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Friendly Alliances

Whilst it can seem like the USA under Trump is living in another world, denying global warming and measures to promote clean energy, there are fortunately other alliances being created around the world, that have a beneficial influence on the political scene and environment.

Justin Trudeau, as Mercury moves into Leo and Venus into Gemini, is at least practicing his diplomatic style before the G 20 conference in Germany, and he has started by charming Queen Elizabeth and nurturing Canada’s strong bond to the UK.

Of course, this meeting between handsome and charming Trudeau (Venus) and the Queen (Mercury in Leo) reflects the really harmonious sextile between these two planets. The time has come to charm women to get influence, and clearly Trudeau is a master at the art – his meeting with Angela Merkel was also full of smiles and humor. The German chancellor seemed quite taken!

Let’s hope that friendly alliances will also be the result of the G 20 meeting on July 7th and 8th in Hamburg. The Mercury/Venus sextile is exact at this time and should make for a happy bunch of politicians who want to make life nice for us all on planet Earth.

Friendly Alliances