Could the Republicans possibly be better placed ahead of the November 2016 presidential elections? The Democrats have been severely damaged in the 2014 mid-term elections, when they lost control of the Senate and when the Republicans won another 25 seats in Congress to have an unassailable majority. After two terms of a Democratic presidency, USA will – according to historical election patterns – be turning towards Republican leadership. The 2016 presidency is theirs to win. But that could depend on whom they choose as Republic candidate out of the multitude of hopefuls – 38 have declared their candidacy at the time of writing.

Donald Trump

It must be heartening for Hillary Clinton, the almost unchallenged Democratic candidate, that after the first televised debate of Republican challenges, featuring the 10 top candidates, Donald Trump scored twice as high in the polls as his nearest challenger Jeb Bush. Popularity was as follows: Trump, Bush, Walker, Huckabee, Carson, Cruz, Rubio, Paul, Christie and Kasich. No one really believes that Trump can lead Republicans to victory.

Thank God for Trump, you might say, and Donald Trump would agree with you. He announced his candidacy in a rambling talk to fans at Trump Towers in New York on June 16th 2015. You have to admire his courage. As a businessman traveling the world, he could not help but notice how superior airports and infrastructure are in places like China, Dubai, Bangkok and elsewhere. And he said so. That would normally sound the death knell for any other politician, but Trump tells it like it is. He also pointed out just how far behind the US has fallen educationally:

“25 countries are better than us in education. And some of them are like third world countries. But we’re becoming a third world country, because of our infrastructure, our airports, our roads, everything.”

There is nothing wrong with Trump’s confidence, as evidenced by Mars in Leo conjoining his Ascendant. When a reported pointed out: “But, Mr Trump, you’re not a nice person”, his response was:
I think that number one, I am a nice person. I give a lot of money away to charities and other things. I think I’m actually a very nice person.”

Donald TrumpDonald Trump. June 14th 1946 10.54. Queens, New York. AS 29.55 LE

Trump’s horoscope is that of a man who loves to gamble and do battle, and he appears to be reveling in the current contest. Early in his career he initially had great success constructing casinos, although things went badly wrong around 1989 when he had to file for bankruptcy. He subsequently recovered, although there have been more bankruptcies, and became a very rich man through real estate dealings and construction, most famously the Trump World Tower. The Trump Brand is worth a lot, and in fact you can buy ice cream, fragrances, men’s wear, books, well, almost anything except for hair, branded as Trump.

Donald Trump is also famous for the TV show “The Apprentice”, an NBC reality show which was launched in 2003. He personally “fired” losers in the show. His successful show, and a great interest in the entertainment industry, is reflected by his Sun/Uranus conjoining the North Node in Gemini in the 10th house. In fact he is born just hours before a lunar eclipse with the moon in Sagittarius in the 4th house, which – along with the fact that the 4th house ruler Mars conjoins the Ascendant – shows his success with property, also on the international arena.

Trump has a habit of generating scandals through shocking statements, such as the contention that (some) Mexican immigrants are rapists, veteran John McCain is not a war hero, and referring to some women he did not like as “dogs” and “fat pigs”. In fact when confronted with his misogynist remarks by TV host Megan Kelly during the first Republican debate in early August he appeared to suggest that her judgment was impaired because she was menstruating. Whatever his excuses, and he rarely makes them, it is rather likely that his attitude to women is negative, reflected by his weak Saturn conjoining Venus in Cancer. This may be a good aspect for property development, but it could also suggest women as property.

With the recent passage of the Sun, Venus and Jupiter over Trump’s Mars and Ascendant, Trump has gained notoriety and even more popularity, perhaps because he is spontaneous, when so many others are rehearsed, and frank, whilst so many others avoid giving direct answers.

The winds of coming transits as blowing in his favor, as Uranus moves to trine his Moon and sextile his Sun in 2016. Saturn moves through Sagittarius, Jupiter enters Libra and by the end of December 2016 Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn constellate with Sun/Uranus, Jupiter and the Moon in his horoscope, which is both favorable and powerful. Uranus is exactly trine his moon on Election Day (8th November), which may favor an outsider status. He could of course choose to run as an independent candidate, like Ross Perot, which would really sink Republican prospects. Currently his Ascendant progressed is on Jupiter progressed, but it is also square his Saturn and will square Venus. This guy is not going to get the female vote, but it is going to be great entertainment watching him try. (Note 1)

Jeb Bush
The younger brother of George W Bush has been a two-term governor of Florida. Married to a Mexican woman, and fluent in Spanish, Bush has a built-in advantage, because the changing demographics mean Spanish voters are crucial to election success – and, whilst a lot of other Republican candidates are vociferous in their opposition to illegal immigrants from South America, Bush is not.
Jeb Bush - Horoscope

Jeb Bush. February 11th 1953. 20.50 Midland, Texas. AS 23.22 VI

At first glance the horoscope of the younger Bush seems rather weak, with the Ascendant and MC ruler Mercury in fall in Pisces and in 6th house. This may be mitigated by a strong quintile to Jupiter, and in fact a very strong 5th harmonic chart, which perhaps suggests some creative genius. It seems more like the horoscope of a person who runs a shoe business than a politician. He did actually run a shoe business that sold footwear in Panama. Periodically in his life he has also supported and run charities, so his heart is in the right place.

It is the position of his Sun in opposition to Pluto, which shows the attraction of, and ability to deal with, power. He is in fact born just two days from a solar eclipse. The trine of the Sun to Neptune (exact) and to Saturn exalted in Libra is also favorable, although this is a signature for a left-leaning conservative, which explains why the Republican Tea Party movement distrusts him. Mars, which rules the third house, is strong in Aries and the 7th, and this could indicate the success of his brother, George W.

This is not a winner horoscope in the traditional sense, but if the birth time is correct, then his progressed MC is now conjoining Pluto and the IC will conjoin the Sun at the time of the election. (Note 2). Furthermore his progressed Sun exactly opposes Saturn, activating his Saturn/Moon square – but this is hardly a signature for popularity. There are not many supportive transits, but the progressions are powerful influences, even if they are a bit of a loser combination, which could indicate that he is a potential candidate.

Ted Cruz
Whilst Ben Carson, a black physician, who has “reluctantly” entered politics is currently number three in the popularity stakes, Ted Cruz is number four and widely seen by the Tea Party as the preferred candidate of the right. Another fluent Spanish speaker, he could win over the Latino vote as well as staunch conservatives, who espouse the major issues: no abortion, anti- gay marriage, anti-Russia, anti- gun control, repeal Obama Care, etc. The views of Ted Cruz are music to the ears of a committed Republican.
Ted Cruz - Horoscope

Ted Cruz. December 22nd 1970. 1.00 Calgary, Canada. AS 4.31 LI

Cruz was born in Canada, and his father was a former political prisoner in Cuba, which could be reflected by his very close square between the Sun and Pluto in the 12th house. This square may also reflect his rather extreme views, as does the Moon conjoining Uranus, which is in exact square to Mercury at 13 Capricorn.  This constellates with the position of the Sun at 13 Cancer in the USA chart, reflecting the fact that he gives voice to the revolutionary ideas of the Tea Party in America, to which the US is particularly sensitive right now because of the extreme Uranus/Pluto square which has crossed this degree.

Cruz is a force to be reckoned with – a brilliant debater with the highest possible qualifications in law. Clearly this is shown by his Mars in Scorpio sextile Mercury in Capricorn. His Venus/Saturn opposition may give him problems with the female vote, and there may be considerable moral uptightness indicated with this aspect. There is a lot of repression going on there.

Jupiter exactly conjoins Cruz’s Uranus and subsequently the Moon on Election Day, which could be rather favorable. Furthermore his progressed Venus enters Capricorn to conjoin his Sun. However, prior to this Venus squares his Pluto and his Sun moves to square Saturn. He will probably do well but be eliminated in the battle for Republican leadership.

Mike Huckabee – Scott Walker  – John Kasich
Mike Huckabee (August 24, 1955) is currently running 5th in the race, and was a runner up to John McCain for the Republican nomination on 2008. Huckabee is a strong evangelical Christian, naturally anti-abortion and gay marriage, but he is rather out of tune with the recent mood in the US. Huckabee has Moon in Scorpio in square to a Mars/Venus/Pluto conjunction in Leo… there has got to be a sexual scandal in there somewhere.

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is currently number 6. Walker, born on November 2nd 1967, has a reputation as a fiscal conservative, who has historically gone to great lengths to reduce expenditure, ending up into a battle to the death with unions in his state. Walker’s relentless urge to crush opposition is seen in his Mars in Capricorn in close square to Saturn in Aries – a rather cruel combination. Venus is in Virgo, sandwiched between a Pluto/Uranus conjunction, which does not promise much fun for the female population or workers generally. Born with Sun and Moon in Scorpio, Walker may be a tireless worker, but he would be a hard man as a president, and Republicans will probably spot that. He will leave the contest early.

John Kasich, born May 13th 1952, has improved his position amongst Republican contenders in recent months. A Taurus, with Venus and Jupiter in Taurus (opposing a powerful Mars in Scorpio), and the moon in mid-Capricorn (currently being transited by Pluto) he has an extremely good grasp of finances, and as governor of the state of Ohio, he has had some success. Still, his chart has little resonance with the US chart, which probably means he will not gather enough support.

Carly Fiorina
Fiorina is the only woman in the Republican lineup, and she has not had much political experience. As a former CEO of Hewlett-Packard she attracted considerable fame, but she was ultimately fired. Nevertheless her business credentials and gender are points in her favor. Born on September 6th 1954 she has a very powerful Mars in Capricorn in sextile to and reception with Saturn in Scorpio. That’s a woman who knows how to handle power in a world dominated by men.

Planets in her horoscope are powerfully placed. Apart from the exaltation of Mars, Venus is in Libra, and Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and Mercury exalted in Virgo. Her chart constellates nicely with the US chart, and at the time of the election Neptune will be opposing her Sun, which could give her a lot of media attention. At this time her retrograde Venus progressed is trine her Uranus too, but exactly square progressed Pluto in Scorpio. Looks like awful things will be dug up from the past, but she would otherwise be a sensible choice as Vice Presidential candidate. Having never served in office, it is unlikely she can be the actual candidate for President.

Who knows how things will develop with this huge field of candidates so early in the game? Logic would suggest that when all is said and done, and when the hysteria in connection with Donald Trump has died down, then battle will be done between Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush. In the end a safe candidate is likely to be chosen, and that is not Ted Cruz, despite his formidable battle powers. The fact is that Jeb Bush has the Sun at 23 Aquarius, which is conjoining the US moon at 27 Aquarius. He also has the Moon at 26 Capricorn, which is right on the US Pluto and opposing US Mercury. His MC is on the US Mars, His Ascendant on US Neptune – these are really close aspects.

It is Bush’s horoscope that resonates best with the US chart in comparison to all the other horoscopes. With his progressed MC/IC axis conjoining the Sun/Pluto opposition in his chart, there are strong indications that he will launch the bid for the Republicans, making for a historic repeat of the Bush/Clinton saga. I guess we’ll all find out in about six months!

Adrian Duncan. August 18th 2016.

1. Astrologer Glenn Perry has written a great article about Donald Trump here:
2. The progression method used is Naibod in Right Ascension.