America has lost respect and standing over the last four years, and this is why President Donald Trump must lose the next election. He will fight to the bitter end, the streets of America will be battle scenes, he will not go gracefully, but in 2021 a new era begins, and the ocean will cover the wreckage of the Trump presidency. The Trump name will be removed from hotels, golf courses and all the tinsel products of his empire, as no one will want to be associated with his ignominy. As transit Neptune moves to square his Sun and eclipsed Moon, there will be nothing solid for him to cling to.

People need to just make America America again – the welcoming and generous country it has historically been.

In the film Django Unchained, directed by Quentin Tarantino, a bounty hunter elegantly played by (James Bond villain) Christof Waltz, is forced to shake the hand of a diabolical slave-owner, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. He simply cannot bring himself to do it, produces his derringer and shoots the slave owner dead. He turns to his partner and says “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist it” – before being blasted to pieces by the slave owner’s bodyguard.

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Confirmation Bias
It is a general rule that astrologers should maintain an objective view when they analyze horoscopes, even if the person in question is a distasteful personality. Having a subjective view warps the analysis and conclusions are affected by confirmation bias – the tendency to filter things via a personal viewpoint rather than a dispassionate astrological viewpoint. This is the kind of approach that for example led me to predict a win for Hillary Clinton and not for Donald Trump in the 2016 election, even though I registered all the signs of success for Trump, with for example his 10th house progressed Sun conjoining his Ascendant, and his progressed MC moving into Leo.

But derringer in hand, I can’t resist confirmation bias. I can’t bring myself to be objective with regard to Trump. This is an autocrat with a vengeful personality, who organized beauty pageants and invaded the dressing rooms of half-dressed contestants, who boasts about grabbing women by the genitals, cavorts with prostitutes whilst his trophy wife is pregnant. He has systematically removed honorable people from the US administration, and replaced them with sycophants with little political experience. He showers autocrats like Putin, Erdogan, Duterte, Kim Jong Un and Xi Jinping with praise, whilst denigrating politicians who actually do have integrity.

When accusers expose Trump’s malfeasance, he ensures that there is a price to pay – they lose their job, get bully-tweeted or denigrated. No one is immune – whether it is Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (owner of the Trump-critical Washington Post), or Mitt Romney (the only Republican to vote for impeachment).

The Murder of Meaning
But the major crime enacted by this catastrophic American president is his murder of meaning. This is exemplified by Mercury, which rules his Gemini Sun-Uranus conjunction, in square to Neptune on the fixed star Vindemiatrix, which is called the “widow-maker”. Murdering meaning is crucial for autocracies and dictatorships. “Elections” in Russia for example are not actual elections, but carefully organized systems for entrenching an autocratic leader who “80%” of the population vote for. So the word election does not mean anything. It is said that when Russians speak the word “democracy”, they do so with an apologetic smirk. In America today, half the population doesn’t know what a “fact” is, even though facts are provable. They don’t know if news is true or fake or how to tell the difference. When Trump lies – a daily multi-event – it is really a “power-lie”. When you opt to believe him, you signal your membership of his power base, not your interest in some kind of objective truth. Whenever Trump accuses someone else of something, he is actually doing that something himself – everything is a projection.

Donald Trump horoscope

Donald Trump: 14th June 1946. 10.54 Jamaica. NY
Note Pluto at midpoint of Saturn/Mars – a signature for autocrats.

The problem is that the American electorate voted a narcissist into power – a man who makes everything about himself instead of about America. He can never improve, never be cured, and four more years of his presidency would damage the country, and the world, for decades into the future. How can you be objective or dispassionate about that? It is no use discussing this presidency in a normal or rational way – people need to take a moral stance against it.

Joe Biden
Against Trump in the 2020 election is Joe Biden, who reaches the age of 78 in November with an as yet unknown female vice president candidate. In an earlier article about Democratic candidates, I was dismissive about Biden’s chances, mainly because he has Neptune transiting his IC and opposite the MC in 2020. I suggested he retire and go fishing, because normally Neptune dissolves attempts to reach ambitious goals. But this was before COVID 19 ravaged the USA adding millions to the ranks of the unemployed, and taking the lives of 120.000 Americans and rising. Biden wants to become president of a country falling apart at the seams, which puts Neptune’s influence in a different light.

Biden is a Scorpio with Mars, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, which is a powerful and intense combination. He is extremely strong and knows how to handle power. There has been some controversy about over-intimacy with women, which is believable with the Sun-Venus close conjunction in Scorpio and Mars in the 12th square Pluto. Clearly there are some secrets there.

Joe Biden horoscope

Joe Biden. November 20th 1942. 8.30 a.m. Scranton, PA. AS 3.11 SG

Grief as a Superpower
The position of these Scorpio planets in the 12th house also speak of the tragedies that he has experienced in his life. Few people in US politics has been through quite what Biden has endured. In 1972, his wife and baby daughter were killed in a car accident, when Mars progressed conjoined his Ascendant. In 2015 one of his sons died of brain cancer, when Sun progressed squared his Mars (amongst other things). The website Politico wrote that grief is the superpower that drives Biden (note 1), which is an astonishing remark when one considers the close trine between Ascendant ruler Jupiter, exalted in Cancer, in the 8th house and in trine to the Venus-Sun conjunction in the 12th. In contrast to Trump, who has no concept of empathy, Biden has an innate ability to empathize, for example illustrated by his long and intimate phone calls to parents of children killed in the Sandy Hook shooting disaster.

The Vice President
Joe Biden was Obama’s vice president for eight years, and they really got on well, probably because Obama’s Moon is right on Biden’s Descendant. Biden spent some time musing about who to choose as his female vice president candidate. Amy Klobuchar has the Sun and Moon in Gemini right on Biden’s Descendant too, which made her a very strong candidate – until she decided not to run. Ultimately Biden chose Kamala Harris who has a powerful full moon in Aries. (Note 3) With her Saturn right on USA’s Moon she is unlikely to strike a chord with the USA electorate, although as Saturn harmonizes with the full moon, she’ll be pretty good at law and order!

The Contest
But can Biden beat Trump? He can certainly easily stand up to Trump and is far more emotionally resilient. Trump cannot dominate a Scorpio with Mars square Pluto. Trump has Mars rising in Leo – which is his bullyboy signature – square Biden’s Sun, but in that battle, the Sun is stronger. Biden has his exalted Jupiter on Trump’s exiled Saturn in Cancer, so theoretically he would win a popularity contest. Neither indication is trustworthy for deciding a winner though.

Transits are influences that come and go, and are often not a very reliable indicator of winners in elections. If politicians set their sails to the prevailing winds, then even the toughest transits can bring them to their destination. That said, it does not help that transit Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto are opposing Trump’s Venus-Saturn conjunction up to the election, especially if he wants women on his side. (More women voted for Trump than for Hillary Clinton in the last election.) These transits will likely bring all sorts of unflattering information to the surface, both connected with Trump’s misogyny and tax returns.

Apart from the transit of Neptune over Biden’s IC, which indicates a profound recalibration of his domestic and professional life, Pluto will be opposing Biden’s Ascendant ruler Jupiter during 2020 and 2021. It will also trine his Venus-Sun so a positive transformation could be expected. Uranus will activate his Mars-Pluto square in this period, which often shows heightened danger – and the presence of a security detail at all times. If Biden lost, this danger would not be there. Finally, 2020 is characterized by Saturn in Aquarius making three squares to his Moon in Taurus, which is not exactly popularity-enhancing, but could also indicate the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21st 2020 exactly squares his Moon, so something important is happening at this time.

The Progressions
It is the progressions which are really fascinating. Trump seems to be coming out of the tail-end of really good progressions. His progressed Venus conjoined Jupiter in Libra back in 2018: His Sun came from the 10th House to conjoin his Ascendant on Regulus in 2016.

In contrast, Biden is heading towards an amazing series of progressions. One key progression is his progressed IC exactly on Saturn at 9.57 Gemini in 2021, which conjoins the fixed star Aldebaran, one of the four royal stars of Persia. This star is a red giant which is often mistaken for Mars in the sky, and is connected with violence and with honor. Clearly this progression marks a key moment in Biden’s life. One view is that it could be the obstacle that finishes his political career. Another could be that he moves into a position of heavy responsibility at the White House.

Another progression is Venus, which at 6 degrees Pisces is currently in square to his progressed Saturn, and moves to square radix Saturn in 2023-4. At the election, the progressed Moon conjoins Venus, square progressed Saturn. This does not suggest popularity, but for a man of 78 it could indicate problems with health, or simply frustrations in dealing with Congress. (Venus rules his 11th and 6th houses).

With all these contacts by transit and progression to Saturn, it looks like the dark clouds are rolling in for Joe Biden, but there is one remaining factor which can be decisive.

A Once in a Lifetime Chance
If you look at Mercury in Biden’s chart, it progresses from 21 Scorpio to 10.09 Aquarius, where it goes retrograde at age 56. This means it opposes Pluto in 1992 (in the spring of 1993 Tara Reade accused Biden of sexual harassment), and again in 2005 when Biden supported credit card companies and clashed with Elizabeth Warren who argued the case for consumers. Not very rosy credentials for him with these Mercury-Pluto oppositions.

At the election on November 3rd, 2020, Mercury progressed is at 24.57 Capricorn. Then something strange happens. For several years Mercury does not move – it goes stationary direct at the election, exactly opposite his exalted Jupiter at 25.06 Cancer, which incidentally is on USA’s Mercury at 24.11 Cancer. What is the mission of Mercury here? It is destined to absorb the energy of Jupiter for the next four years before moving on. How can that be anything but great? And how can it be anything but great for America, when Biden’s Jupiter is also trine Venus and the Sun?

How to Survive 2020
The only concern Donald Trump has is how to preserve his power and bolster his ego. At this point, he has only got one direction to go, and that is down. People should have no illusions about what he is capable of to preserve his position. As Mars enters Aries, it squares Jupiter, Pluto then Saturn in the last half of August, then goes retrograde at 28 Aries on September 9th, squaring Saturn, then Pluto then Jupiter in early October. It then moves direct two weeks after the election at 15 Aries, squaring Pluto, but not squaring Jupiter and Saturn until a couple of weeks before the inauguration when both have moved into Aquarius.

When an autocrat like Trump is backed into a corner, anything goes as a solution. He can deter minorities from voting. He can mount legal challenges if he loses by a small margin. After all he has already stacked the Supreme Court in his favor. Martial law can be declared if there is unrest, perhaps just before the election, so that certain voters can be deterred. (Trump already threatened to do this in connection with Black Lives Matter riots. Fortunately the military resisted.) He can manufacture an international crisis.

There will be profound unrest prior to the election, not least because Mercury in Scorpio goes retrograde opposite Uranus in mid-October, and the election is held with the Sun opposing Uranus for the first time since 1936. On election day, Mercury moves stationary direct in Libra in exact square to Saturn in Capricorn, at which time the judgment will fall. Nevertheless, the fact that Mercury is stationary square Saturn indicates incredible inertia – and it is easy to imagine that postal votes are seriously delayed. Bear in mind that on Election Day, Mars in Aries, which can be taken to represent Trump, is stationary. It does not want to go anywhere. It is going to be difficult to remove Trump, but when Mars squares Pluto for the 3rd and last time exactly as Jupiter and Saturn moves from Capricorn to Aquarius just before Christmas, he will be ejected if he has not already gone.

US Election 2020

US Election. 3rd November 2020. 7.00 am. Washington DC

With the repeated clashes between an aggressive Mars in Aries and the stellium in Capricorn, we are looking at the final battle of authoritarians worldwide. It is going to be a dangerous world from August to December. If it were not for the fact that Jupiter and Saturn simultaneously conjoin at 0 degrees Aquarius as the Sun ingresses into Capricorn – when the light in the world starts growing – we could be witness to four more years of Trump, and even some kind of authoritarian dynasty of his feckless family. But this monumental conjunction – the first in Aquarius for 800 years, marks a new era. The pandemic will have been instrumental in changing the social, financial and political fabric of society, when nothing else could.

If and when Trump is unseated in November, or after a few battles in December, there will be a lot of people opening the champagne. If he wins though, I suggest they try Trump’s suggested remedy for COVID 19 – bleach. Many would be happy to.

Adrian Ross Duncan
18th June 2020

  2. Amy Klobuchar: 25th May 1960, 0.55 St. Louis Park, Minnesota
  3. Kamala Harris is born on October 20th 1964 at 9.28 pm in Oakland, California.