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Goodbye Mars In Scorpio!

More energy, enthusiasm, and humour in August 2016

If you feel that there have been intense emotions, strong and dark passions or inner demons to fight with in 2016, then it’s understandable. Maybe you have been digging into the past, and investigated secrets, but now you will have finally left them behind. Ahead waits a period with greater enthusiasm, more energy and a growing optimism. Mars has left the dark waters of Scorpio and, yes, you did work very hard, but it was all so serious and heavy at the same time. If you have an unfinished project that you started in March or April, which you dropped because you got cold feet, you can now return to it with greater self-confidence. Also you can enjoy more fun and relaxed sex – it’s all about not taking yourself so seriously and enjoying life and having fun together.

At work the tone will lighten up and there will be a shared appetite for knowledge, learning or for traveling to exciting destinations. You are driven by an inner fire, which can help you complete your goals and conquer the challenges that come your way. Your perseverance will be tested around the 24th August, and when you have passed that exam, you can be proud of yourself. Joy and appetite for life are the code words now, and it also pays off to be a little naughty instead of always being so nice.

Adrian Ross Duncan

Goodbye Mars In Scorpio!