Astro Page FAQ

I have found my birth time. Can I edit my chart

- You can edit all personal information at the top “Welcome” section of the page by clicking on the Edit button.

What is the difference between the Sun Sign Horoscope and the Personal Daily Horoscope?

- Sun signs apply to everyone born in any given month. Your Personal Daily Horoscope is based on your time, date and place of birth and is unique for you.

Why should I subscribe to the Personalized Daily Horoscope?

- If you subscribe you can view a three month calendar which helps you plan ahead. You can also enter data for friends and lovers and view their trends.

What are the Important Transitions based on?

- These are long-term trends based on your personal birth horoscope. You can read about how the major astrological transits and progressions are evoking major changes in your life during the course of the year.

If I order a report, how long does it take?

- Reports are delivered in real-time, which means they arrive in your in-box about 5 minutes after payment. There are two exceptions to this. Astrology for Lovers reports are delivered by email after 48 hours, and Liz Green reports are sent by post.