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The Journalist And The Submarine

Here’s a real Venus/Pluto story for August. Lovers of mythology will know that the goddess Demeter (Ceres) was happily walking in a beautiful meadow with her daughter Persephone (Venus) when suddenly the god of the Underworld, Hades (Pluto) dragged Persephone down into the Underworld.

Ceres was not pleased, and as the goddess of fertility, she made an eternal winter, demanding the return of her daughter. Nobody can normally return from the Underworld, but the gods made a deal that she could return for six months of the year, and Ceres made the world fruitful six months of the year. That’s how we got summer and winter.

Which brings us to “Rocket” Madsen, a Danish inventor who built his own submarine through crowd-funding. On Thursday August 10th, with Mercury stationary opposite Neptune, he took a 30-year old Swedish journalist Kim Wall for a trip on his submarine. She disappeared, the submarine sank, and Mr. Madsen claims he had put her ashore the night before.

Aha. Right now, Venus in Cancer (sextile Mercury – the female journalist) is moving from a trine to Neptune in Pisces, all very watery, to an opposition to Pluto, which will take place on August 15th. Peter Madsen has been arrested and charged with manslaughter, but currently there is still no trace of Kim Wall or a body.


As Mercury has been stationary in this period and is moving retrograde, answers will come, either very soon, as Venus opposes Pluto, or as late as Friday 22nd September, when Mercury returns to the position where it went retrograde, opposes Neptune and finally makes a trine to Pluto, when the mystery is sure to be solved.

The Journalist And The Submarine