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Amazing Predictions

Astrology works because its basic principle is that the smallest thing in the universe is subject to the same process as the largest. The same rules apply to both, and an action in one sphere will resonate with an action in another. What makes astrology great is the understanding of this correlation between the cosmos and the individual. Just by following planetary movement, astrologers can assign meaning and predict events on earth.

Science does not currently accept that astrology has any validity, despite the fact that gifted modern astrologers have made peer-reviewed statistical studies that prove certain astrological correlations. Much would change in academic life, if science were ever to be convinced. However, one way to personally get a feeling for the effectivity of astrology is to study the work of history’s greatest astrologers and the predictions they have made. Here are three mind-boggling examples:

William Lilly, who wrote the classic “Christian Astrology”, gained prestige in the mid-16th century because of precise political predictions. Many years before the Great Fire of London in 1666, William Lilly predicted the precise date for the event. He had to later defend himself in court against accusations that he started the fire.

Michael Baigent predicted the following in the book “Mundane Astrology” from 1984. “The Soviet Union would experience from January 1989 to November 1991 … some basic restructuring of the nation … with regard to leadership and style of rule. This period will herald some new revolution … the tight command structure will fail and the country will collapse back into the numerous autonomous states it once was.” This was of course the time when the Soviet Union did in fact collapse.

American astrologer Robert Zoller made a very accurate prediction about 9/11 one year before the event referring to a threat from Islamic terrorism to the eastern coast of the USA: “The greatest period of danger is in September 2001 … The destruction and loss of life will shock us all.  It will be an act of war but unlike any other in our history.”

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Amazing Predictions