Month: August 2013

David Cameron and the future of Britain

Some people are born lucky. Perhaps the British aristocracy has a special arrangement with the Cosmos, so that they are born into privilege according to the tradition of Divine Right, where the kings of England were chosen by God. At any rate, the British Prime Minister David Cameron has managed very well. With a lineage that can be traced back to King William IV who became King in 1830 Cameron was born into a rich and aristocratic family, went to the best schools, ending up in Eton, and finally graduated from Oxford with a first class honors degree in politics and economy. Read More

Embarrassing truths – and how to present them

The art of the astrological consultation has many facets.  First there has to be a mastery of the symbols and imagery of astrology – the signs and houses, the aspects, and the dynamic elements of transits and progressions for example. This could be compared to learning a language like Chinese, with its rich and symbolic pictograms, and perhaps it takes just as long to learn both subjects. If your study of astrology inspires you in the direction of taking clients, then a whole new set of skills have to be learned. For you may know how to explain the horoscope to people, but will you make a positive difference to the way they run their lives?  (Note 1) Read More