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On your personalizedastrology page we have put an amazing amount of information, which has been personalized for you. Here is a short summary of what you get:

1. Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Sunsigns
These are written by Adrian and Charlotte Duncan who actually study 400 horoscopes and write over 15,000 words a month for each of the 12 signs

2. Your Personalized Daily Horoscope
This is something quite different from the sunsigns, because the advice given is based on your birth date, time and place, and the daily influences are exclusively for you. By default you can look at five days of trends, with questions and answers. If you subscribe you can view a three month calendar which helps you plan ahead. You can also enter data for friends and lovers and view their trends.

3. Long-term Trends (right hand column)
These trends are based on your personal birth horoscope. You can read about how the major astrological transits and progressions are evoking major changes in your life. You can buy a full report of these major trends on the AstroWOW site.

4. Your Horoscope Wheel
Lower down on the right of the page you will see a small image of your personal horoscope. You can click on this image to get a full printable Horoscope Wheel with aspect and planetary positions.

5. Your Astrology Reports
As soon as you register on AstroWOW and get your personalized astrology page, we calculate and deliver a 3-month Astrology Calendar report, a Character & Destiny report and the Essential Year Report. You can view excerpts of these reports immediately and absolutely free. If you choose to buy the report it is immediately delivered to your email and is also available on your Astropage, so you can refer to it at any time in the future.

6. Golden Circle of Astrologers
If you use the services of our astrologers, all your questions and answers will be recorded here, and you will be able to refer to them at any time.

7. World of Wisdom software
If you have bought our astrology software, you will also find a record of your purchases here, and any support issues will be addressed by our support team.

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