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The Astro-compatibility software that brings happiness in relationships.
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Two things make relationship a challenge. The first is how you act, the second is chemistry. Whether insecurity, jealousy, anger, boredom or control are your issues, you can work with these emotions and transform them by knowing yourself and knowing the remedies.

Chemistry is more tricky. If you felt the initial attraction, then the chemistry is there – now all you have to do is not mess things up. Astrology for Lovers is advanced relationship software that describes how you act, and what to do about it, how your partner acts and how to handle that, and finally how you interact, and how to optimize the pleasure and minimize the pain.

And all you have to do is point, click and read.

To learn more about your love life and your partner, and enhance happiness in your relationships download Astrology for Lovers and get started within five minutes. It’s free for the first month, and you can also print out a full relationship report for yourself and your partner.


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What users of Astrology for Lovers say

Jen Wrigley

Astrology for Lovers has continually impressed me
and proven to be amazingly insightful and accurate.
A fabulous learning tool. I have never found any other
astrology software that even comes close.

Suzanne A

Amazingly detailed reports.
The compatibility graph gives an
immediate overview of what turns me
on in my partner.

Anne L

I used this software to understand
what went wrong with a past relationship
and realized that there were things I could
change. Thank you.

Astrology for Lovers Features

The astrology of compatibility – love itself – is of course incredibly subtle. What brings people together, and what makes them stay together? The secret of Astrology for Lovers is that it presents the connections in a very simple and intuitive way. Both your horoscope and your potential lover’s horoscope are displayed, and a click on the planet of one horoscope immediately shows the connections in the interpretation window.

  • Enjoy sections on communication, love, sex, and much more.
  • Study the compatibility graphs.
  • Read about special connections like double mutuality.
  • Click on graph to drill down into all the relevant influences in your love relationship.

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Astrology Calendar


Go beyond sunsigns and see the personal effect of all the planets in your life.


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Make your relationship thrive with Astrology for Lovers

Every zodiac sign brings specific energy into their relationships. It manifests itself in various aspects, from expressing emotions to developing empathy. When compatible people come together, they fuel their bond with this energy and make it blossom or wither. But our Astro compatibility software can help you nurture it once you find out you’re a perfect match with your date.

Chemistry alone isn’t enough to cultivate a happy, healthy relationship. Besides that, you should know how to manage your emotions and avoid unwanted conflicts. You should also be aware of your partner’s weaknesses and strengths to understand whether you can get along. 

AstroWOW’s love horoscope app allows you to save time by getting relationship insights within a few minutes instead of after years of living together. A compatibility graph and detailed interpretations make it easy to understand your perspectives as a couple. You’ll know where you can face stumbling blocks and what areas will likely be seamless.

Pinpoint your connection nodes with the best love horoscope app

Your birth date, time and place reveal more information about your personality than meets the eye. Most of your ‘weird’ reactions may lay behind the character traits you’ve got from your zodiac sign and personal chart. Astrology for Lovers can make things clear by revealing your hidden qualities and showing why your relationship may be problematic or hardwired for unconditional love.

With this knowledge, you can build a stronger bond with your partner. Life is too short to waste on people you have no future with. But it’s also essential to not miss out through miscommunication, when the spark of love is strong.

Our horoscope for lovers consists of various sections that you can use to:

Download our love horoscope app to fulfill your couple’s potential

Whether you are an avid horoscope explorer or just someone who is worried about the future of their relationship, this software is for you — and so are AstroWOW’s interpretations and advice. 

If you are also interested in our Astrology Calendar and Horoscope Interpreter, go for a combo offer while saving up to 25%. With AstroWOW, you always get more than you might expect!

Download Astrology for Lovers to start a free 30-day trial.