Month: July 2011

Brave New World

West of Denmark, stretching over 1000 kilometers north and well into the Arctic Circle is the land of long-legged, liberated blondes, of unlimited social benefits, of Nobel and his peace prize, of phones by Eriksson and cars by Volvo. It seems such a peaceful country – some would say boring even. You can drive for hundreds of kilometers and all you will see is pine forest and lakes; it’s beautiful, but somewhat enervating. Sweden .That is why it is all the more surprising to witness murder and misery featuring so often when Sweden finally does hit the news. There has recently been a discussion in astrological circles about which horoscope is appropriate for Sweden , and the Swedish astrologer Monica Werneman has made a convincing argument for June 6th 1523 . (Note 1) Read More

Too close to the Sun

It was whilst I was cradling my dying kitten on my breast that I began to muse on the apparent split in the astrological world concerning psychological and horary astrology. For a psychological astrologer some of the terms associated with traditional and horary astrology must be something of a mystery. Like “combust” (Note 1) and “cazimi” (Note 2) for example. Just an hour previously I had been viewing the rare inferior conjunction of Venus and the Sun, which was made even more remarkable by the fact that Venus visibly retrograded over the lower face of the sun for the first time in 122 years. The sun momentarily had a beauty spot – but, astrologically speaking, was that a good thing?During the 1980’s revolutionary trends in astrology circles worldwide brought a new consciousness to horoscope interpretation. The individual was placed at the center very much in control of his or her fate, and encouraged to manifest as much free will as could be mustered. The psychological approach, triggered by such authors as Liz Greene (Note 3) and Stephen Arroyo (Note 4), brought a wave of optimism and a deep understanding. If only we could understand the basic psychological mechanisms involved, then we can control them and change our behavior. We could be masters of our destiny. Read More

Hot Stuff: Venus and the Sun

There are some (men) who think that there can be no better role in life than being the male lion in a pride. With a choice of delightful females, who also put the food on the table, there is very little for a lion in his prime to worry about. That is unless you happen to be Waldemar, the unfortunate young lion who was put together with two demanding lionesses in Copenhagen Zoo last fall. They ate him. Read More

The Washington Snipers

As I sit down to write this article – October 24th 2002 – two suspects have been arrested for the murderous sniper attacks in the Washington area over the past three weeks. According to CNN, sources identified the two as John Allen Muhammad, 42, a Gulf War veteran and his 17-year-old stepson John Lee Malvo, a Jamaican citizen. As I was about to attempt to predict who was responsible for these killings, I may now have been spared the possible embarrassment of getting it wrong. Read More

India & Pakistan

In these tense days of June 2002, the main focus of world attention is on the border of India and Pakistan. Much to the dismay of India, who claim to have the situation under control, American and EU countries have all advised their citizens to leave both countries now, in the event of a war that could escalate to a nuclear confrontation. Read More