Two things make relationship a challenge. The first is how you act, the second is chemistry. Whether insecurity, jealousy, anger, boredom or control are your issues, you can work with these emotions and transform them by knowing yourself and knowing the remedies.

Chemisty is more tricky. If you felt the initial attraction, then the chemisty is there - now all you have to do is not mess things up. Astrology for Lovers is advanced relationship software that describes how you act, and what to do about it, how your partner acts and how to handle that, and finally how you interact, and how to optimize the pleasure and minimize the pain.

And all you have to do is point, click and read.

To learn more about your love life and your partner, and enhance happiness in your relationships download Astrology for Lovers and get started within five minutes. It's free for the first month and you can also print out a full relationship report for yourself and your partner.