Astrologers are generally universally in agreement that the horoscope of Prince William, first-born son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, is the horoscope of a king. It’s an astonishing chart, not least because of the extraordinary similarities with that of his mother. Both have the Sun in Cancer in the 7th house, both have Sagittarius rising, and both have Venus in Taurus, Diana with Venus 24.24, and William with Venus at 25.40 Taurus in conjunction with Chiron at 25.17.A Traumatic Childhood

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Of all the events that have happened in William’s life, there is clearly one that rises above all others. Privileged as he is as a royal personage, he was not spared the terrible tragedy of losing his mother at the all-too-young age of 15. It is often the case that the star Algol (at 26.08 degrees Taurus in 1997) is associated with tragedy. In myth it is connected to the severed head of Medusa, and is said by astrologer Bernadette Brady to represent the passion and intensity of the feminine, which can be used effectively or destructively. Even though Venus is well-placed in William’s chart, in its own sign Taurus and the 5th, exactly as in Diana’s, it’s obviously connected with the disaster. Ruler of the 4th, it’s position in the 5th does tend to indicate a repetition of the family tradition for giving everything for love.

A Dangerous Mars

See chart of princess Diana

For those who associate the 10th house ruler with the mother, the position of Mars conjoining Saturn in Libra in the 9th also depicts Diana, and certainly her fate of meeting death abroad in an impossible relationship. Indeed, as Mars progressed towards Saturn to exactly conjoin in 1997, she did meet her fate, or – to put it another way – William learned something about terrible implacable judgement which can greet a weak Mars.

Both William’s parents seem to embody the indiscretions of this Mars in Libra, and it is unlikely that William will himself be immune to its allures. William’s Venus is also the focal planet of a yod to Pluto and Neptune, representing perhaps the mythic quality surrounding his mother, and her affairs, and what later will become the myth of his own life and loves. For great love will come to William, just as it came for Diana, and just as she was elected by popular consent to be Queen of Hearts, it takes little imagination to see that William, when he gets to the marrying age, will be King of Hearts. Diana, fulfilled her Sun in the 7th trine Neptune, marrying her Prince Charming, who seemed destined to be king. One of the first great indicators of romance for William, is when his MC/IC axis progresses to conjoin Venus in the 5th at the tender age of 23. It would seem at least that he gets his own home, or palace, at this time, and there will be a lady within.

Will Prince Charles become King?

Yet astrologers point out that Charles’ life is overshadowed by his own mother – he has Moon conjunction the North Node in the 10th house – and with his ruling planet, the Sun, conjoining the 5th house cusp, he is the archetypal prince, and will in all probability remain so. With the co-dispositor of his Sun, Mars, in Sagittarius and conjoining Jupiter also in the 5th house, Charles is the lusty prince, performing the princely duties of creating sons in line for the throne, when he isn’t indulging his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. William, on the other hand, has a massively powerful trine from the Sun just 6 minutes of arc into Cancer (i.e. on the Aries point of power), trining a Jupiter almost stationary direct at zero degrees Scorpio conjoining the Midheaven from the 9th house. Obviously this trine suggests kingly good fortune, especially considering that Jupiter is his horoscope ruler. Jupiter will conjoin the MC by progression in William’s early forties, or earlier if he is born a minute or three earlier.

When will William become King.?

Other indications of ascension to the throne would be when the Jupiter/Sun trine is activated by William’s progressed Ascendant. In the years 2010 – 12, on William’s Saturn return, both progressed angles change sign, with the MC moving into Sagittarius, and the Ascendant subsequently moving into Aquarius, thus actvating the Sun/Jupiter. This is probably the time of a marriage, at least, as the change in emphasis will show a completely new way of life. Progressed Venus conjoins William’s Descendant in 2008, and surely here the woman of his dreams will enter his life, just as when Diana’s own Venus conjoined her Descendant, she married Charles and gave birth to William. Venus goes on to conjoin the Sun, trining Jupiter, in the year 2011, at the same time as his progressed MC conjoins Uranus. Quite clearly, this is when it’s all happening for William, certainly in his love life, but very likely too in his career destiny. He will be immensely popular at this time.

Love and Children

William will almost certainly produce heirs. It’s very likely that this will happen when his 5th house ruler Venus conjoins the Moon at the age of 32 to 33. A child will be born here, especially as progressed Mercury conjoins progressed Sun to square progressed Jupiter. Later, when the progressed Ascendant trines the strong Mercury in the 5th on the one side, and Mars in the 9th on the other – in his 35th year – he will have another child, and if the first one was not a boy, this one will be. Perhaps another child will arrive a year or so later, when progressed IC moves to conjoin Mercury… three children in all. As this is the time of his 3rd Jupiter return around October 2017, one could expect that this too would be a good time for accession, especially as the previous eclipse in 2017 is at 28.53 Leo, on the king’s star Regulus, and Saturn conjoins his Ascendant. Failing all this, then William will be crowned when the progressed Ascendant activates the Sun/Jupiter trine, making a grand trine in the year 2029, aged 47. Of course, for this to happen, Elizabeth would have to reign until the grand old age of 103 (the wonders of modern science), or Charles would actually have to become king.


It would be wrong to look at William’s chart without remarking on the significance of eclipses. One took place the day after Charles and Diana married, just as there was an eclipse one day before Diana died. William himself is born exactly on an eclipse, with Jupiter the dominating factor. Like Alexander the Great, Karl Marx and other historical figures born on eclipses, it is likely that King William will have a profound impact on the history of his time. The emphasis in Cancer and the 7th house shows him to be as similarly attuned to the people as his mother. He is a softy, tempered by the traumas and depth of his ruler Jupiter in the power sign of Scorpio. His influence will be profound, and he will be renowned for his kindness and understanding, but also for his judgement, which at times will be hard. But in affairs of the heart, he will be deeply susceptible… that is the legacy of both his parents.

Adrian Ross Duncan