The world is now going through a huge transition presaged by the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at zero Aquarius on the winter solstice in December 2020. A few years ago, it seemed impossible to know what this would mean, and how such a transition could take place. But then the 2020 pandemic arrived. It shook every country in the world, not just through fatalities, but by changing the habits and rhythms of everyone’s daily lives. Those in privileged positions worked from home and still enjoyed a healthy economy. Others risked much more as essential workers and had to expose themselves to the corona virus daily. Many simply lost their jobs. Many went hungry and are still hungry. The pandemic precipitated the biggest economic crisis in modern history.

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction takes place every 20 years, but this one is special. It is the beginning of a new 800-year cycle in the Air element, and it marks the end of a 200-year cycle in the Earth element. The Earth element cycle marked the age of capitalism and the exploitation – some would say rape – of the Earth’s resources. Who cared about Air? We just pumped smoke through chimneys, cigarettes and exhaust pipes. Coal, oil, factory farming and the mass production of meat, money, ambition and greed. We have all indulged our love of private property.

Now the Age of Air begins. It is so big. Take cars for example. Electric or hydrogen powered, there will be no exhaust. The electricity grid? Powered by renewable energy, decentralized, with every household delivering and receiving power from every other household. Just like an electric version of Skype. We cannot imagine the repercussions of this. Should we own cars, when we can just pop in to the nearest car. Traffic jams or accidents? They are not going to happen, because every car will be a lot more intelligent that its driver. Drivers?

Today, New Delhi is almost impossible to breathe in. Greenpeace estimates 50,000 people die of air pollution each year in this city. By 2040 the air will be clear, the sky blue and the traffic a smooth uninterrupted flow. In every city. In just a few years’ time, no company will be able to even sell a diesel or petrol car.

Each area where there has been pollution will undergo a transformation which will radically reduce or eliminate pollution. This does not mean that temperatures and sea levels will not rise, but international agreements will slow the process and make it manageable.

The major events in Russia have historically resonated with Saturn-Neptune conjunctions, which often signify State measures to alleviate poverty and suffering. Clearly often failing. 1917 – The Russian revolution, 1953 – Stalin’s death, 1989 – the dissolution of the Soviet Union, mark the 36-year Saturn-Neptune conjunction cycle. You don’t have to be a great mathematician to see that the next conjunction will be in 2025, which is the year Putin’s presidency officially was to end.

Until he changed the constitution to add two extra presidential terms beyond that year.

It doesn’t matter. Putin, who was born on the 1953 Saturn-Neptune conjunction, will leave in 2025-26. The only question is how peaceful the process will be. The next election – which will as usual be corrupt – will be on March 17th 2024, when Saturn is at 11 Pisces and the Sun conjoins Neptune at 27 Pisces, so it is going to be a foggy affair. Still, Putin’s progressed Sun will conjoin his Mars, so he will be in the mood for a little war.

The Saturn-Neptune conjunction is almost exact at 2 Aries in July 2025, then Saturn goes retrograde and makes its final pass in February 2026 at 0 Aries. This is a fiery place to have such a monumental conjunction, and the transition from Pisces to Aries suggests a dissolution and perhaps violent rebirth. The conjunction squares the 1991 Russian horoscope’s Sun, so it is likely that leadership is completely undermined at this time.


Russian – Flag up. 25th December 1991, 20.45 Moscow AS 25 Leo

Simultaneously Pluto, which has entered Aquarius, conjoins Russia’s Saturn at 5 Aquarius, suggesting the destruction of social structures. Pluto also squares Putin’s Ascendant and in the summer of 2026 Uranus conjoins his Moon in Gemini in his 8th house. It is likely that popular unrest will unseat him at this time.

The flag-up horoscope for Russia has a Uranus-Neptune conjunction at 15 and 17 degrees Capricorn respectively. Mars progressed conjoins both planets from 2024-2028 which also suggests explosive developments that lead to a dissolution of power

Looking ahead to Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius, clearly this is going to be a major period of transformation for China, which has its Moon at 3 Aquarius and the Ascendant at 5 Aquarius. As Pluto conjoins the Moon and Ascendant, Uranus moves into Gemini  and trines Pluto. There will be a set of 6 of these trines from 2025-29, marking a vast change in China’s social fabric. With the Sun at 7 Libra and the Moon at 3 Aquarius, there is rather a wonderful series of grand trines taking place. As Chinas progressed Ascendant and MC move into Gemini and Aquarius respectively, harmonizing with the Moon and Sun, it is difficult to imagine that the country will do anything other than prosper.

Uranus-Pluto trines

Series of six rare Uranus-Pluto trines from 2025-2028

On one level this seems rather magnificent for China’s Belt and Road initiative, which is a massive plan to extend Chinese influence throughout the world. In this period it is highly likely that the technological dominance of China will be established. Already, after witnessing the lamentable handing of the pandemic in the USA, Chinese people young and old are convinced their communist country is far superior, whilst the power of the USA is fading.

China-horoscopeChina: 1st October 1949. 15.15. Beijing. AS 5.56 AQ

Nevertheless, a Uranus-Pluto trine is in no way a stabilizing influence. The Moon conjoining China’s Ascendant show the people ruling – it’s the People’s Republic of China – and in the period from 2025-29 the people will take power and react against autocracy. Although the Sun-Moon trine shows support from the People to the Party, Pluto on the Moon unleashes the concept of the dictatorship of the proletariat. How will that go down with Xi Jinping, who like Putin is also born on the exact Saturn-Neptune conjunction from 1953? Like Putin, President Xi also had the constitution changed to allow him to maintain power well into the future. His North Node is at 3 Aquarius – exactly on China’s Moon – and the 2026 Saturn-Neptune conjunction squares his Mars at 0 Cancer. He may lose his grip as changes sweep through the population.

It is said that Donald Trump is planning to run in 2024. This is not going to happen. With the buildup of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, conditions were good for his autocratic and extreme governing style. But Trump was an anomaly, and he was only ever going to be a one-term president. (Note 1) The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius sets the scene for a new socially-conscious style of government ill-suited to the narcissism of Trump.

Furthermore, the lunar eclipse in Trump’s chart, with the Sun at 22 Gemini and the Moon at 21 Sagittarius was hit by a solar eclipse on December 14th 2020 when Joe Biden’s victory was confirmed by the Electoral College. In 2021 Neptune will make repeated squares to Trump’s Sun and Moon, which will almost certainly bring him into discredit and reveal that the real swamp that needed draining was the Trump empire.

Because of Joe Biden’s age, there has been speculation that he may not actually survive the next 4 years. He will be 82 at the next election. Also of interest is the so-called Tecumseh curse, which was the prediction that all presidents elected in zero years – 1900, 1920, 1940 etc. – would not survive until the end of their terms. This was true from 1840 to 1960 (when Kennedy was elected), but Reagan survived an assassination attempt in 1980, and George W Bush was fine. Perhaps the curse was only effective for the period when Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions were in Earth signs.

Nevertheless, it is worth taking a look at Kamala Harris’ horoscope to see if there are any indications that she will assume power. She has a great horoscope for governance with a full moon constellating harmoniously with Saturn in Aquarius, so competence, cooperation and leadership come naturally to her.


Kamala Harris. 20th October 1964 21.28 Oakland, California AS: 24 GE

Her Sun progressed went to conjoin her Descendant and South Node when she became vice-president. In itself this was quite a good clue to the Democrats winning the election. What is interesting is that her progressed Mercury is retrograde and it conjoins the Sun three years into Biden’s presidency. Also at this time Kamala’s progressed Sun is trine her natal Moon. Either she takes over here, or she is appointed to be the Democratic candidate in 2024. At the November 2024 election her Sun progressed is exactly sextile Saturn.

Here’s the thing. Between November election and the January 2025 Inauguration, Pluto moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius, which means the Inauguration horoscope has the Sun conjoining Pluto within one degree. This could mean a Black president. (When Obama was president, transit Pluto conjoined USA’s Venus, then Jupiter, then the Sun.) It’s a long shot, but it’s a possibility. The election chart has a Moon-Venus conjunction in Sagittarius, so a woman with foreign roots may well be one of the candidates.

Light, Motion and the Body
The new age of Air is an age when everything is about particles and waves. Heat as a byproduct of light will be eliminated, just as diodes replace filaments in light bulbs. Surfaces will no longer be warm, but cool. Most energy will be generated directly from chemical or light sources, instead of burning fossil fuels. No more chimneys. No more fire.

Physical wars will slowly become redundant, but cyber wars will not. This will require a whole new set of treaties to avoid global meltdown. Control of the airwaves will become far more important than control of territory.

The emphasis on Aquarius will see the rise of implants, particularly in the brain, and especially after Pluto enters Aquarius. Whether you like it or not, robots and cyborgs will be everywhere, and devices will enhance the human body and mind.

The Economy
People think of the concept of a Universal Basic Income as a Utopian idea, but the pandemic triggered the first mass experiment in UBI, when governments – even in the USA – distributed cash to large swathes of the population. The passage of Uranus through Taurus, and the tectonic changes affecting national economies in 2021 and 2022 as Saturn and Uranus clash, will bring a huge reconstruction.

Saturn-Uranus squareThe Saturn-Uranus squares from 2021-2022

This will be the immediate challenge for USA after Trump, and the UK and EU after Brexit. These are the things we can expect:

  • Government intervention to support those who no longer have jobs
  • Massive investment in infrastructure projects like charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Revolution in the banking industry through blockchain and cybercurrency
  • Acceptance of artificial meat products to counter climate change
  • Battle to break up social media (with results coming after Pluto enters Aquarius)
  • Social confrontation with financial elite
  • Fall of autocratic governments
  • Home working using Zoom and other media becomes a fact of life

These are some ideas, but in a few years’ time when we look back, these ideas will seem quaint. The world is changing at an exponential rate, and everything will go faster than you think.

Adrian Duncan 15th December 2020

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