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Venus - Wonder Woman?

OK everyone, the planet Venus moves into Taurus today (June 6th) – but not before “she” has created havoc in the warlike sign of Aries. Probably because Venus met Pluto, god of the underworld first, then Uranus a little later. Before Venus left Aries, and when she conjoined Uranus, the movie “Wonder Woman” had to be released – just show you know how what an Amazon Venus in Aries can be.

Venus HAS been dangerous. When the moon in Aries conjoined Venus, activating the square of Venus to Pluto, the Manchester bombing took place. Interestingly, there was a news article about a female psychopath who stabbed her partner in the tabloid newspaper the same day. They showed a picture of her dressed up as a demon at some fancy-dress event. Very telling!

Later, when Venus conjoined Uranus on Saturday 3rd June, the London Bridge terrorist action took place. It is so difficult to protect innocent people from mad people L

We really need you Wonder Woman.

Venus - Wonder Woman?