By now it is well known that women come from Venus and men from Mars. Despite the attempted reversals or homogenization of male and female roles in the 1970’s,
when Uranus and Pluto transited the relationship sign of Libra, experience has
shown that little boys like guns and little girls don’t. Big girls are generally not attracted to men who are soft and dependent, whilst big boys go for beauty rather than muscle. That is the way of Venus and Mars, which are universal gender organizing principles for humanity. And whilst we may lament hat vast sums of money are spent by governments on military hardware, it is interesting to ponder on the fact that equal sums of money are spent on the fashion and beauty industry.

For those who practice astrology, it quickly becomes apparent that men project Venus in their horoscope on women, and are attracted to the kind of woman that Venus in house and aspect represents, whilst the same is the case for women and Mars. This projection mechanism is not ideal, and is the source of much trouble in relationships. Similarly there are collective projections which change as Venus and Mars travel through each sign in turn. It is interesting therefore that two men who have been in the spotlight whilst Mars has been in Taurus are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dominic Strauss-Kahn – one muscle man and California governor, and the other money man and head of the International Monetary Fund…money and muscle being qualities strongly associated with Taurus.

Mars, which is said to rule the signs of Aries and Scorpio, is in exile in the opposite signs Libra and Taurus. Schwarzenegger is an Austrian in California and Strauss-Kahn and Frenchman in New York. But being in exile, or detriment, for Mars in Taurus also means that the weaknesses of Mars are exposed. Mars is always interested in sexual conquest, but when it is in Taurus in it easily seduced by the pleasures of the senses.

Mars in Taurus is a very naughty boy indeed.

Perhaps that is why the news broke that Arnold Schwarzenegger had not been able to resist impregnating is maid, which resulted in a child being born in 1988… a secret that came out with the entry of Mars in Taurus on May 11th 2011. This was one day after his wife Maria Shriver announced that they were to be separated after 25 years of marriage. There are further suggestions that he misappropriated government funds, using official vehicles to drive elegant consorts to luxury hotel suites, availing himself of his security detail to get
them into his room by the service entrance. Of course it can get boring in a hotel room, but wasn’t he supposed to be looking after the state of California?

HOROSCOPE:  Arnold Schwarzenegger 30th July 1947 4.10 Graz, Austria (AS 19.07 CN)

His horoscope shows a Sun in Leo conjoining Saturn and Pluto in the 2nd house, which in his early days was ideal for exhibiting his body, and of late has also been useful for governing a state which has been teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. A Sun/Saturn/Pluto conjunction is indestructible, and so his role as Terminator was a perfect expression of his character.

Mars in his horoscope conjoins Uranus in Gemini and the 12th house, a high-risk combination; when he was 23 he lost his brother through an accident. A Mars/Uranus conjunction in the 12th May indicate some particularly virulent secret enemies, and it may also show risky sexual adventures. He loves motorcycles and had an accident on his Harley Davidson in 2006.

He was elected as governor of California on October 7th 2003, and retired in 2011 to pursue his film career, which, because of the current scandals, he has now put on hold. His period as governor coincided with the entry of his progressed Sun into Libra and the movement of his progressed Ascendant from Leo to Virgo, showing a change of emphasis from showmanship to service. As he took over governorship progressed Mars conjoined his natal Venus at 26 Cancer, activating USA’s Mercury/Pluto opposition. This last aspect may
actually indicate his ongoing secret lusts being satiated in secret encounters using his security detail to cover things up!

So Schwarzenegger entered a life of political service in 2003, and with his Ascendant ruler the Moon in tough Capricorn and the 6th he probably worked just as hard and conscientiously as he did when he was building those magnificent muscles we all love. Still, the Moon has also proved to be his (temporary) downfall… for is not Moon in Capricorn in the 6th house square Neptune the maid?

The transit of Pluto over this moon position has mercilessly exposed his weakness. Psychologically the moon in exile in Capricorn square Neptune shows deep unhappiness and unfulfilled emotional needs, both in relation to his mother and his new chosen country. The maid, a constant feature of his home life, fulfilled needs that were not fulfilled elsewhere. With his Venus in Cancer too, which couples romantic needs with domestic pleasures, he surely wants to be looked after.

During the period of his governorship his progressed Venus in Libra has conjoined progressed Neptune, exactly mirroring Bill Clinton’s Venus/Neptune conjunction, and all the romantic indiscretions it implies. At the end of his governorship, It is all-change for Schwarzenegger. His MC progressed is at 00.00 Gemini, having just (appropriately) conjoined the Pleiades, or Weeping Sisters, showing major career change. His Mars has moved out of Cancer, where it has been for over 40 years, and into Leo, showing a new need for showmanship, playfulness and romance. And Mercury has progressed into Scorpio, unfortunately squaring progressed Mars, reflecting sexual scandal and damage to

Not too damaging, I am sure. He will probably find success as a writer/director and we will surely be seeing him again on the silver screen in new roles, because nothing will ever terminate the Terminator.

Adrian Ross Duncan 7th June 2011