West of Denmark, stretching over 1000 kilometers north and well into the Arctic Circle is the land of long-legged, liberated blondes, of unlimited social benefits, of Nobel and his peace prize, of phones by Eriksson and cars by Volvo. It seems such a peaceful country – some would say boring even. You can drive for hundreds of kilometers and all you will see is pine forest and lakes; it’s beautiful, but somewhat enervating. Sweden .That is why it is all the more surprising to witness murder and misery featuring so often when Sweden finally does hit the news. There has recently been a discussion in astrological circles about which horoscope is appropriate for Sweden , and the Swedish astrologer Monica Werneman has made a convincing argument for June 6th 1523 . (Note 1)

Sweden (Gustavus Vasa): 06.06.1523 10.45 LMT, Stockholm

King Gustav was crowned king of Sweden at this time, and he subsequently proclaimed the monarchy to be hereditary, which it has been ever since. There are other charts (the constitution charts of 1865 and 1975 – Note 2) that represent politically significant moments, but as Monica Werneman points out, the 1523 chart is amazingly potent when compared to recent dramatic events that have shaken the Swedish population.

Contemporary reports show the coronation taking place mid-morning, almost certainly around 10.45 a.m. for which the chart has been calculated. (Note 2). This gives Virgo rising – indeed because of the high northern latitude of Stockholm , Virgo rises from 9.15 to 12.25, over three hours in all. Those who know the Swedish people will be able to recognize the way this chart reflects their remarkable industriousness, perfectionism and helpful concern.

There are many factors that accentuate this Virgo theme. Mars rising in Virgo shows the dedicated work ethic that pervades the country, and the importance of one of its major national resources – iron – which in turn inspired the precision engineering needed for companies like Saab and Volvo. Sweden has not always been a rich country, and with Saturn/Neptune in the 6th its agricultural land is very poor, and many people emigrated in the 19th century to escape famine and hunger.

The very close Saturn/Neptune conjunction indicates a socialist oriented land that looks after its citizens from the cradle to the grave. In fact with Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces and the 6th house, there is a really strong emphasis on help and care. Obviously sensitivity to suffering and the desire to alleviate it is a major factor in the Swedish psyche.

This sensitivity is refined to a high degree by the tight square to Saturn and Neptune from Mercury in Gemini. With this aspect in mind it must be rather difficult for the average Swede to know whether they are sick or well, and apparently they do stay away from work even when there is just a minor ailment because sick leave is very generous. Probably the same aspect is related to the shyness and reserve associated with the people. Sometimes this shyness seems to verge on depression; anyone who has listened to Strindberg or watched the films of Ingmar Bergmann will recognize the deep emotional introversion which their works appeal to.

It might be expected that Sweden would have an uneasy relationship to alcohol with the Saturn/Neptune conjunction together with other planets and the Moon in Pisces. Anyone who has traveled to Sweden will know the problem. Systembolaget, the Swedish alcohol retail monopoly, means that wines and spirits can only be purchased in government stores, and there are limits to how much you can purchase. You cannot just walk into a supermarket and buy booze. This is the cold hand of Saturn on Neptune – and who knows, perhaps it is necessary to prevent the Swedish population degenerating into a nation of alcoholics.

The themes of social concern and sensitivity are reflected by the nodal axis in Pisces/Virgo conjoining the Moon/Mars opposition across the Ascendant/Descendant axis. In a way Sweden embodies these two caring and sensitive signs as a world archetype for social consciousness, yet the emphasis in Pisces evokes a moody sadness.

It is this influence that predisposes Sweden for tragic events that shake the soul of the people, as can be seen from the transits and progressions to the national chart.

Olaf Palme (Note 3) was murdered on an open street whilst on his way home together with his wife after a peaceful evening in the cinema. It is a classic and terrible chart with an exact Moon/Pluto conjunction rising in Scorpio close to the South Node. In confirmation of the 1523 chart, Jupiter is conjoining its birth position in Pisces channeling the vastness of the sorrow and shock ( Sweden ’s Jupiter is square its Uranus at 0 degrees Gemini) that everyone in Sweden felt.

Olaf Palme murdered: 28.02.1986 23.21 Stockholm AS 8.33 SC

The Sun in this chart exactly conjoins Sweden ’s Saturn in Pisces, and Saturn at 9 degrees Sagittarius is exactly square its 1523 position. Uranus at 22 Sagittarius is opposition 1523 Sun, and Pluto is opposing 1523 Venus… a very strong validation of the coronation chart. Using this chart it would not have been too difficult to predict a sudden upheaval with the traumatic loss of a loved figure bringing an outpouring of sorrow. Indeed, with the Sun in Gemini in the 10th house, the risk to a state leader is clear.

It’s worth taking a look at the progressions for this period, as they explain very well the subsequent tragedies that have befallen Sweden . The proposed chart time of 10.45 stands up very well to analysis for the progressed IC at the time of the assassination is at 9 degrees Pisces – exactly on 1523 Saturn. Remarkably the progressed Moon at the time is at 8 Pisces… on natal Neptune!

In the half a millennium since the absolute monarchy of Sweden began, Mars has progressed from Virgo round to Leo, and the Ascendant moved around to Scorpio. Curiously this means that Mars progressed is square the Ascendant progressed, and as they move at roughly the same speed by progression in these years, Mars is square the Ascendant within a degree of orb from 1980 to 2010. Perhaps this could explain the violent events that strike Sweden in this period?

The next event that springs to mind is the sinking of the Estonia ferry in 1994.

Estonia sinks: 28.09.1994 1.24 59N55 21E00 AS 15.53 LE

This tragedy was remarkable in that it was a period when Venus was entering a retrograde phase in Scorpio, where it contacted Jupiter conjoining the North Node three times. This triple conjunction in Scorpio was a signature of deep tragedy and mourning, with the loss of loved ones who were never recovered from the depths of the ocean. Note how the event chart shows the planets intercepted in the 4th house, symbolizing the souls still trapped in the bowels of the ship. In fact Mercury had also just entered Scorpio – a fatal journey – and Pluto was lingering at the end of the sign, trining a baleful Mars in Cancer in the 12th house. In the Estonia chart Saturn is at 7 Pisces – in other words it had returned to the 1523 chart position activating the potential for tragedy connected with the sea.

It is in this period that the 1523 Venus reaches a very significant degree by progression. In 1994 Venus progressed is 8.38 Scorpio – in direct opposition to its natal position at 8.42 Taurus. What is astonishing about this is that Venus is about to become stationary, and in fact it remains at 8 degrees from 1992 – 2006, thereby constantly activating the 8 degree positions of Mercury, Neptune and Venus. This is obviously an extraordinary period for Sweden ushering in a 40 year retrograde epoch, and signifying an economic turning point for the country. This could be a difficult period for the country economically, yet at the same time herald great advances in caring processes, especially for the sick and elderly. Venus is after all sextile Neptune and Saturn.

The prominence of Venus in this period could well bring Swedish women to the fore, and certainly the politician Anna Lindh was seen as a rising star, popular both in Sweden and abroad until her life was cut brutally short two years to the day after the September 11th catastrophe in New York. The death of Anna Lindh obviously reflects the stationary position of progressed Venus – in 2003 at 8.40 Scorpio in opposition 1523 Venus within 2 minutes of arc! Astonishingly the progressed Moon moved into Scorpio on this very morning, and the progressed Sun at 14.58 was square 1523 Pluto within 7 minutes of arc. (And square progressed Pluto with zero orb.)

Anna Lindh’s death: 11.09.2003 5.29 Stockholm . AS 11.11 VI

A terrible event was predictable around this date because Mercury was combust and triggered Pluto by square, and at the same time Venus was in fall in Virgo and had also just squared Pluto, boding ill for prominent women. The Ascendant at Anna Lindh’s death is exactly on the 1523 nodal axis, whilst the Mercury/Sun combustion is exactly on 1523 Mars – she was murdered with a knife. Furthermore the Moon is a 23.20 Pisces at death, which is both the same position as the 1523 Moon (24.08) and Anna Lindh’s birth Moon (22.22). (Note 4) Interestingly Anna Lindh’s birth Saturn is at 9.43 Sagittarius, exactly the same position as it was when her colleague and mentor Olaf Palme was murdered – and of course squaring Sweden ’s Saturn/Neptune conjunction. Quite clearly the correlations with the coronation chart show what a key horoscope it is for Sweden .

To round off the series of catastrophes that have hit Sweden over the last 20 years, the tsunami off the coast of Indonesia in December 2004 killed 600 Swedes and wounded thousands – Thailand is the favorite tourist destination for a country starved of sun and warmth in the long winter months. Sweden lost more lives than any other European country… it was a national disaster, even though the loss of life cannot be compared to the hundreds of thousands of local inhabitants that were killed.

Tsunami: 26.12.2004 1.59 3N18 95E50 AS 22.19 CP

Pluto at this time was at 22.30 Sagittarius, squaring the 1523 Moon and opposing the Sun, triggering a national trauma. Mars had just entered Sagittarius and thereby exactly opposed Sweden ’s Uranus, whilst Uranus at 3.41 Pisces conjoined 1523 Jupiter and just three months later goes on to conjoin the infamous Saturn/Neptune conjunction. This astrological imagery conjures up the picture of a sudden wave in a foreign resort bringing drowning and destruction.

There are other horoscopes suggested for Sweden , and they have a certain validity. (Note 5) However none of them show the same sensitivity to events as the 1523 chart, though there are some correlations, and neither do they seem to reflect the Swedish national character as perfectly as the 1523 chart. Indeed in August 2004 the Swedish parliament declared June 6th National Day, so now this historic moment will be celebrated every year by the people of Sweden .

Adrian Ross Duncan, Friday 20th May, 2005

1. Monica Werneman has explained her detailed research in the ISAR newsletter. I owe her many thanks for the inspiration her contributions to ISAR gave me, not least the painstakingly gathered accurate data for the different events. Her research dispels any doubts about the best horoscope to use for Sweden : 6th June 1523 ..

2. Monica Werneman’s research about the time reasonably conclusively establishes a Virgo Ascendant. She quotes a book about king Gustav Vasa, written by Ivan Svalenius, published 1906, revised 1967.

3. Olaf Palme: 31.01.1927 05:15 Stockholm from Monica Werneman.

4. Anna Lindh: 19.06.1957 22:25 Ludvika 60N08 / 015E14 (Source Anders Ekstrom)

5. The Book of World Horoscopes gives the constitution chart of December 7th 1865 at 15.30. This gives the Moon in Leo trine Sun in Sagittarius. One is tempted to ask where the party is! Astrologer Kent Annergrund suggests the new constitution chart of 1st January 1975 at 0.00 hrs, which also places the Moon at the exact same degree and minute of arc – 18.34 Leo! Where is that party?