Biography of Charlotte DuncanBiography of Charlotte Duncan

  • Biography of Charlotte Duncan Biography of Charlotte Duncan

    I have practiced as an astrologer for 12 years. I find that giving the client a time perspective as regards how long a certain period is going to last, as well as providing understanding of specific astrological influences is perhaps the most helpful and supportive perspective astrology can provide. The life theme that lies in an individual’s chart is triggered by the transits and progressions throughout a lifetime, and to have a guide by your side who knows exactly where you are, and how you feel or think through that period, can be a very supportive and relieving experience.

    My approach to astrology is a psychological and therapeutic one; that doesn’t mean that I am analyzing you, that means that my finest goal is to meet you with understanding, acceptance and compassion exactly where you are in life, and that our meeting is a cooperation to focus on the resources or challenges that are most present for you. I use therapeutic communication methods to make it a more authentic and helpful experience for you, but my basic understanding is based upon your birth chart and its current influences. Some clients choose to continue in therapy with me if they are in a period where they feel that’s necessary for them; others are fine with a single session.

    I have a 4-year training from Psychotherapeutic Institute in Copenhagen which is a practical therapeutic training and I am currently studying psychology at Aalborg university. I continue to be amazed by the individual’s chart and the many nuances that are to be found in it. Using this chart we can develop an optimal way to give understanding and support – especially through periods of crisis and transformation.

  • Biography of Cathrine Oppenheim Cathrine Oppenheim (born 1956) has a diploma in astrology from the Copenhagen school I. C. Institute from 1988 and it is at this institute when she now works and has astrological consultations. She has taught astrology and hand reading since 1989, regularly holding courses that build on the foundations of these two subjects. She has been a regular contributor to the magazine “The Stars” since 1990, where she write about national issues using ingress horoscopes. She also writes a sun sign astrology column for this magazine. Her specialties are the birth horoscope, horary astrology and ingress astrology. In her consultations she has an interactive approach with the client using art and visualization.
  • Biography of Johan Hjelmborg Biography of Johan Hjelmborg Johan studied psychology at the university of Copenhagen from 1972-1976. He went on to travel to India in the late 70’s were he learned about Vedic methods of horary astrology. He has taught hand-reading and astrology in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, England, Ireland, Switzerland and Austria since 1972 and has spoken – in English, German, Danish, Swedish and Spanish – at congresses all over Europe. He is co-author to the books “Horary Astrology” 1987 and “Mercury, roles and transformations” (2000) and co-organizer of the Copenhagen Astrology Congress in 1997. Johan has a very busy international practice and he is a Fellow of the Society for the Study of Physiological Patterns (SSPP, England.)
  • Biography of Louise Kirsebom Biography of Louise Kirsebom Louise Kirsebom was born in 1951 and is a citizen of Sweden and Switzerland. Apart from astrology she also works with numerology and hand reading. She works closely with her partner Johan Hjelmborg with astrological research and teaching in German, English, Danish and Spanish. She is the co-author of the book “Horary Astrology” 1987 (in Danish “Øjebliksastrologi”), “Insight into Hand Reading “ (1991), “Mercury, roles and transformations” (2000), all published with Klitrose, and author of “Initiation into Astrology” (Zosma 2008). Her book “Das Konsultationshoroskop” was published in German in 2006 (Chiron Verlag). Louise has written countless articles and has talked at congresses worldwide. She is also a skilled sunsign astrologer. Louise has an extremely busy horary astrology practice via email, telephone and Skype.
  • Biography of Madam Taina Biography of Madam Taina Madam Taina, diploma astrologer and visual artist with an MA in Communication and Modern Culture Studies, was born in Finland and now lives in Denmark. Taina has studied astrology since 1993 and holds a diploma from the Irene Christensen Astrological Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark. From 1996 to 1997 Taina studied Tibetan astrology in Dharamsala, India, and she is an aficionado of Tibetan Culture. Today Taina is a consulting astrologer in Denmark and a writer and illustrator for various astrological publications and web. Taina has been writing her own Sun sign column since 2007. Taina answers questions in fluent English, Danish or Finnish.