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Mercury And The Gut

With Mercury now entering Virgo, I happened across an article describing new research into the active bacteria in our bowel, which apparently not only affect our physical health but also out psychological health. Of course, Mercury is exalted and rules the sign of Virgo, so it’s the perfect time for discoveries regarding our digestive system.

The communication between the brain, the vagus nerve and the digestive system appears to be far more complex than previously understood. The molecules that the vagus nerve (which goes through the bowel system) uses to send signals to the brain are regulated by bowel bacteria. For example, they produce the neurotransmitter serotonin, which enhances your mood. In the other direction, the brain can send signals via hormones to the intestines, especially when stressed. Experiments with mice have shown that if intestinal bacteria are taken from humans with anxiety and depression and give to mice, then the mice became timid and anxious.

The conclusion is that bacteria from the gut (Mercury in Virgo) actively contribute to the development of physical and psychological ailments, and that a healthy balanced diet can in fact alleviate anxiety and depression.

The exalted Mercury in Virgo reminds us to take care of our food, digestion, brain and psyche – so remember folks… you become what you eat! Perhaps in the future, doctors will prescribe gut bacteria instead of medicine, to heal and to create inner balance.

Source: Professor Oluf Borbye Pedersen: Politikken 25. juli 2017

Mercury And The Gut