Comprehensive Lovers Report Comprehensive Lovers Report

Comprehensive Lovers Report

Comprehensive Lovers Report

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Relationship Horoscope based on Astrology for Lovers World of Wisdom Astrology for Lovers reports (available in 5 languages) compare the horoscopes for two people, providing 20 pages of interpretation plus a Compatibility Graph with 7 parameters of harmony/tension: warmth, security, romance, sexuality, togetherness and family. Report as a PDF file - this report will be e-mailed (within 48 hours) to you for you to print out

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  • I have only recently discovered your website and just wanted to say how impressed I am. It is lovely to look at, easy to navigate and the accuracy of your horoscopes is excellent. Keep up the good work!
    Louise Stone: Personal Adviser - Guidance
  • I received the relationship chart and all I can say is a "BIG THANK YOU". Martin and I separated last summer and got back together last December. I knew before I went back to him that I would have make many changes. It would have been unfair for me not to. He could not believe that I was prepared to do so and felt that I would leave again as soon as anything went wrong. I'm glad I made the changes and then got the chart. The chart has given me the "mental tick" I needed for the changes I've made and Martin was able to read about it without me trying to explain!!! We now have a greater understanding of each other’s needs. I would love to help WOW and I'm happy for you to use the feedback with my name, e mail and picture. About 20 years ago I had 2 charts done, one was very confusing to read and understand. The WOW one made much more sense, the layout and the explanatory notes were a godsend. That's why I always remembered the name; it was like WOW!!!!!!! Once again Many thanks,
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Free Astrology Software : Horoscope Interpreter ASTROLOGY REPORTS

The horoscope shows the position of the solar system and the Earth at the precise place and time of birth. It is unique, will never repeat, and no other person has one exactly like it. It is like a heavenly finger print. To interpret this horoscope is quite a process, but World of Wisdom astrology reports are acclaimed worldwide (they are available in twelve languages) for in-depth interpretations that are empowering. As American Astrology magazine wrote: &rdquoWOW produces visually stunning and truly beautiful astrology reports, by far the nicest I've ever seen, with lovely chart wheels&rdquo.

There is a difference between World of Wisdom astrology reports and others on the market. We have developed complex software routines for the sole purpose of creating reports. This horoscope software was written and designed by astrologer Adrian Ross Duncan, with inspiration from 25 years work dealing with clients. These horoscope reports are not just a list of influences; each one reflects the way an astrologer works during the whole consultation process.

Four astrology reports are available:

1. Character and Destiny reports:
Your birth horoscope analyzed in depth in regard to both your career and personal life. Each report describes the main trends for each year in all crucial areas of your life – identity, feelings, love, sex, the mind, and collective trends.

2. Astrology for Lovers reports:
These reports give a detailed description of the way you relate, from the point of view of your partner and yourself. This is a sophisticated reading dealing with complicated factors like shared aspect patterns, rulerships and a whole lot more. Graphs indicate your ability to get on in areas like communication, sexuality and romance.

3. 3-month Seasonal reports
This report describes hourly, daily, weekly and monthly trends, presenting you with a set of questions that might arise in your mind, together with advice on what to do.

3. The Essential Year Report
This is the latest horoscope report to be developed by World of Wisdom. Blending transits, progressions and the solar return, this makes the world’s most accurate and detailed forecast of your year ahead.

Our reports are mostly available in real time. After you have placed the order, your report will arrive via email immediately.

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