A high proportion of educated people in the West read or have at one time regularly read their sunsign horoscopes, and 75% of the are women. Sunsigns are simply based on the position of the sun at birth, which will be in one of the 12 signs, which are then evenly distributed in the population.  (Note 1) In the USA 33% of people actually believe in astrology, which may account for the fact that there are several millions websites dealing with the subject. Most of these people – that would be around 100 million – believe in astrology on the basis of sunsigns alone.

Isn’t that amazing? Either we have tens of millions of very superstitious or gullible Americans, or they really do feel that sunsigns say something of interest to them. Professional astrologers may point out that the position of the sun in a sign is just one of a vast range of other factors, not least the Moon sign and the Ascendant sign. In fact there are about 1500 simple combinations based on the possible placement of 10 planets in 12 signs and 12 houses, and when planetary aspects are taken into account, then this number increase exponentially – so much so that at some point it is virtually impossible to synthesize all the influences.

But still, the 12 sun signs are a rather simple and elegant method of categorizing experience and very many skilled and experienced astrologers will maintain that a tremendous amount of information can be derived from the sun sign alone, if the movement of the planet associated with that sign through all the other signs, and the aspects it makes, are tracked. The sun is after all our star, and its influence is huge. The basic method for doing sunsigns is therefore to make a basic equal house horoscope with 0 degrees of each sun sign on the Ascendant. Then the sign’s ruling planet can be tracked through each sign/house – it is quite a complex horoscope that comes as a result. The best sun signs are written by astrologers that master this technique… and can write in a way that is personalized for each sign.

When writing daily horoscopes, the fast-moving Moon is all-important. With weeklies, there is more room to look at the major aspects that are being formed, and the sign ruler going through a particular sign/house. With monthly horoscopes, full moons, new moons and eclipses give a strong indication of areas of emphasis. But with yearly horoscopes, it is the elegant dance of all the major planets that can be taken into account, especially the long-term effects of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  Here follows a look at the year 2014 for each of the 12 signs. What makes this year especially interesting – apart from the continued series of squares between Uranus and Pluto – is the retrograde movement of Mars and Venus. Also there is an extraordinary trigger for the Uranus/Pluto square around the 23rd April 2014 when Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto make a grand cross at 13 degrees. Kapow! That precisely hits the US sun in Cancer and Saturn in Libra, so if anyone thought that the current crisis between Congress and the President is going to subside, they can think again. It’s going to be interesting to see just how dysfunctional USA will become as a result of extremist behavior.
For the first six months of 2014 the emphasis is almost entirely on the important relationships in your life, and this is an extremely outgoing time for you, when you resolve complex issues and involvements which require a lot more time than you first imagine. It is as if you have to perform an extraordinary balancing act, because on the one hand your freedom and autonomy is important for you, whilst on the other, you are going to be dependent on other people during the first half of the year, and that dependence means that you are best served compromising and going along with what partners and others generally want. Furthermore in January it seems that partners, both business and personal, go completely counter to your wishes and keep changing their minds.

Acute differences mid-January are resolved much more harmoniously towards the end of the March, which is a time when you backtrack because you see the need for change. The decisive moment comes for you during the last ten days of April and also in June, when you get rid of commitments that are compromising your strength. It is a complete ideological turnaround. After July you rediscover your personal power, and generally things really lighten up. After this time there are really positive trends for love, children and creative ventures, with early October being a magnificent time for travel and success.


The first two months of 2014 are a time when you tend to think deeply about challenging issues that give you a sense that you are being judged too harshly. Whether it is an educational or legal issue, or a matter of principle connected with work delegation in the office or at home, or a more general situation connected with what is right or not, you tend to stick to your guns through thick and thin, and are willing to call the bluff of anyone who takes an issue to the brink. Conflict is in fact avoided at the last moment, but generally 2014 is a time when you are forced to take an extreme stance on matters of principle, and the first half of the year tends to bring disruption or reorganization at work.

Nevertheless there are some fine moments in the early part of the year, and this is a great time for expanding your mind and educational skills. April is a magical time socially, when you may be engaged with an idealistic group, and June is a wonderful time for prosperity and travel. After July there are new opportunities in your family life, and it is a good time for luxuries and expansion generally. For love, after tensions in January, there is a favorable period at the end of March, when partners agree to do things your way, in July, which is a great time for the economy, and in early August, which is the best time of the year for depth and intimacy. The end of October is a key period, and events here shape the months to come. December brings some tough decision-making, reminiscent of what took place in December 2012.



2014 is a special year for Geminis because it is a time when new creative, artistic, altruistic or spiritual trends are being integrated into your life and character, and you oscillate between instinct/feeling and being rational and logical. It is like you are trying to make sense of a bigger picture. For example early February signals a time when you have the opportunity to reach out for a new career dream, yet you back off because you feel that you need to learn more. And there is a tremendous emphasis on learning and study in February and early March, at a time when there is a lot of pressure at work and quite difficult conditions with a colleague or authority.

The first half of the year is quite favorable for economic expansion, but this only comes as a result of a restructuring process which means cutting out waste, profligate friendships and perhaps saying no to children who demand too much. Socially this is a time when you embrace radical new friends and groups, not least in mid-April, and you can become quite affected by extreme ideas and philosophies. Mid-July is excellent for working creatively and intuitively, which brings important financial change. This is also a time when people you are closely involved with become a lot more outgoing, which is great for happy developments in your love life, particularly at the beginning of August, when a romantic trip is surely on the agenda. The last part of the year marks a wonderful period for self-expression and learning, and socially it will also be an inspiring time.


For several months at the beginning of 2014, the most eventful areas of your life are connected with relationships and your home life. You will be doing a lot of work at home, and in the process there will be many compromises to make at a time when unpredictable change means you have to be adaptable and think on your feet. If you feel you have to make adjustments, especially around the end of April, when a particular challenge tempts you to be radical, consider your position and make sure you don’t stick your neck out too far. Elegant compromises are in fact possible and may even give more dignity to those who have lost it. On the other hand April is an extremely dynamic and restless time, so action does need to be taken and changes made.

There are some favorable developments that enhance your worth in 2014. Although April is unpredictable in many areas, it is excellent for new initiatives in connection with friends, groups and organizations, and this is quite a good time for initiating new idealistic projects both socially and economically. Also the beginning of August is brilliant for a boost to your economy, deal-making and new creative ventures which help bring in a lot of extra cash, inaugurating a year of economic expansion. What works in the second half of 2014 is for you to think in terms of innovation and expansion, and international initiatives, technological innovation and an element of gambling bring good results. Earning money becomes a little like playing an exciting game.


The first part of 2014 brings a lot of changes in your intellectual life and in communication, which will affect your beliefs and convictions, as well as how you express them through your work and in relation to colleagues. To a certain extent this is a quiet period of mental development, when you maintain a relatively low profile. January and February is a period when work is demanding and a particular colleague seems particularly inflexible, which can lead to some argument. In early April, even though you are feeling empowered and confident, you have to fight for your ideas, and the end of April may see you having to deal with extremist views which can be very disruptive. It is best not to get caught up in ideological confrontations at this time, but to hold yourself above the fray.

By the end of July and the beginning of August things change radically for the better, and you find a whole new confidence which boosts your charisma and will bring expansion and success. August is a wonderful time for travel and education, and for children and love affairs. The people who get drawn into your orbit at this time are full of life and happiness. It seems that nothing is impossible at this time, and you may as well make hay while the sun shines… and the sun will shine for many, many months. Your confidence increases to such an extent that you are ready to take some risks, and gambles will pay off, especially around the end of September, which is a brilliant time for travel, and for getting your creative ideas out to a much larger audience.


2014 is a year when those things which are normally stable in life – your economy, social life, kids etc. – tend to undergo a number of changes which may be out of your hands. During the first six months of the year you invest a lot of energy on financial matters and security, but it seems that circumstances continually change, forcing you to innovate, break and form alliances, and generally experiment, which is probably quite a good thing. In February and March, relationships are what count, and this is a time when you pretty much have to go along with what other people have got planned, even though their plans may be quite chaotic. It is amazing how it pays to be open and go with the flow, and the end of March brings very favorable relationship results indeed.

Another key period for relationships is in early August, which is a time when partnerships evolve in new directions. If you cannot be together with someone physically, you can certainly be together in spirit. In fact the whole of 2014 is a time when you seem to oscillate between the spiritual and the actual, or, put in another way, you are adjusting to a new richer emotional reality during the year, and constantly networking to get with the right people. It is a unique year, because you are aware of a new and more idealistic set of values, and are attracted to people who are quite the opposite of you… people who are guided by their ideals and visions more than by practicalities. This will inspire you to get involved with new, exciting and innovative groups in the future.


You start the year with Mars in your sign, and because of retrograde motion it does not leave Libra until the end of July, which indicates that the first six months of 2014 are going to be extraordinary dynamic and active. It is very likely that a partner will figure strongly in your life at this time, and will be rather dependent on you. In other words you can decide how you want things to be, and the indications are that you have a clear idea about that from January to March, when you will insist on partners living up to family responsibilities. At the same time the people you are so closely involved with in this period will be rather unreliable or restless, and this restlessness becomes particularly acute towards the end of March, which is a period of dynamic action and change, which perhaps also have an effect on your career, which generally is in an expansion phase. Finding a balance between dependence and independence is the key.

August brings very positive developments in your social, cultural and intellectual life, and new trends get you involved in large groups that have some kind of higher, celebratory purpose. This will lead to an expansion of your horizons, connections with international organizations and perhaps avant-garde groups. This is going to be a lot of fun, and August may also be a romantic time too. General trends for relationships in 2014 emphasize your love of freedom and space, and an urge to break the family mold, even if it means alienating traditionalists. For the single Libra, when push comes to shove, you will prefer to enjoy the stimulation of friendships rather than relationship restrictions. Late October is a time for major financial decision-making.


The first half of 2014 is a time when you are not in a strong position, and therefore your actions need to be adjusted with this in mind. It is wise to maintain a low profile generally and work more on your inner life than on achieving outer success. This will come after July. You’ll understand what this process is about already in December 2013, as this is a time when discussions that affect future planning start, and basically it will be other people who dictate what these plans are to be, and it sets the scene for unpredictable developments at work, educationally and in relationships. You may be tempted to get into discussions of an ideological kind, but this is not wise, because it is your own beliefs and convictions that need to be transformed. Anything you find yourself fanatically involved with you will abandon, especially if you are dependent on another. It is only at the end of July that you become re-empowered and able to insist on your own agenda.

The last half of the year, on the other hand, is an enormously powerful time, and you are prepared to work extremely hard and with total conviction to achieve your goals. No obstacle exists that you cannot overcome, and last part of August is in particular a time when this steely determination is apparent. Whilst during the first part of the year it is other people that tend to decide for you, by the time you get to October, then relationships function extremely harmoniously; you are optimistic, successful financially and professionally, and partners are willing to make compromises for your sake. In fact October could be a time when you hear from someone who you have not heard from for some time. For the remainder of the year loved ones will be more dependent on you, and you will have complete control over your life.


Early in 2014 you dig deep into the past, rediscovering intense feelings connected with family bonds from the past, and achieving some kind of catharsis in connection with a process that began in July 2013. The months of February and March are particularly intense, and this is a time when you feel least secure. You may need to cut bonds to the past that are wearing you out, or, if it is a financial or security issue that is the problem, then you may have to extricate yourself and stop being so attached or sentimental. The key period is during the last two weeks of April, which – although it could be quite a beautiful period in your family life and socially – is a time when tensions culminate and you break free of limitations.

Big changes come in mid-July 2014 when your sign ruler Jupiter moves into Leo, and brings a whole new spirit of optimism after a year which has been a little too emotionally intense, although very enriching. By early August you will be having the time of your life. This is a wonderful time to travel and it is also brilliant for relationships, study, publishing, creative activity and simply looking at life positively. This spirit of optimism and confidence continues, and the end of September and October is a fantastic time for a major journey or intellectual discovery. Your charisma is electrifying at this time, which brings major relationship developments and an extraordinary meeting with an untraditional friend or group, or perhaps a reunion connected with a happy liaison from the past. Perhaps the only thing to be on guard about is a tendency to be overconfident and too insistent on getting your own way. Nevertheless the end of the year is a time when you do get your own way, especially in your love life, and it is going to be a lot of fun.


Until the very end of 2014 your sign ruler Saturn is still going to be in the intense and emotional sign of Scorpio, and this year a period of hard work establishing your social position in one way or another is still important for you. Generally the more responsibility you take in relation to friends and the groups of which you are a part, the better. What makes this year more constructive than last year is the fact that you have extremely strong allies who have the power to help you expand your influence, especially towards the end of May. There is a lot of emphasis on hidden alliances and secret groupings, which you encourage, largely because you feel that leadership is incompetent. Only in July do things change, and by the end of August you are the organizing force behind an immensely powerful grouping which can profoundly transform the social scene in some way.

From July onwards things swing your way, and you can consolidate, expand and generally finish off the projects that earlier had been delayed. When the year draws to a close, and Saturn moves into Sagittarius, the focus changes and you will feel an urge to withdraw from some elements of the social scene to concentrate on your private agenda. At this point you will still retain influence, but you are in fact in a slow transition process which ultimately brings more emphasis on your inner life than on outer relationships. This may well be because you are not happy about some developments that take place in late October of which you cannot approve. The most dynamic period in the year for you is November, which is a time when you are extraordinarily powerful and together with another strong individual you can force through your agenda.


The year begins with considerable mental pressure and this is likely to continue until July in one form or another. This pressure can be connected with social relationships, study or travel and it may be due to an element of unpredictability which is at its highest at the end of April. People may have strong beliefs and ideologies, but they may not be right. In fact they are almost certainly wrong. There is every reason for you to be optimistic and the end of May is a time when your efforts are crowned with success. At this time professional ambitions are achieved, expansion takes place, and the atmosphere in the working environment is perfect. By the time July comes along you feel that everything is going your way, and you are on a home run.

In mid-July and early August there are a number of really positive changes. This is simply a wonderful period for relationships and travel, perhaps in a group of several people. What is certain is that at this time you encounter some wonderful intelligent and inspiring people who show you how to have a good time. The general sense of freedom and expansion continues into September and October, which is an extraordinary exciting period, and again excellent for travel and innovative studies. This could also be a period of prosperity for partners. You will however still be in a very hard-working phase when the realization of your ambitions is alpha and omega. November is a really intense month and it is at this time that you can put the finishing touches to the last two years of hard work. This is definitely a month to assert your power without sentimentality. The end of the year brings a major transition and change of focus. Less work and more freedom. By Christmas you can look forward to a far more social and much less demanding time.


This is a period of your life when there is considerable good fortune. Firstly Neptune, which is connected with your sign, came into Pisces a couple of years ago and it will be there for many years to come, which means that the world is coming around to your own values, which are connected with Nature, empathy, concern for others, idealism and creativity. Secondly Jupiter, which is currently in Cancer until July 2014, is extremely favorable for you actually realizing your creative dreams. You have a window of opportunity to work with realistic people who can make your dreams concrete. This is great for music and art, for study and travel, and for children and your love life. Of course there will be ups and downs and certainly the last part of April is a time of ideological conflict, perhaps with a group or organization, perhaps connected with money or resources. No worry though, because you are in a strong position. The end of April is also brilliant for your creativity, and for romance too.

When Jupiter moves into Leo in July there is a change of emphasis as you become more interested in implementing your ideas on a practical level. Early August is a wonderful time for collegial relationships and success with shared projects. Generally the last part of the year is a time to engage in a team, where you can have a role as a leader, and to put your innovative ideas into practice. This can bring surprising extra sources of income, particularly in September and October. You are preparing the way to a career high point which you will be working on for the next few years, and what you produce needs to pass the reality test.

Adrian Ross Duncan
October 22, 2013

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