicated by the powerful 12th house in his chart. It is fascinating to note that he carries the Saturn/Neptune “communist” signature here, showing that his deepest nature is idealistic, and quite willing to embrace self-sacrifice for a higher cause. A Sun in its fall in Libra and the 11th, conjoining an exalted Saturn on the 12 cusp, shows a man whose individuality is subsumed by the collective, and totally in its service. As indeed he was.

Putin the Spy

From 1975 to 1990, he served as a KGB agent in East Germany, before returning to St. Petersburg to become deputy mayor. Let no one be under any illusions: Vladimir Putin is a master spy… no slur on his character intended. With Scorpio rising and a Pluto/South Node conjunction precisely on the MC, it’s simply his job and skill. He knows how to maintain a cloak of invisibility, whilst maintaining a total grip on power. On top of this, his information-gathering Moon in Gemini conjoins the 8th house cusp… one can almost see the hidden microphones. It is clear that the Putin the world sees – if the world sees anything more than a shadow – is rarely going to be the real Putin, whoever that is. How could it be, with such a self-effacing Sun, subject to the iron discipline of Saturn?

Secrets and Lies

In addition, the Putin the world hears is Mercury/Neptune in the 12th – and this is not an aspect renowned for clarity of communication. Putin says what is expedient to say under the prevailing circumstances. With Mercury sextiling the two Ascendant rulers, Mars on the one side, and Pluto on the other, we see portrayed a man skilled at interrogation, and with the ability to unearth information whilst the other person is off guard. There is of course great psychological skill here, but Putin will only tell the truth selectively. This is the man elected to rule Russia. It is not the horoscope of a person who would thrive in a Western democracy, because westerners would be suspicious of the secrecy, and the lack of joy, humour and charisma.

Putin and Russia’s soul

Apart from the Mercury aspects, there are no notable positive aspects in the chart, which seems both very Saturnian – note the Moon semi – and sesquisquare the Sun/Saturn square Uranus – and extremely Plutonian. However, it is a horoscope which suits Russia, and conforms rather splendidly with both the Russian charts. He embodies the Russian soul in the repeat of the revolution Saturn/Neptune/Uranus configuration. He has Venus in Scorpio as in the new Russia chart, and in harmony with the Venus/Pluto configurations of both charts… showing his capacity to deal with corruption and economic reform. He has the Mars in Sagittarius of the new Russia chart (and on the Galactic Centre, no less) – and indeed this Mars is trine his Pluto, giving him the ability to wield enormous power, survive under threat, and win against the odds. But the main reason he has been chosen by the Russian people is because his Ascendant is exactly at the mid-point of the new Russia Sun/Moon trine.

Putin and Power

He embodies in the unshakeability of his Scorpio Ascendant (and its strong Mars/Pluto trine) the desires of the Russia people for a superman who can drag them out of their economic quagmire, and restore some of their former self-esteem. He will try to do this economically, and he will undoubtedly try to do this militarily. If Putin survives, he will go on to transform the army, for, with Pluto transiting new Russia’s Mars in 2003 (and his own in 2006), the Russian army will be totally reconstituted, with the present system of conscripts being abolished, and a new voluntary system of professionals inaugurated. This will end an appalling tradition where barely-trained recruits are used as cannon-fodder in places like Afghanistan and Chechnya.

Election Day

Putin was elected on March 26, 2000, as Pluto passed over new Russia’s Mercury, and whilst Mercury in Pisces squared Pluto. This was not a day when people were particularly interested in the truth… and as the Sun at 6° Aries that day sextiled Neptune at 6° Aquarius, this was an expression of the dream of the Russian people for a strong leader who could save them. He possibly might, but as this was also the time of the Jupiter/Neptune square, reflected elsewhere by the last puffs of air in the dot com bubble, it is equally likely that their dreams will come crashing down to earth. What is noticeable about the election day is that Mars in Taurus was moving to join Jupiter, unfortunately showing the ascendancy of greed and corruption. As Putin was elected with his progressed Moon at 23° Aquarius, precisely opposing his Pluto and trining his Mars, it is not difficult to imagine many deals being done behind the scenes. Perhaps that is the only way to get things done in present-day Russia, but, with his spymaster training, he was the man to do it.

Current and Future trends

In this period of his life, Putin has his progressed sun within minutes of arc of a sextile to his progressed Mars, suggesting that this is the greatest period of executive power in his life. Perhaps that’s why he rose to popularity through war. This should make him a winner for many years to come, although there one or two events on the astrological horizon which show challenges ahead. The progressed Moon from the new Russia chart is about to join the progressed Sun in the 29½ year New Moon cycle. The profound significance of this is that it is to be a progressed New Moon eclipse at 13.51 Capricorn – exactly on progressed Uranus at 13.55 Capricorn. It’s difficult to get a more dramatic new moon chart, though it is mitigated by the trine to Jupiter.

The Crisis Year of 2002

This happens in March 2002, and as Uranus rules new Russia’s Descendant, one could imagine a surprising development in Russian’s foreign relations followed by a dramatic expansion. This could be a major alliance, and it could be a reconstitution of the old union in a new way. It is also likely that some technological advance revolutionises Russia’s image. Bearing in mind that 2001 to 2002 are years dominated by the nodal conjunction with a series of Saturn/Pluto oppositions at 12°, 13° and 16° Gemini/Sagittarius, both on new Russia’s Mercury, and the USA’s Ascendant/Descendant axis, it might seem that a crisis situation in America plays some role in the revolutionary changes to be expected in Russia at this time.

Crisis in Russian/US relations

This could be a nadir in the USA’s foreign relations, and it may coincide with a break in communication with Russia, possibly because of economic differences. How powerful these changes in 2002 are for Russia depends a lot on how significant the new Russia chart is. Some Russians astrologers prefer the Minsk agreement chart several weeks earlier (Dec 8, 1991, 17.45 GMT Zone 0. 37E35 55N45), but this would be equally dramatic because of its Sun/Mercury conjunction at 16° Sagittarius. It’s a difficult period to decipher. Oddly, Putin has progressed Sun opposite his Gemini Moon in 2001, just as the USA has progressed Sun conjoining its Aquarian Moon in 2002. It is as if the people of both continents are mobilised at this time, and public issues press themselves dramatically on the leadership.

A Turning Point for Mars

It’s a curious thing, but as mentioned earlier, the demise of communism coincided with the revolution Venus turning retrograde by progression. Between 2002 and 2004, revolution Mars will do the same thing at 3° Libra, square the Node/Pluto conjunction of 1917. Whilst this coincides with the transiting Pluto on new Russia’s Mars, and therefore with the reconstitution of the Russian armed forces, there could be a deeper significance. What is sure is that here is another turning point for Russia, and a surprising one. It could herald a new 30 year cycle of development for Russia dominated by technological advance. Some upheaval can be expected in 2002, with some startling alliances. These developments will most probably take place under the increasingly dictatorial rulership of a secretive Rasputin (sorry, Putin), dedicated to the renaissance of a new Russia….if he manages to negotiate the earthquakes of March 2002.

Note 1. Horoscopes for Russia from Book of World Horoscopes by Nick Campion.
Note 2. In Mundane Astrology co-written with Nick Campion and Charles Harvey.
Note 3. Source AstroDatabank : Matthew Quellas quotes Stef de Groot, webmaster of the President Vladimir V. Putin website, “The time of birth was from his official Soviet birth certificate, as you inquired.”
Note 4. I am indebted to AstroDatabank for this biographical information.

Adrian Ross Duncan