It would be a strange thing if you could predict the result of elections. All that rushing around canvassing voters, all that money spent on adverts, all the passionate debates – these would be unnecessary. Fortunately polls and pundits (and astrologers) get their predictions wrong all the time, so elections continue to make life interesting. How fascinating it is, for example, that in the USA there is an almost exact split between two parties – Republicans and Democrats. The difference between these voters is so deeply rooted that half of them disapprove of even having a relationship with someone supporting the opposite party. (Note 1) And it is probably the same story for supporters of the Labour and Conservative parties in Britain. Somehow our political values resonate with the core of our being.

Of course there are countries where it is dead easy to predict the result. I bet Putin wins approximately 90% of the vote in the next Russian election in 2018. The predictable result of the election on March 9th 2014 in North Korea had a 99.97% turnout and 100% of people voted for Kim Jong Un’s party. No surprise there – people are not stupid.

Miliband and the UK Election
There are a lot of people who would like to know the result on the British election that is due to take place on May 7th 2015. The main contenders are the Labour Party led by Ed Miliband and the Conservative Party, led by David Cameron – and one of these will be the next Prime Minister. What makes the election extremely complicated is that there may well be no outright majority, so Cameron could try to continue his coalition government with the Liberal Democrats, led by Nick Clegg, or even, with the nationalist UKIP party run by Nigel Farage. Labour could try to seduce Nick Clegg, or they could also make a coalition with the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP), led by Nicola Sturgeon, or both. Or they could simply form a minority government relying on the support of these parties.

So let’s have a look at the contestant on the Labour side – Ed Miliband – the next Prime Minister 😉
Horoscope for Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband. December 24th, 1969. 14.00 London. AS 9.08 TA

This is a pretty much perfect horoscope for a politician. With the Sun in Capricorn constellating exactly with his Jupiter/Saturn opposition, this is clearly an ambitious, practical and down-to-earth person, struggling successfully to create some sort of balance in the institutions of society. He has a Masters in Economy from the London School of Economics, which is the sort of qualification one might expect, with the Sun in the 9th house trine Saturn in Taurus.

In many ways the Taurus Ascendant and Sun/Saturn trine in Earth is a conservative signature, and born with a full moon in Cancer, family values will also be extremely important for him. His father was a staunch Labour supporter, and he was brought up in a socialist activist environment. It is probably his Mars in Pisces, which conjoins the North Node in Pisces in the 12th house, which gives his affinity to the underprivileged and drive to help them.

Rectification of the Birth Time
His birth time of 2 p.m. is “B data” which means it is fairly accurate but not confirmed by a birth certificate. Considering the importance of the May 7th Election, it is worthwhile taking a look to see how well this birth time correlates with events in his life.

He actually moved to Boston when he was seven to attend school, which is a time when his MC moves over his 10th House Mercury, whilst the Ascendant is in exact trine. He met his future wife in 2002 when Venus and the Sun conjoined by progression and they settled together around the time when Descendant progressed conjoined his Venus, which was also the time he became MP for the first time.

On September 25th 2010 he was elected Leader of the Labour Party after an extraordinary battle for the post with his brother David Miliband. It was at this time that his progressed Ascendant moved into Cancer and he became a family man. In this transition period he had two sons in quick succession (just like his father) and married he long-term partner. On become leader, his MC progressed was sextile Venus, and his Ascendant progressed trine Jupiter, going on to oppose Venus and trine Saturn within a year.

These are very strong indications that the birth time is correct to within about 4 minutes.

If this is the case, then at the May 7th election Miliband’s progressed Midheaven will be less than a degree from a trine to his Jupiter, and it will go on, of course, to sextile both the Sun and Saturn. This is a signature for political success.

Family History
Yet Miliband is ridiculed by the Conservatives and despaired-of by many Labour supporters because he seems ineffectual and always seems to make the wrong facial expression. In all probability is he is a really sensitive person with a genuine concern for others and serious about what he wants to do. His is an interesting history. His parents were refugees from the Nazis and his maternal grandfather died in a concentration camp. This is a man who knows how bad a political system can be.

This traumatic family past can possibly be seen in his Ascendant ruler Venus at 25 Sagittarius. This position, one degree from the Galactic Center, corresponds with Merkel, Hollande and Putin, who all have Mars at 26 Sagittarius. In itself this is an indication that these politicians will be international negotiating partners at some point. Venus in the 8th house is square Pluto, which is an indication of the past family trauma. It is also interesting to note that his Sun in Capricorn is exactly square the midpoint of Pluto and Uranus, which also indicates the extreme conditions which have formed his views.

Strategist and Reformer
The strategic skills of Miliband are probably quite considerable. Mercury in Capricorn in the 10th house trine Pluto shows a person with tremendous analytical ability. It is a really powerful aspect for the following reason: Mercury by progression moves retrograde at 29 degrees Capricorn exactly sextile Neptune at the age of 11. He became a skilled violin player at this time and began to review films and plays on Radio Young London as a teenager. Mercury had trined Pluto earlier, when direct, then trined Pluto again when retrograde when he was 16, and will actually trine Pluto once more in two years time. That is a real lifetime baptism in the power of Pluto and it shows a man intent on making reforms.

Trending Changes on Election Day
It is a time-honored tradition in astrology to make a horoscope for voting start on Election Day, and there are various rules for deciding who is who, and who will win. I find these horoscopes very indicative, but not reliable enough to make a prediction.
Polls open in May 7th UK Election

Election start: May 7th, 2015 7.00 a.m. London (AS 17.41 GE)

One of the things I suspect is important is when the moon changes sign during the course of an election, and in this case it does. When voting is over at 10 p.m. the Moon is at 1.31 Capricorn. The fact that this is on Miliband’s sun, trine his Saturn and exactly sextile his Jupiter is one tiny indication that suggests the election favors Miliband. It is important that the Moon changes sign, because this shows a change of mood during the course of the day. Even more striking, Venus also changes sign just two hours after the close of the polls, moving into Cancer, and therefore also activating Miliband’s Sun, Saturn and Jupiter over the following two days. Venus changing sign also shows a change of mood, and a focus on women and families. Perhaps the Moon/Venus opposition shows a slight dip in the financial markets too.

There is also the possibility that this simultaneous change of the Moon/Venus opposition into Cancer/Capricorn shows a strong swing towards nationalist and patriotic parties – in other words UKIP. This will undermine the Conservative vote but cause Cameron to make overtures to UKIP, who are likely to win more seats than the Liberal Democrats. This would incline Clegg to join forces with Miliband.

One method of interpreting an election chart is to identify the players – here Cameron, Miliband, Clegg, Farage and Sturgeon. Some would say that Cameron would be Ascendant ruler, Mercury, whilst Miliband – the challenger – would be Descendant ruler Jupiter. Mercury is strong in Gemini but could be considered weak in the 12th house. Jupiter is elevated on the 10th house of the turned chart, if you take the Descendant as Miliband’s first house. Jupiter looks like a winner here, if you like these rules, although I find them too susceptible to subjective interpretation.

Chaos and Manipulation
What is interesting in the election chart is that Mercury is poised to move in square to Neptune, and it will subsequently move retrograde. Mars is on Algol, a star traditionally seen as malevolent, and I wonder if this could be our beer-drinking nationalist, Farage. Mercury will in fact return to conjoin Mars in Gemini in almost exact square to Neptune, and this combination is associated with lies and deceit. So it could be that Cameron makes a pact with Farage of UKIP and lies about it. This is a very untrustworthy scenario, which could involve newspaper collusion. So this could suggest that the election is indecisive and that there is chaotic secret maneuvering by Cameron to create a coalition subsequent to the election.

Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems
As with the last election, which was indecisive, the Liberal Democrats may once again be the kingmakers. In 2010 Nick Clegg chose to work with Cameron, rather than with the Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown. I am sure that this time the Labour Party will be more prepared and will already be having secret feelers out to Nick Clegg.

Horoscope for Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg. January 7th, 1967. 5.30 Chalfont St. Giles. (AS 9.17 SG)

It is interesting to see that transiting Saturn retrogrades exactly on Clegg’s Moon on Election Day, within 4 minutes of arc. It does seem to suggest that this is an extraordinary significant moment for him, and the trine from the Moon to Jupiter and sextile to Venus indicates that there is an upside to this transit. Nevertheless, I expect the Lib Dems to have substantially fewer seats and do rather badly, bringing the SNP into the picture as a coalition alternative for Miliband.

Even more interesting is the position of Nick Clegg’s Sun at 16.13 Capricorn (in square to Mars at 16.57 Libra). Two things are highlighted here: Ed Miliband’s Midheaven is at 16.19 Capricorn, and during the course of the coming two years, Pluto will conjoin this degree. This is obviously extraordinarily significant. One interpretation can be that the conjunction of Clegg’s Sun with Miliband’s MC shows them working together in a coalition, but that the Pluto transit shows a lot of power battles between them. Of course, another interpretation could be that he is deposed as leader of the Liberal Democrats! Or: he works as deputy prime minister under Miliband, but is subsequently deposed or sabotages the coalition in 2016.

Cameron and the End of Coalition
I have earlier written an article about David Cameron (Note 2) and noted that his Sun in Libra is at 15.27, whilst transiting Pluto is at 15.26 Capricorn on Election Day. As his government is built on coalition (Libra), it seems impossible for his alliance with Nick Clegg to survive after the election. This in itself is probably the strongest indication that Cameron will not only not form a government after May 7th, despite attempts to assemble a coalition, but that he will also be replaced as leader of the Conservative Party. Consequently, of course, the proposed referendum on membership of the EU will not take place.

The Result
Can Miliband become Prime Minister, when transiting Pluto conjoins his MC? This clearly shows a transformation of his status, but it could go both ways. It could show him in a position of power, or it could show him replaced as leader of the opposition. However when Tony Blair became Prime Minister for the first time, transit Pluto was in conjunction with his Descendant, so I suspect Miliband can also succeed when Pluto conjoins his Midheaven. With his MC progressed also moving to trine Jupiter, his MC/Sun synastry with Clegg, his Venus synastry with Mars in the main European politicians (Merkel, Hollande and Putin) there are fairly strong indications of a Labour government. It is notable that a Saturn/Neptune square is soon to form, and that this is often an indication of socialism.

If this is true, there are a few scenarios: Labour forms a coalition with either the Scottish Nationalist Party or the Liberal Democrats or both, or they run a minority government with the support of either or both. If the latter is the case, they risk losing support from the Lib Dems in 2016.

I mustn’t forget to vote!

Adrian Ross Duncan. March 11th 2015.