President Trump!

Astrologers should be forgiven for incorrectly predicting the US election result. It is almost impossible to avoid rooting for the candidate you prefer. Those who predicted a Trump win probably supported Trump and vice versa. If you predict a win for someone you don’t like, it just feels weird if they do win. Also, elections are really difficult to predict, and if they were predictable, then democracy would be superfluous. It is still worth having a go, and it’s a great way of improving your astrology.

I am sure everyone did realize that the current Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus pattern hovering around 20+ degrees of Libra, Sagittarius and Aries configured rather beautifully with Trump’s lunar eclipse in trine to Jupiter (it’s a Jupiter return) – but perhaps concluded that it was not a decisive issue. Also most astrologers will have noted that Trumps’ progressed Sun conjoined his Ascendant/Regulus, as Ray Merriman noted, but then went on to note that Sun immediately went into Virgo, when Trump fell drastically in the polls, and perhaps they figured that this was not significant.

Astrologers are also excused because Hillary Clinton’s birth time was unsure, and a possibly accurate chart (with a 2.20 am time) only appeared by way of astrologer Marc Penfield just before the election. Neptune was due to conjoin the Descendant of this chart, and as Clinton already had Sun/Mercury progressed square Neptune, this was not exactly showing fame and glory.

But there was one indication that perhaps we all missed, and it blows the mind. Please take a look at the total eclipse, whose path falls completely across middle America on Aug 21, 2017. Apart from this eclipse conjoining Trump’s Mars and Ascendant, and the incredible interaction between Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus with the lunar eclipse in his own horoscope, Mars returns to Trump’s natal Mars in Leo and Venus returns to natal Venus in Cancer conjoining Saturn.

The eclipse of August highlights Donald Trump playing at winning for America and simply screams Donald Trump has won the election and his shadow lies over the United States.

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President Trump!