Whilst we can be sure that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back despite his love child with the family maid, things look a bit more worrying for Dominique Strauss-Kahn who was arrested under humiliating circumstances for allegedly forcing sex on a hotel maid. He was escorted off a plane to Paris on Saturday 14th May, handcuffed and interrogated by New York police, imprisoned and presented in court on the following money and sent back to the notorious Rikers Island jail immediately afterwards. Two weeks would go by before he was given bail, which means he is confined to a New York apartment and has to wear an electronic bracelet and finance a security company to guard him and re-arrest if necessary.

For a man who was head of the International Monetary Fund and positioning himself to be the next president of France, this event is the biggest disaster in a life characterized by riches, political power and fame. How could this have happened?

HOROSCOPE: Dominique Strauss-Kahn 25th April, 1949. 11.10 am Neuilly, Paris (AS
0.24 LE)

He does not have the horoscope of an incarnate sexual predator. Mars is strong in Aries and Venus strong in Taurus, so it is certainly the horoscope of a man with strong appetites. With Ascendant ruler in Taurus and the 10th conjoining a dignified Venus, he is ideally suited to work in the financial world, and Mars in Aries in the 10th shows him as a born leader, the trine to Saturn in Leo and the 2nd house, indicating that he is hard-working and a strong and responsible leader with some inhibitions about self-worth, obviously compensated for by a high-status life.

Although he is a member of the socialist party in France, he has always been on the right and supported privatization, which is a signature theme of Sun/Venus in Taurus square Jupiter, where free trade and right-wing values predominate. He lost the leadership battle for the French socialist party to the more left-wing Segolene Royal in 2006.

It is conceivable that the conjunction of Mars with the North Node accentuates sexual appetites. He has a history of sexual “conquest”, the most controversial being his clandestine relationship with married employee Piroska Nagy. The IMF censured him for misusing his position but no further action was taken. He acquired in France the title of “Great Seducer”. Being a Frenchman, he probably took this as a band of honor, but when his job took him to the USA, he was warned by friends that his cavalier attitude to sex could get him into trouble. Indeed, he himself said to journalists early in 2011 that the only danger to his career would be someone getting bribed to allege sexual harassment. In fact on April 28, 2011, Strauss-Kahn had stated he was “worried his political opponent, Nicolas Sarkozy, would try to frame him with a fake rape”.

It would not in fact be very difficult to do, as Strauss-Kahn has historically needed little
encouragement to embark on sexual escapades. So let’s have a look at the events astrologically:

HOROSCOPE: Strauss-Kahn “attack” on maid: 14th May 2011, New York (AS 19.03 LE) Time “around 1 pm” Reuters.

In this event chart, it is very possible that the sun represents Strauss-Kahn. Certainly, when he was in court on Monday, the sun was on the fixed start Algol. He lost his future on this day and subsequently resigned from the IMF post. If the time is right, Neptune on the Descendant shows that this “relationship” is not what it seems to be. What catches the attention in the chart is the fact that Mars is in exile in Taurus and Venus in exile in Aries, and that they are in reception. Furthermore, Mercury – which has already been retrograde and conjoined Mars twice in Aries – is right up with Venus and goes hand in hand with her into Taurus. So, honestly, who is Mercury?

Venus in Aries must be the maid… in exile. She emigrated from Guinea three years earlier, and apparently has a teenage daughter. After the alleged attack, she subsequently rang her
brother in tears, who recommended she go to a lawyer. In fact the close conjunction of Venus with Mercury implies an extremely close relationship with the brother. The situation of Venus and Mercury changes immediately after the event, with both moving into Taurus in sextile to Neptune, which would provide a pretty effective smokescreen. Venus comes into a much better position, also financially. Mercury goes on to conjoin bad boy Mars in Taurus, which it conjoined before at 28 Aquarius on 21st February and then retrograde at 13 Aries on 19th April at which point it turned direct in opposition to Saturn. In other words Mercury has a history with Mars, and Mars/Mercury conjunctions are notorious for trickery. This is the Mercury that is 11 minutes of arc from Venus at the time of the attack. It was a setup.

It could be said that Strauss-Kahn has himself to blame for so easily engaging in a sexual
relationship with a hotel maid. Born into a world of privilege, rich beyond measure, enjoying his penthouse hotel suite at $3000 per night, probably arrogant and with a strong sense of entitlement, this was the guy working to save the world economy. The thunderbolt that has struck him is probably reflected by the fact that there has been a progressed new moon in his horoscope (on the US Venus) conjoining Uranus whilst transit Uranus exactly conjoined his Moon in Aries in his 9th house. Interestingly enough, there is a progressed Mercury/Mars conjunction in Gemini on his progressed MC trining Neptune, and as Mercury rules his 12th house (the cusp of which is conjoined by Uranus), this could reflect secret enemies at work.

Where we can be assured that Schwarzenegger will be back, the same cannot be said of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who has seen his 2012 presidential ambitions go up in smoke. In fact, with the progressed new moon falling in his 12th house, obscurity is the likely result over the next two years… hopefully not in a prison cell. Transiting Jupiter will transit his Venus/Sun conjunction three times in 2011, the final conjunction to the sun being in February 2012, when justice will be delivered.  57% of the French people think it is a plot, and his wife and ex-wife categorically deny that he could do anything violent. But here we have a Frenchman in New York, and he shouldn’t be flaunting his libido around, should he?

Adrian Ross Duncan. June 14th 2011