Barack Obama

Sun Leo, Moon Gemini and Ascendant in Aquarius

Born on 4th Aug 1961, Honolulu, Hawaii

Birth Chart of Barack Obama

Here’s what World of Wisdom birth horoscope reports says about Barack Obama:

His Character:

… [With the sun in Leo, Obama] has warm human qualities which ensure that his is at the center of events and at the focus of other people’s attention. He invests a great deal of his energy in his work. Recognition and appreciation of his efforts by colleagues is important for his self-esteem, and people will generally look up to him at work.

… he is a very socially oriented person with a driving vision of his fellow human beings, a well suited man for work in humanitarian areas. He can strike out on a unique course in life and pave a way into the future which can be inspiring example for future generations.

… As the Sun is in the opposition of Jupiter in his horoscope one of his greatest professional assets is his optimism and ability to envision and empower the future. Obama has the capacity to occupy a high profile position in which his charisma and personal identity play a leading role.

His Father:

… On a professional level almost anything is possible with Obama – as long as he feels that what he does is meaningful.  Obama’s early connection with his father was special in some way. He may feel he had an intimate contact with him on a spiritual level, although later events will prove that he deluded himself in this respect.  His father will embody this ideal and most probably fail to live up to it.

His Feelings:

… On emotional front he is a restless soul with an insatiable appetite for new impressions. He has a superb talent for communicating with other people.

… Obama’s career can be profoundly influenced by the world of feeling and by public mood.

His Career:

… He can play an important role channelling the hopes and dreams of on the one hand large numbers of people… he may feel a strong identification with his country.

… Barack Obama has strong opinions and has the ability to win respect when he puts across his point of view. He commands attention when he expresses his ideas, and coupled with other factors, this can give him both creative and leadership abilities. On one level or another he is an excellent organizer and full of ideas about how to make things function efficiently at work.

… There is a sense that destiny steps into his path and guides him in a new direction. This will often mean that he will get involved with – or cross paths with – a very powerful group with a strong ideological orientation. He may be required to take a position as regards the use and misuse of power on a collective level. Obama can expect to be challenged in a mysterious and fateful way, and his personal integrity will be put to the test.

His Mind:

… Success comes when he works with communication in one form or another. He may excel in the arts or in public speaking. He brings a human element into your professional dealings, and advancement will often come through the goodwill of others.

… Mercury in opposition to Saturn shows Obama has a logical and disciplined mind, and special skills as regards working out systems and performing tasks which require patience for long periods of time. He is very good at spotting mistakes and errors. In his dealings with others, he is a very good at tuning in to their ideas, and he will go very far – perhaps too far – to avoid confrontation and argument.


Adrian Ross Duncan

4th August 2011