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You can now access the functionality of Horoscope Interpreter on your cellphone.

The AstroClock is now available for iPhone and iPad. This is a simplified version of Horoscope Interpreter with interpretations of your horoscope in 10 languages. It is perfect for traveling, and will automatically show the horoscope for the moment, wherever you are, whether you get off the plane in New York, Dubai or Hong Kong.

Check it out on the app store here:


Here’s what you get for free:
- The AstroClock, which shows the horoscope right now, wherever you are
- Free comprehensive interpretation of your horoscope
- New atlas function
- Interpretation and interface in 10 languages
- Online backup of birth data

Here’s what it would be nice for you to buy:
- Interpretation for 5 strongest personality traits
- Calculation module for unlimited horoscopes
- Interpretation module for unlimited horoscopes

Here’s the details:
This is based on the world-renowned Horoscope Interpreter software. It’s exactly the same but without transits. You get a really detailed interpretation of planets in sign, in house, aspects and more – so comprehensive that it represents a teaching archive. Each interpretation has two sections, one for your Personal life and one for your Professional life. Each aspect is assessed according to strength.

The ACS atlas has auto correction for Time Zones and Summertime built in the app, making it fst and reliable, without the need for an internet or cell connection.

Multilingual Interpretation
Believe it or not, there are a quarter of million words in the interpretation text on this app. These are now available in: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Hungarian and Greek. You can switch language from within the app with a single tap in settings. Try it!

The AstroClock App has backup functionality with all your names stored online on this site. If you ever have to reinstall the app, or change your iPhone, simply go to Settings, enter your email address and password, and all your name data is restored. Soon you will be able to automatically restore any data you have in the World of Wisdom astrology programs, or on the website.

If you like the App, please write a review. You do this by:

1. Click on the Settings icon (bottom right)
2. Click on “Rate this App”
3. Follow the instructions on the App store

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you discover any bugs, suggestions for improvement and – above all – testimonials I can use to help promote the app!

Thanks – and enjoy! – Adrian Ross Duncan