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Jupiter In Scorpio

Now that Jupiter has just entered Scorpio, we are reminded that life is about will, and we need to live it to the full before we die.

Willpower relates to Scorpio and the planets Mars and Pluto, and we feel this power in the abdominal area and pelvis. If we center our attention at this point, then we can feel this latent power, which is connected to survival.

Jupiter will make us all aware of the hidden depths of Scorpio, with the emphasis on psychology, power, intuition, mysticism, consciousness of mortality, corruption and ancient cultures.

And of course, sexuality. When Jupiter entered Scorpio one of the first sights I encountered on the street was a black and white man arm-in-arm, and obviously in love. Jupiter in Scorpio has nothing against breaking taboos.

This is also the time when an extensive scandal has broken out in Hollywood, connected with film mogul Harvey Weinstein and his alleged sexual predations of aspiring young female actresses. He’s been fired and is seeking counseling.

Jupiter In Scorpio