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If you have any problems, wishes or comments regarding the AstroClock please write to We look at all requests and issues and try to solve them.

In early October 2016 we provided an upgrade to the AstroClock which has many new functions:

  • Integration of interpretation module in 10 languages
  • New in-app (instead of online) ACS atlas for speed of use
  • Backup and restore functionality so birth data is safely stored online
  • Free Personal Horoscope calculation and interpretation

To get your free personal horoscope:

- Tap on “Enter New Name” (in dropdown box to the left of Name Field) and enter data.
- Tap on “Select Default Name” in dropdown
- Select name from Name List

Now you can access your Personal Interpretation by tapping on the clock in center of horoscope wheel

Here are some of the problems people have encountered:

1. App freezes on installation

- This is caused when the app accesses your current location, then uses the ACS atlas to find Time Zone, Summer Time and coordinates. If there is an anomaly, then the atlas “hangs”.


  • Delete app (hold finger on icon until it wobbles, then hit X)
  • Reinstall app, but this time DO NOT ALLOW location

The app will now start, and you can set your current location manually by going to Settings and selecting “Manually”, then go back to Wheel screen and enter country and town. You will have to do this every time you move to a new town, if you want to use the horary Clock.

2. You buy Interpretation Module but cannot find Interpretation


  • Enter birth data for a person (or select person from drop down list)
  • Tap on the clock at center of horoscope wheel
  • Use “Previous” and “Next” arrows to go through the horoscope interpretation.

3. What is the difference between the minireports and the interpretation module

The minireports are specially designed reports which use intelligent algorithms to come with specialized and concise interpretations not available on the app. When you buy a minireport, you also have the option of a full report afterwards.

Information about In-App purchases

1. Traits

These traits – Sex, Soul, Talk, Love and Mood – are calculated by weighing the strongest influences in your horoscope to Mars, Sun, Mercury, Venus and the Moon. You can only see these, very personal, interpretations if you buy one or all of the Dominant Traits.

2. Calculate

This refers to the Calculation Module, which enables you to calculated an unlimited number of horoscopes.

3. Interpret

Whilst you get a free interpretation of ONE personal horoscope (Select Default Name in dropdown), by buying the Interpretation Module, you have access to unlimited interpretations (if you have also bought the Calculation Module).